Best 20 PikaShow Alternatives: Watch Free Movies & Shows (2024)

What is it PikaShow?

PikaShow is a broadcasting software that offers TV stations, programs, and movies in India for live and on-demand viewing. Everything is available for free streaming without any latency or stuttering. PikaShow is an Android smartphone app that allows us to freely watch an infinite amount of Hindi, American, and Tamil movies. Every area on the app is covered, including information, sports, economics, and humor.

No video footage is generated by the program on its own. Rather, it retrieves the material from all other websites by scraping the connection. It's also a fantastic platform for gathering different kinds of content in one location as opposed to using many digital platforms.

PikaShow online movie watch is a fantastic resource for anybody looking to enjoy free streaming and downloading of media material, including TV shows and movies, as well as live TV channel and event viewing. In a same vein, there are a ton of more PikaShow equivalents and comparable programs online.

Why are PikaShow Alternatives necessary?

Because it's only accessible for Android, the PikaShow app (usually in APK format) lets users view the online content of other apps, therefore it's not entirely safe to use. As a result, it also raises legal issues; as a result, the application may be prohibited or discontinued at any time. It is thus preferable to have a few backup plans so that we may keep watching the media we want without any disruptions.

Best 20 Movie,Drama,Show Stream Sites Pikashow Alternatives:

1. Movie4k

One of the best and easiest to use movie streaming services is Movie4k, which lets users watch an infinite number of HD movies without having to pay extra or sign up for a membership—many of them even don't even require registration. It offers its visitors all of the big blockbuster movies and has a really remarkable design that makes it easy for anyone to use.

The service claims to provide the highest caliber content currently available on the Internet. Its multilingual film and television series offerings set it apart from the majority of its rivals. This is a fantastic substitute for PikaShow and among the best websites in the country for video content.

2. Viooz

Viooz is a well-known free digital streaming video platform that lets you keep whole movies in high definition for online viewing and/or recording. A massive collection of excellent content covering a wide range of genres, including drama, fantasy, humor, families, archaeology, terror, and battle, is available on the portal.

TV show aficionados will find Viooz to be quite suitable. It provides a large selection of beneficial programs for customers to view and record, with Batch and Episode-based programs accessible.

3. GoMovies

Another great substitute for PikaShow is GoMovies, which provides a movie theater-like experience when watching different digital content over the internet or an app. It is a well-known streaming service for users who want to locate the newest material free of ads, which gives it an advantage over its more recent competitors. The portal offers a huge selection of the best films from across the globe in a number of genres, such as action, fantasy, sci-fi, and military warfare.

You are not need to create an account on GoMovies in order to see movies. To keep up with the newest or premium material, it would be ideal if you accepted subscriptions.

4. 0goMovies

One of the best websites for watching the highest-rated films for free is 0goMovies. One of the best things that sets 0goMovies apart from other movie-sharing platforms is that it also shows the newest, newly released movies first.

Users do not have to pay anything to access the website's content. You may view as many movies as you want to for free thanks to it. Regretfully, the issue with freshly released films is that this website displays them with poor visuals.

5. GoStream

GoStream is a high-quality content distribution system that lets you watch movies and television programs in high definition. There are no membership restrictions and this webcast service is free to use. To watch it without interruption, go to the corporate portal, choose your preferred movie, and hit the start button.

One of the most interesting features of that type of streaming video website on the Internet is that GoStream has a 'Latest' area where users may look for popular and recent films, saving them time while looking for them elsewhere.

6. MoviesLand

On the MoviesLand portal, viewers may access and watch hundreds of movies and TV series with many translations and subtitles. In addition to providing high-quality material, it improves the entire experience in the entertainment industry by attending to customer needs and publishing new content based on ideas from users.

Users of MoviesLand can arrange films according to their official release year, genre, or title. You should look at this platform among its rivals because it is very excellent. Every movie and TV program has information like plot synopsis, reviews, images, and teasers. This aids in the selection of quality video content, improving the viewing experience as a whole.

7. The FreeTV Project

One website that streams TV shows and movies is called ProjectFreeTV, and it doesn't show you annoying ads while you're using it. With its online edition, all of your favorite shows are accessible in one location for viewing on your smartphone, TV, or other touchscreen device. A drop-down menu with several categories is also included on the main website to enhance and streamline navigation. You have to pick your favorite program, and it will tell you which short tale to read by displaying it together with its description.

In addition, teasers for forthcoming motion pictures and television shows are also uploaded, which is useful if you're not sure what to watch next. You should consider investigating ProjectFreeTV as a viable substitute for PikaShow.

8. Filmzie

With Filmzie, people may find new movies to watch with their friends. This website offers a growing library of must-see movies, TV shows, biographies, and much more, so users won't get bored.

Users may depend on endless hours of entertainment when they watch something on Filmzie. Its slicing design makes searching easier and allows users to view popular films and a large library of television shows.

You may watch movies and TV series on this expanding worldwide network without registering, paying, or needing a membership. There are many films to choose from, some of which you simply must not miss. Nearly all of the prominent platforms—Android, iOS, Android/Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and others—offer a wide selection of movie streaming.

