28 Best KissCartoon Alternatives To Watch Movies & Show

Cartoons are the most entertaining part of any activity for kids, who adore them. Children receive encouragement from their parents, teachers, and other guardians in the form of cartoon movies and stickers. Cartoons are a person's closest friend, as is often known, and their fascinating nature cannot be denied.

How Do You Use KissCartoon?

You may watch your favourite cartoons online for free on a plethora of websites that provide animation streaming. There are other choices, and versions with higher resolutions are offered. Kiss Anime Network operates a basic website. A large selection of American animated films, anime, and cartoons are available on the internet.

Your favorite animated series may be safely streamed from Kisscartoon.com in one convenient spot. Depending on the platform you select, the website is easy to use.

What is KissCartoon's backstory?

When users learned that Kisscartoon had been taken offline, they were shocked. In 2017, the website abruptly went down. Copyright issues forced the website to close, and the DMCA handled the matter. Sadly, they had to cancel it, which upset the fans despite the amazing audio and visual quality.

The most difficult situation arises when you don't have what you desire. Don't worry, we have alternative websites where you may view your preferred animated films and TV series without charge. We discuss the websites that have also been provided to assist you in your quest here.

1. KissAnime

When listing "necessary" websites, KissAnime need to be there. A wonderful website that provides a wealth of stuff to brighten your summer vacation, such as the well-known Naruto series, Softening with you, and many more.

The simplicity and quickness of the interface have an impact on its user-friendliness. Furthermore, there are no costs. They provide content that may be downloaded with or without subtitles. Go to the website to see some amazing anime films.


  • Websites come with an inbuilt HD video player.
  • A vast database that is easily accessible on nearly any platform

2. CartoonExtra

If you like anime and cartoons, this website includes almost every animation that anyone has ever seen. With a ton of amusing stuff like Dora and her adventures, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Loony Toons, and much more, this website is great for youngsters.

To help you remember, all of your favorite cartoons are available here. There isn't a possibility of disappointment.


  • There are a ton more items.
  • Videos in high definition on the integrated video player
  • accessible on almost every platform.

3. Cartoon Network

This is where all of the anime and cartoons that are regarded as the early or original versions of the industry were produced. Everybody's childhood has been impacted by Cartoon Network. For those who like cartoons, it is still one of the most popular websites.

Through their websites and television shows, Cartoon Network viewers always have access to the largest selection of cartoons. That's why original animation content and well-known anime masterpieces are included. Because of the website's ease of use, children may easily get the content they desire.

4. AnimeToon

An alternate website to KissCartoon is The AnimeToon, where you may view every episode of your favorite kid's shows, such as Pokemon, American Dad, Ben 10, and Tom and Jerry. It also has a translated anime category as well as a separate one dedicated to movies.

Users of all ages will find the website's fascinating material intriguing. The website provides the finest video viewing experience for the shows you want to watch.


  • created a video player
  • Fantastic stuff
  • simple user interface
  • accessible on all platforms.

5. Disney Junior

It is, when we look back on our recollections, one of the most important aspects of any person's life. It's one of the brands that people most strongly relate to cartoons and anime. Nonetheless, it is a well-known and respected maker of cartoons and anime movies.

Disney and Disney Jr.'s website is very kid-friendly and satisfies all standards, making it ideal for continuous cartoon viewing. It is easy to search, full of vivid colors, and offers a wide variety of cartoons, like Clubhouse and Mickey Mouse.

6. Kim Cartoon

Kimcartoon.biz is among the best KissCartoon substitutes now on the market. The site is user-friendly, so users can locate your cartoons easily. This website is definitely for you if cartoons are your one true passion because of its enormous collection of them.

The flawless video quality, endless material, and several other features will make your stay worthwhile. The only thing that can annoy users of the website is the interstitial commercials between the movies.


  • Videos in high definition on the integrated video player
  • large-scale, easily accessible material.

7. AnimeRhino

It is a sensible substitute for KissCartoon that works rather well. Customers have a diverse selection of alternatives to pick from, including anime series, cartoon movies, and anime films.

Because of the website's extremely kid-friendly interface, even small children may explore and locate any anime or cartoon. The website provides visitors with safe links to download and view the newest anime and comics.

