Best 40 Sites Like 123Movies Alternatives (Watch Movies Online)

This article is centered around movie websites, such as 123Movies. Let me tell you a little bit about the 123Movies website before we get started. This was one of the best and most well-liked movie websites. The vast majority of movie buffs are aware of this website, which offers a vast collection of movies and TV shows.

We had free access to thousands of movies on this website, which we could watch and download. The top 123 Movie substitutes are currently available, and there are already a number of websites where you may view movies for free.

1. Vumoo

It's one of the best websites that replace 123Movies. This website, with its extensive library of current information, is meant for those who like viewing movies and TV shows. This website's primary feature is that it's accessible to everyone.

You may also download whatever you want for free with Vumoo. You'll notice that this website is far more comparable if you use Netflix. All you have to do is identify the movie; the webpage will take care of the rest. One of the most popular websites where you may view movies that are accessible for streaming is Vumoo.

This website's no-interruption performance is one of its best and most unique features. Conversely, ads are less intrusive and appear infrequently than commercials.

High-quality streaming may be started with only one click. The administrator of the website appears to genuinely care about its visitors, as seen by the regular updates of new films, TV series, and other content.

2. GoMovies

In addition to 123Movies, GoMovies is another website where you may watch movies online for free. The homepage of the website makes it easy to look for the most well-liked films or TV shows. This website is well recognized as it makes it easy to find films thanks to its intuitive design.

If you frequently use 123Movies, you want to take a look at this website as it is comparable to 123Movies and offers HD movies. In the "Box Office" category section, you could discover a list of the most recent films released if you're interested in watching them.

You can easily filter and find top IMDb films, movie office hits, and more thanks to the user-friendly interface. GoMovies provides the ability to download and view HD movies and TV series offline. To view the most popular videos of the day, you may also select TV today.

3. Solar Movie

The most popular website where you can watch HD movies and TV shows without having to register is Solar Movie. This website is visually stunning, akin to Fmovies, and its homepage makes the newest releases easily accessible.

A comprehensive collection of movies and TV shows is included. Other interesting categories include the most well-known, recent, and high definition films, to name a few. This program makes it easier to watch movies and television shows online.

When you choose a movie to watch on our website, it takes you to the movie page where you can see details like the runtime, IMDb rating, synopsis of the movie or TV program, and more to help you make a decision.

In order to make content easier to find and more entertaining, SolarMovie makes suggestions for content based on what you are now watching.

4. Yes!Movie

The large collection of films and TV series on this website is available for free. All movies and TV shows are also available for free download. If you're one of those people who likes to watch movies with subtitles, this website is for you.

This site performs considerably better than others; the page loads in a matter of seconds, which is its finest feature. This feature-rich, expertly run streaming platform is available across five servers. There are no pop-up ads or other forms of advertising on the website.

You may get a huge selection of TV shows and movies on YesMovies, including romance, action, and adventure films. It is also often updated with the newest films and TV series.

5. Streaming Sites

Streaming websites provide a fresh concept when it comes to 123 options. It offers a wide range of options for watching TV series and movies, but in a totally new way. By employing streaming sites, you may have instant access to any live streaming websites, including 123Movies.

All the websites are conveniently accessible from anywhere in addition to being approachable. As a result, you may visit streaming websites and choose any website to watch videos on.

6. Showbox

Showbox, a useful service that provides unrestricted access to all media and is an alternative to 123Movies, is also included in the list. This website also offers its customers the option to download a desktop or mobile app.

Its most alluring feature is that this application is free and doesn't require registration or payment. Additionally, you may store movies on the app to watch offline while you're not online.

Notice: The official Showbox website is no longer operational. Please check the top Showbox substitutes.

7. Soap2Day

Thanks to Soap2day, users may watch free movies and TV shows online and without any issues watch high-quality movies from the website. Not only can you find out about the newest releases on Soap2day, but you can also explore previous movies by genre or category. A useful substitute for 123Movies is soap2day.

A new streaming service called Soap2Day has seen a sharp increase in popularity lately. Though it might not be as well-known as the other websites on our page, this one is still a wonderful choice for watching movies online.

This website maintains a simple streaming strategy by not requiring you to register or join up. Following the closure of the 123Movies website, users have been looking for other options. That's when the Soap2Day website made its appearance and swiftly became the best streaming website on the internet.

8. Bmovies

The next website on our list is Bmovies, a great substitute for the 123Movies website. You may watch free, high-quality films and TV shows from the past and present on our website. Although this website has fewer advertising than others, you still have a lot of options.

This website covers several categories and is properly maintained. With the wide variety offered by our website, you may find whatever movie you're looking for.