9. Megashare

There are countless high-definition movies available on Megashare, another of the top websites for collecting free movies. With this platform, you may browse, view, and store the needed stuff. The portal provides a plethora of essential services and is an alternative to many other movie websites. It is also a terrific platform that is more engaging and pleasant because it has several unique characteristics that many of its competitors lack.

It is accessible from anywhere in the world at any time and covers almost every nation. One noteworthy aspect of Megashare is that, in order to simplify the user experience, it offers material without any advertisements.

10. Hindilinks4u

It appears like Hindilinks4u is a portal that provides a large selection of full-length movies with multilingual subtitles. The most amazing thing about this site is that you can watch these movies for free. TV shows and thousands of Bollywood and English films are already accessible for free download or viewing without requiring a membership.

Hindi, Blockbuster, Multi-language, English Show, Indian Sequence, Romantic, and Sizzling Cinema are among the main genres available on Hindilinks4u. It is advised that before deciding whether or not to like a random movie, you view the trailer and get a quick understanding of the plot. You can accomplish everything directly from the platform.

11. Vexmovies

The primary focus of Vexmovies is its carefully curated collection of well-known digital movies, which may be seen and downloaded. It also says that it provides high-definition movies. At the moment, Vexmovies only provides a web version that works with any major platform and a contemporary web browser. It enables you to swiftly locate and examine the necessary material.

While Vexmovies offers a wide range of genres, the most widely used ones are Science-Fiction, Adventure, Military, and Relationship. This offers more options for discovering a favorite film. One such tool is the search option, which lets you arrange movies by title, year, or location and add information about your movies like the name, label, or other details.

12. Putlocker

Putlocker is a well-known video streaming platform that lets you watch significantly better movies for free. Hundreds of videos are available on the website, which is updated often with new content. Every movie is categorized into one of the following types: Comedy, Scary, Cartoon, Combat, Exploration, and Home.

Putlocker offers free services with a straightforward user interface. It also cuts down on the time spent selecting the appropriate movies to view by suggesting all of the most well-liked, watched, and popular stuff. It also has a search area where you can quickly find the prospects you're looking for by typing in a title, label, and category.

13. PrimeWire

One of the well-known websites where you may view videos for free is PrimeWire. It indexes movies in different media solutions so that users may view them for free online. Like other film services, it also lets you search the records, browse the categories or subcategories, and find the movie collection.

The Schedule section of this website, which features a list of all the new movies, appears to be its best feature. To access extra features like comments and polling, which improve content engagement, anybody may create an account. By using the stream's rating system, users may determine the required quality.

14. Pelisplus

Pelisplus is an excellent web-based platform that you should look into as a possible choice. This is a great place to view both new and classic movies online. The amount of movies and TV shows available is always growing. Pelisplus allows users to communicate with one other and receive information on the newest films and television series. It offers a large collection of films in a variety of genres, including adventure, horror, and biographical.

15. Kissmovies

Kissmovies is a website that lets you watch movies on your TV or smartphone that have been slightly upscaled. Users may watch a movie without having to store it in any way. Alternatively, people may go to the Kissmovies website and start watching the chosen movie right now. The user can directly select from a variety of settings if they would want more control over the viewing quality.

Kissmovies strives to keep the server running quickly so that everyone may view episodes at greater magnifications, frequently instantly. With the help of the portal's user-friendly layout, you can quickly find and view relevant movies.

16. 123Movies

One well-known movie-watching website that lets people find and watch HD movies right away is 123Movies. It has the largest movie library in the world, updated with new releases every day to keep you entertained.

One of the nicest things about this movie streaming service is that you can quickly find your favorite shows by sorting movies by genre, release date, and country.

17. LosMovies

You may watch high-definition videos spanning from classic to modern on the well-known movie streaming site LosMovies. A huge collection of the best movies can be found on this website, arranged into categories including Science-Fiction, Entertainment, Fictional Character, Warfare, Home, and Relationship.

For aficionados of television shows, LosMovies is also a great resource because it offers entire seasons and episodes for free, without any restrictions. Users have the option to choose their favorite movies by star rating, country, and year. Additionally, this platform is among the greatest substitutes for PikaShow.

18. Movie25

Movie25 is an online video and movie streaming platform that lets viewers watch movies and TV shows in various resolutions, both old and new. This website is meant for people who routinely want to watch entire movies in high definition without any restrictions.

The best thing about this movie streaming service is that it's open source. Users may also watch or download as many movies as they like. Additionally, there aren't any bothersome commercials to take your attention away from your favorite content.

It has a vast collection of films and television shows in a range of genres, including Force, Adventures, Terror, Love, and many more.

19. HDOnline 

One of the best places to view movies that have been pirated online is HDOnline, a well-known portal. The portal provides a vast array of information in many formats and categories at no cost. For a smooth watching experience, there are also no advertisements. With no obtrusive obstacles standing in the way of customers' enjoyment, it seeks to make watching movies on the Internet as pleasurable as feasible.


You may effortlessly watch movies and TV series on several times for free, thanks to its extensive catalog. You may locate material from a variety of digital sources, such as TV shows and movies, by exploring our web-based platform's dynamic interface to find what you're looking for.

All required functions, including play, stop, widescreen, and brightness modulation, are included in the website's video player. All in all, it's a fantastic service that provides movies and television series for people who wish to watch them at home with their loved ones or alone in a theater.

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