8. GogoAnime

Gogoanime is a good substitute for Kisscartoon. When you have access to cartoon shows like Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Scooby-Doo, nothing can stop you.

This website offers a plethora of cartoon selections for you to select from. The flexible nature of the interface makes moving around it easy.


  • integrated video player
  • Outstanding content Exceptional video
  • accessible on all platforms.

9. Masterani.me

It is one of the few websites dedicated to anime and cartoons that offers HD and HQ video content to all of its users. The user interface is simple to use, well-structured, and easy to navigate.

Because of its straightforward design, users are free to browse the content they like to view. Its design is flawless.

10. 9Anime

This website requires your whole attention. This website is easy to use and features all of your favorite anime in a neatly arranged category. It contains a ton of content and adds new stuff all the time.


  • HD videos
  • Massive database
  • player for embedded videos.

11. Chia-Anime

a well-known website where you may watch all of the cartoon and anime videos you love. This website allows you to bring your favorite comic series along with you when you visit, in addition to your favorite anime.

It provides an infinite amount of video content with dubbing and subtitles in addition to a huge selection of excellent films. The really simple user interface is easy to use.


  • A built-in video player is present.
  • accessible on all platforms
  • videos of superior quality.

12. Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon is a well-known player in the industry. The major reason Nickelodeon is on the list is because of their great children's anime programming, which is well renowned for teaching young viewers useful lessons.

13. CartoonsOn

If you like cartoons, like everyone else, you have to visit this website. This website unquestionably has some of the most well-known resources. Ice Age offers something amusing for almost every age group, from series like Baby Loony Toons and The Flintstones to shows like Justice League.

New information is added to the website on a constant basis. The user-friendly UI will make your visit enjoyable.


  • integrated video player
  • Videos with excellent quality
  • Every platform is covered.

14. AniWatch

The next option available on KissCartoon is AniWatch. With Aniwatch, you may watch a huge library of anime episodes online for free and put an end to your loneliness. Among the many categories are cartoons, recommendations, anime, random, and the most recent episode.

Aniwatch updates its database on a regular basis. Not only is the interface easy enough for young children to use, but there won't be any advertisements. You can find all the answers to your queries in the FAQ section.


  • Videos with excellent quality
  • updated content
  • integrated video player
  • accessible on all platforms.

15. Watch Series

With the exception of cartoons and anime, a well-known streaming video service called WatchSeries offers a wide variety of content in every genre.

In contrast to the other options on this list, this website does not only focus on anime, animated series, or manga, unlike Fmovies and other movie entertainment websites.

Because it provides more than just the typical animation-focused website, it stands out among the other options on our list. The only piece of information is that you have to register in order to utilize this website.

16. WatchCartoonOnline

WatchCartoonOnline is one of the websites with great usability and, moreover, a kid-friendly environment. It offers you access to a large library of free movies that you may watch whenever you want, ranging from the first cartoons to the most recent.

The user interface is basic, making searching fun and straightforward. You may discover often updated articles on the website.


  • With an integrated video player, excellent content
  • Videos with excellent quality
  • accessible on all platforms.

17. Crunchyroll

Of all the websites that are comparable to KissCartoon, Crunchyroll is one of the most important ones; you should check it out because it has all of your favorite animes in one handy place. It offers a wide range of material, an easy-to-use interface, and streaming videos in high quality. The website's information is updated often.

All of the programs are available for free viewing. This website features the greatest of beloved Japanese comics, perfect for manga fans. Your passion for anime, cartoons, and comic books makes this the ideal website for you.


  • Included already is a video player.
  • Videos are available in high definition on all platforms.

18. Anilinkz

To view all of your favorite anime and cartoons, Anilinkz, a KissCartoon mirror site, is a great option. The website has access to every episode of KissCartoon, if not more, and the content is amusing and easy to understand.

Efficient and essentially similar to KissCartoon, the functionality is user-friendly. There will be streaming access to high-quality video, and the database is updated often. Thus, if you haven't finished the fascinating old KissCartoon, this website is the right option.


  • accessible on all platforms
  • include a video player.

19. CartoonCrazy

CartoonCrazy is a website where you can view anime and cartoons. If you're looking for some comfort, watching cartoons could help you relax.