Like 123Movies, it's a well-liked free streaming service with a large selection of TV series and films. The user interfaces of Bmovies and 123movies are similar to one another.

You may watch movies online without creating an account. To help users choose movies and TV series wisely, the website provides a number of categories. Both domestic and international movies are available here.

9. Zmovies

ZMovies has every feature available on other streaming services. The data may be downloaded from this website and is arranged in an easy-to-find way through the use of filters.

One thing to keep in mind with ZMovies is that, although it provides external links for you to view your favorite movies online, it does not host the movies itself. You also need to create a free account in order to access information globally.

You may go through this infinite variety whenever and whenever you want to view movies—new or old—that fit your mood. It's a simple-to-use, uninterrupted video streaming service for all of your movie needs.

You may find a good selection of entertaining movies and TV shows on our website. After browsing this website, you didn't find any others.

While registering is required to access more services, it is not necessary to stream movies or TV shows. For updates on new TV shows and films, you may also follow this page on social media.

10. LookMovie

There are other choices available for streaming TV shows and movies, which make them a good substitute for 123Movies. There is no registration or download required to see free movies.

It is user-friendly and features a visually appealing interface, much to 123Movie. The material of the website is divided into a number of categories, such as TV shows, genres, kinds, and more.

There's an endless supply of movies, old and new. In addition to the number of reviews and running length of each film, IMDB also provides ratings. The genre and a play button are also shown. Every video streams straight from the website, taking visitors nowhere else.

11. MoviesJoy

Another website where you may watch movies for free is MoviesJoy, where you can see the movies that people have seen. The website features the most recent movies available, and the movie stream is refreshed often.

Additionally, the website has a useful feature called a country filter that lets you search for movies from certain countries. Using this system, the titles are categorized based on the nation of production.

This is an ad-free unique online streaming platform. MoviesJoy provides access to a vast collection of films and TV series without requiring users to register.

The recently released movies on this website are also lot more noticeable. A better choice than 123Movies is to have more possibilities to find the required movie.

12. 5Moviess

5Movies is another simple 123Movies alternative that has been around for some time. The user experience on the website is easy to understand and navigate. Movies may be shared on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

The webpage receives a lot of changes. The most recent items are shown on the website together with helpful collection incentives.

13. Movie Ninja

New servers have been added by Movie Ninja to provide viewers with a simple way to get value. On the website, you may view the most current releases along with any favorites you may have.

To store your titles and create a watchlist, you may create a free account. You may also watch the movies that other people have seen at home with this website.

14. MovieZap

This fresh new online movie service offers a wide selection of TV series and films. In addition, creating an account is required in order to access the content.

The user experience is outstanding when you need a top search and navigation bar. It will also be evident to you that this new one has fewer advertising than other sites.

15. Putlocker

A well-known substitute for 123Movies, Putlocker provides access to an enormous collection of films and TV shows. Streaming free material is easy. You may watch TV series and films in over ten different countries in a variety of genres, including drama, action, comedy, romance, and family.

Pop-ups will show when using Putlocker, but you may prevent them by using an ad blocker. Another useful aspect of this website is that you may narrow down your possibilities by using the categories.

16. PopcornFlix

On PopcornFlix, you may see every collection without having to register for an account. A huge collection of movies, TV series, and video games may be found on the website.

The user experience of the website has a clean, simple menu bar that makes it look high-end. For those that watch movies, the website's mobile friendliness is a great feature.

This website contains the vast bulk of the available internet video content. Along with your favorite TV shows and films, you have a large collection of viral videos.

You can find all of the newest films and TV shows in the site's database because of its frequent updates and genre-based structure.

Popcornflix, which now offers entertainment via its PopcornflixKids website, is a great place to find entertainment for kids.

17. Vex Movies

VexMovies is yet another fantastic substitute for 123Movies. Without having to pay for them or create an account, you may view your favorite movies and TV series. The user experience is simple, and the homepage of the website features all of the most recent movie additions.

A basic search bar makes it easy to find your belongings in the large library. Check out this website if you're seeking for a 123Movies substitute.

18. WatchFree

An alternative movie streaming service that offers free, unregistered access to its content is called WatchFree. A substantial collection of often updated films and TV series are available on the website.

The menu has been thoughtfully developed to facilitate quick site navigation, and the website boasts an excellent user experience. You must watch full-length films and TV series as free content. Excellent navigational capabilities on the website make it easier to discover your favorite movie or TV show.

With its array of cinematic entertainment options, including the newest films and well-known TV series, all easily accessible with a single click, the website is undoubtedly enjoyable as well. You are able to select a genre type that fits you.

