New App To Connect Smartphone To PC Has Arrived

Intel has announced an amazing app called Unison, which will seamlessly connect Intel-powered computers and Android and iOS smartphones together. This is the first time such an initiative is being seen, and with Intel at the core of the initiative, its chances of success are high.

The four main features of the connected phone can be used on a computer using the Unison app through a simple pairing process. The following benefits are available through the Unison app:

  • Calls can be received and made
  • Images and files can be shared
  • Messages can be sent and received
  • The notification that comes to the phone will be seen

With the help of Unison App, all the mentioned features can be used by connecting the Android phone and iPhone with the computer.

Unison app can be used with Android and iPhone. As a result, no matter what type of smartphone a computer user uses, there will be no problem in accessing the mentioned features from the computer.

Any important calls, messages or notifications coming to the phone while connected to the computer will no longer be missed thanks to the Unison app. While working on the computer, the mentioned important features of the mobile can be used without picking up the phone.

iPhone users may have a slightly different experience than Android phone users, but the core features will remain the same across platforms. Advanced features like full multiparty messaging are not available to iOS users. This is because iOS and Android handle notifications from third-party apps differently.

Currently phone calls, file sharing, messages and notification access are available through Unison. This Unison app is going to make various tasks easier for most of the users. For example, a photographer can easily take pictures from his phone on the computer. Again, important notifications can be received directly on the computer without checking the phone while working in the office.

Intel's Unison app will be open to a handful of users initially. At the very beginning Unison app can be used on certain Intel Evo laptops from Acer, HP and Lenovo with 12 Gen processors. Intel said that this feature will be seen in numerous 13-gen design laptops next year.

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Several manufacturers have created an ecosystem to share features between computers and mobiles, for example Samsung. It is possible to use a computer through a mobile using certain Samsung phones, not to mention the Samsung Dex feature.

However, Intel's creation of such a product is quite new. Intel is in a challenging position in the chip market with Apple and AMD. The advantage for MacBook or iPhone users is that their devices can be interconnected and exchange data. Features such as receiving messages or calls on the iPhone through the MacBook have taken Apple's ecosystem to another level.

Intel's Unison app will be able to share some of the customer's interest in this extraordinary feature of Apple's devices Since Unison will work with phones running both Android and iOS, it's going to be a pretty universal solution. Over time, more computers using Intel chips will come with this feature, which will improve the interconnection of devices.

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