Because CartoonCrazy features an easy-to-use interface and the most recent, full episodes of your favorite anime or cartoon, you should make use of it.


  • integrated video player
  • superior content
  • accessible on all platforms.

20. B98.TV

With all the episodes from the 1990s, this website could transport you back to that decade. Many popular classics, like Scooby-Doo, Batman and Robin, The Tom and Jerry Tales, and many more, are available on this website. Because the most of the cartoons in the group are older comics, there isn't much content on the website.

The content on the site is excellent, and the user experience is simple. Therefore, this website is certainly for you if you enjoy old animation.


  • integrated video player
  • accessible on all platforms.

21. AnimeLab

AinmeLab's main focus is on anime. This is the right website if you enjoy anime. Numerous selections are available, including Astro Boy and Naruto. You may watch all of your favorite animes here as well. Its UI is elegant and simple to use. The website is accessible, but you have to register promptly to take everything into consideration.

This website has a large database available. The site is compatible with Android, Windows, iOS, Chromecast, and more, and the content is updated often. It offers anime movies on demand as well. As of right now, only New Zealand and Australia may visit this website.

  • High definition films
  • integrated video player

22. Toonova

There are hundreds of anime, manga, and cartoon videos on a straightforward website called Toonova. Complete films, daily episodes, watch anime, and watch cartoons are among the categories.

Like AnimeToon and Crunchyroll, the Toonova crew enjoys releasing the newest anime films and episodes as soon as they air in their home countries. Making an account does not have to be done.

23. DubbedAnime

As the name of the website suggests, you may discover most of your favorite anime, both dubbed and subtitled. The website covers just anime, and since the content is updated often, you won't miss any episodes of your favorite program.

The website's user-friendliness and the ability to pick the program of your choice simplify your search. The website is accessible on all platforms and has been kept looking user-friendly.


  • Videos with excellent quality
  • A built-in video player is present.
  • aesthetically pleasing user interface.

24. ToonGet

A huge selection of excellent stuff is available for free at ToonGet. You may spend as much time as you like watching your favorite shows on the internet. You can watch almost every anime and cartoon film you've ever heard of online, including LEGO Star Wars, Ben 10 Loony Toons, and many more. There's also an anime section with subtitles.

There are several excellent movies featured. It also has an up-to-date database. While the UI is easy to use, there is a problem with the regular showing of advertisements when streaming shows.


  • Video player embedded
  • Videos with excellent quality
  • accessible on all platforms.

25. AnimeFreak

With thousands of titles, AnimeFreak is the ideal resource for fans of anime and cartoons. There's also a mana catalogue that is as extensive.

There is no registration needed to use this website. But the advertising is overdone.

26. Anime Planet

Fantastic animation and a decent selection of anime series are available on AnimePlanet. You may watch a sizable collection of anime movies on the internet, almost all of them are recent releases.

Its user interface is simple and straightforward to use, and you may watch your favorite program without creating an account. The greatest videos and up-to-date databases are available on the internet.


  • There is already a video player available.
  • Every platform is covered.

27. WatchAnimeDub

An additional excellent substitute for KissCartoon is WatchAnimeDub. It offers you a huge selection of cartoons and anime on a single platform. Your favorite shows are also available with subtitles and in English.

Movies of excellent quality are widely available. The website seems to be user-friendly. The user interface is quite simple, making it a pleasure to explore your films.


  • Included already is a video player.
  • Every platform is covered.
  • Videos that are well-produced

28. Funimation

Because English subtitles are no longer a feature in anime, funimation provides enjoyment. One of its best benefits is that all of the information on the website is available in English dub.

Since this platform provides television that has been dubbed, the selection is probably not as wide as it would be on websites that also provide original soundtrack and subtitles.

In summary

Cartoons are a delight for all ages, and we value them even though they are enjoyed by everybody. Let's face it, life is difficult. And that's why watching cartoons is such a wonderful delight! It reminds us of a time in our lives when achieving happiness was easier and more attainable.

Everybody needs to unwind, and these websites provide that. And if cartoons are your thing, we're happy to help you acquire as many as you can manage by offering you the best KissCartoon substitutes!
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