19. Movie4U

Movies4U, an appealing substitute with a 123Movies-like user interface, is another option. One of its best features is that you may view a ton of films and TV shows without having to register for anything. If you want to watch top IMDb movies, Movie4u is the best substitute for online streaming.

However, the website is not updated as frequently as 123Movies. You may search the movie database by selecting the year, length, genre, and other criteria that you want.

20. YoMovies

YoMovies is a great substitute for 123Movies for those who want to watch Hindi and Bollywood films online without having to register. It also offers a large movie library and support for subtitles.

A good number of Hollywood films, Hindi-dubbed Hollywood films, Tamil films, Telugu films, and Punjabi films are also included. With its simple layout, you won't have any trouble viewing or downloading movies from the website.

For those who want to watch Bollywood movies, YoMovies is a great substitute for 123Movies, and YoMovies offers Hindi movie streaming. There are a lot of pop-ups and adverts on the well-designed website.

It has a large selection of TV shows in addition to movies. The website offers the following movie filter options: cast, genre, year, and trailer. Telugu, Punjabi, and South Indian Hindi-dubbed films make up the majority of the movie category.

21. Movie4k

Movie4k is yet another fantastic substitute for 123 Movies. Thanks to the great and simple user experience, you can watch movies and TV series here. It is therefore always easy to locate a movie there that you enjoy. It also groups the films according to the year of release.

22. is the real 123Movies proxy website. Let's say that your nation or ISP has blocked access to the original website. Thus, you may use this website to watch and download movies for free. There are several HD movie options available in every genre across multiple categories, featuring both Hollywood and Bollywood productions.

From a design and functionality standpoint, it is nearly exact replica of 123Movies. Without having to register, you may watch whole TV series or movies, and each movie category provides a wider range of HD movies and TV series to choose from.

23. MoviesWatcher

One of the biggest websites for those who want to watch movies online is MovieWatcher. After seeing this website, you would believe that it is better than movies123. On this website, you can also watch online series and television serials.

MovieWatcher offers the best assortment of categories, such as Most Popular, Top Rating, New Movies, and a few others. The most appealing aspect of this website is its download tool, which makes it simple for you to download the movies you want to watch offline.

24. HindiLinks4u

Fans of Bollywood are the target audience for this website. It's a great substitute for 123Movies as well, allowing you to view the greatest films and TV series without having to join up or register.

Every new Bollywood movie is available to watch or download in 720p or 1080p resolution. The only drawback of this service is that, in addition to movies, you can also view TV series.

Here, you have a number of options to look for your preferred entertainment options. Last but not least, this service provides superb streaming quality for Bollywood and Hollywood movies in the Hindi language.

25. Home Movie

If you're interested in watching ancient movies, this website provides an extensive selection. There is a vast database on this website where you may locate both new and old films. You may also watch or download any movie you want for free from the internet. Full HD streaming services are provided at no cost.

26. HDO

Similar to 123 Movies, HDO is a well-known website where you can view free previews of all the newest films and TV shows. This website gives you a wide range of movies to choose from and all the information you need to know about them, such the cast and duration.

Despite the fact that the majority of the resources are limited to the cam version, it provides HD 1080p video in high definition. Most importantly, if you are unable to locate your movies or any series, you may request that they submit that particular item.

You can find a ton of online TV shows and movies on this awesome website, which is comparable to 123Movies. It offers recommendations for movies based on your tastes as well as the newest TV series and films. It has a deft design.

Another aspect of HDO's movie clips is their improved video resolution. This website does, however, provide some nice availability. First off, even if you use an ad blocker, you can still avoid pop-ups and advertisements. Secondly, it keeps track of movie files that were downloaded from different websites that provide free movies from third parties.

27. IceFilms

An excellent substitute for 123Movies is Ice Film. It has an impressive selection of movies, both old and new, which is surprising. You can stream all of your favorite high definition TV series and movies without having to register. You can find all of your favorite stuff categorized by country or genre.

28. Afdah 2

The website features an exquisite collection of films that have been released in the last 10 years. There are several categories for films, such as humor, horror, and thrillers.

This website provides a list of the most recent Hollywood and Bollywood film releases. You may stream Afdah movies on your computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.


Like Crackle, TubiTV, and Vudu, Yidio gathers TV shows and movies from OTT services and provides consumers with access to them in one place. The service isn't totally free; in order to enjoy some services, you must purchase their package.

30. Amazon Prime

This website functions as a one-stop emporium for everything, including reading books, listening to music, and viewing movies and TV episodes. It has amazing features and streaming quality.

In addition, the website has a well designed layout and has no adverts at all. Amazon Prime provides ad-free entertainment and free shipping on goods you shop online from this website.

Furthermore, you often receive a substantial amount of additional benefits and offers. You may purchase here and save a lot of money. For just a few credit points, you may also win goodies like popular prime original TV shows and more.

31. Moviebox Pro

Moviebox Pro is the only other app-based movie streaming service available on our list. It functions similarly to other online services like Netflix, Amazon Video, and others, and offers thousands of HD movies and OTT/TV shows. All of your devices, including desktop computers, smart TVs, tablets, and smartphones, may access them.

If you are looking for a software that is similar to 123Movies, your first option should be Moviebox Pro. It boasts amazing capabilities, like voice search, support for external media players, 4K movie playback, and more.

32. C movies

This website offers a more comprehensive collection of TV shows, movies, and movie filters along with a streamlined user experience. Among its other features are a list of the top IMDb movies and a search tool.

Without an ad blocker, you can see a lot of pop-up ads and other disruptions from advertisements on the page. Like YesMovies, the website is updated often with new TV series, etc.

With just one click, you may watch Bollywood, Hollywood, or Korean movies all in one place.

33. CinemaBloom

Even if this website is different from 123Movies, it is nonetheless a superior substitute. You don't need to register to watch movies and TV series here; everything from the newest to the oldest is available. On the website, there are pop-up advertisements and ads if you are not using an adblocker.

But it lacks movie filtering choices such as country, genre, and IMDb rating. You may watch free HD movies and TV shows on the internet. The newest movies and TV series are available on its website.

34. HackIMDB

This is the greatest 123Movies website for watching movies without having to register. You may browse the sections of HackIMDB to find movies ranging from the classics to the current releases.

A movie database from about fifteen different nations is now available on this website. To avoid pop-ups and adverts, use an ad blocker.

The website only offers one streaming server. In addition, it just offers the movie's trailer rather than other important information like its release date or IMDb rating.

35. Monoline.TV

You can view full HD movies in 720p and 1080p versions on our website. This website allows you to view movies for free without having to register or download anything.

If you enjoy using the IMDb ratings while selecting a film to see, this website is for you. Monoline offers a carefully curated collection of the best-rated movies on IMDb. TV.

The website allows users to search by release date, genre, the most recent release, and a number of other areas. You may therefore appropriately examine your favorite Shows. It also offers two streaming servers for online videos and the movie trailer.

36. Yify Tv

Just as well-liked as 123Movies for watching full-length movies without having to register is Yify TV, which is made especially for watching movies and has HD quality. Thus, you might choose to utilize this website if you like viewing movies.

There are two other options on the website: year and genre, along with a large browsing bar. It also provides a wider range of trending identifiers on the homepage of the website. You can browse those tags or use the previous homepage.

To get away from pop-ups and other ads when watching the movie, use an adblocker. A selection of movies from 1990 to the present are also available on the internet.

37. PrimeWire

Recently, an even better upgrade was released for PrimeWire. The website's media database is still being constructed.

This site has a unique user interface and several search options, such as the ability to categorize content by quality, duration, genre, and other factors. It's easy to use the media library, and registration is not necessary.

The timetable category on this website is another unique feature. Everything there is to know about the TV series airing in this area, both past and present, may be found here. This website is better than 123Movies, yet it is still comparable.

38. LunchFlix

Lunchflix provides a large selection of TV shows and episodes together with an easy-to-use interface free of pop-up adverts.

Other streaming links are provided just for a select few videos. As a result of the platform's abundance of movie representations, you may view the movie in the quality of your choosing.

39. Einthusan

If you are an avid fan of Indian movies, this website is for you. The well-known website Einthusan has the best variety of South Asian movies available. On this website, you may view more than 4,000 legally released films in nine different regional Indian languages. Due to weekly updates, you can find the newest movies on this website.

A straightforward interface and navigation make it simple to find and filter movies. You don't need to register to view the content on this website, but in order for the site to display adverts, you must disable your ad blocker before you begin watching movies.

40. Crackle

Crackle is an excellent streaming service for movies, TV shows, and original content. Sony Entertainment operates it, and millions of people use it every day. In contrast to other legal and free streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and others, Crackle needs users to register in order to access any free content. Because of Crackle's unparalleled programming, it is highly recommended.

Therefore, register and enjoy the benefits that are at your disposal. By installing the Crackle app for iOS or Android, you may enjoy entertainment streaming anytime and anywhere you choose.

In summary
To provide you with more choices, we have examined the top 123Movies substitutes and listed websites in this post. Depending on what would suit you the most, you may decide. 

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