ThopTV Alternatives Best 16 Sites (8000+ Free Live Tv Online)

Are you curious about the ThopTV alternatives? Which app is best for free live TV? Let's first examine what ThopTV is. With the help of a mobile app called ThopTV, you may use the internet to view your preferred TV shows, movies, OTT series, and more on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Nowadays, all movies and their trailers, TV episodes, web series, etc., are published to websites like Amazon Prime, Tubi TV, Hulu, Netflix, and so on, depending on the interest of the viewership. Nevertheless, access to these services is reliant on subscription. Thanks to applications like ThopTV, consumers can now stream their favorite TV shows and films on demand without having to pay high cable TV bills.

Alternatives to ThopTV

Hackers are involved in the development of the ThopTV app, which is a flawless substitute for cable TV. Usually, it's a pirated program that gives users unrestricted free access to movies and TV series. When compared to premium streaming applications (like Netflix, Hotstar, etc.), ThopTV is similar to an improved version that aggregates content from other streaming sites. The top substitutes for ThopTV are as follows:

1. Hotstar Mod

The Hotstar Mod App is a premium unlocked streaming playback app that you should go for if you want to view the most popular sports and shows in India.

With the second-largest population in the world, India is seeing an increase in the number of users joining these well-known streaming services. Among OTT streaming services, Hotstar is a well-known brand and is comparable to Netflix. The Hotstar app offers both domestic and foreign entertainment on a single platform. Hotstar's unique material, Disney + Hotstar VIP, Disney content and children's entertainment, and Star TV programming prior to TV are some features of the Hotstar mod apk. The most recent American films and television series are available on this app, along with live sports like Formula 1, VIVO IPL, and others, and an ad-free platform. You don't need a monthly membership to download hundreds of videos for free with Hotstar Mod.

2. Oreo TV

The Oreo TV app is the greatest option for free live TV if you're searching for a substitute for Thop TV. The ability to watch live TV for free on this specific app was the feature that drew in the audience. With this software, you may also download your preferred movies, TV programs, and episodes. There are excellent videos available on the OreoTV app.

The ability to stream media in FULL HD 1080p, 2K, and even 4K resolution is an incredible feature offered by Oreo TV. The most recent version of this program provides access to a wider selection of TV stations. The newest TV stations, free IPL records, and shows are constantly added to Oreo TV through updates. You may add the films you wish to view again at a later time to your collection (the favorite area), which is conveniently accessible from the app's home page or Home screen at any time.

3. LiveNet TV

With its own features and characteristics that set it apart from ThopTv, LiveNet TV is another competitor. Among its many amazing advantages are the ability to create a personalized favorites list, access to over 800 live TV stations globally, and the lack of account registration. Along with many other capabilities, it offers streaming movies, minimal latency, playing HD material, and much more.

4. Tea TV

Another option to ThopTV is TeaTV. With the exception of the background color and logo, it resembles a copy of ThopTV. The Safe/Unsafe feature of this software allows you to filter the material that appears on your home screen. Additionally, you will have the option to schedule a reminder for when TV series, movies, and game trailers debut. Like ThopTV, TeaTV is available everywhere and has a live TV option.


One of the most well-known TV streaming IPTV applications is AOS TV, which offers live NBA events along with TV series, the newest films and episodes, news, and other sports like cricket, football, and kabaddi. Because it includes channels from Asian nations, this app is mostly intended for Asian users. You may stream TV shows online, view live sports events, news, and other programming, and watch live TV channels on your Android smartphone with AOS TV.

6. HD Streamz

You may also check for the HD Streamz App if you're seeking for a free app to watch live TV. Similar to ThopTV, HD Streamz offers over six hundred live TV and radio stations in about nineteen nations without any advertisements. Bangladesh, Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, Myanmar, Pakistan, Nepal, Netherlands, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Spain, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States are these nations. Free live TV, movies, programs, and cricket matches are available on this app.

7. RedBox TV

An alternative to ThopTV for free live streaming is RedBox TV. It provides the opportunity to watch movies, TV series, sports, and games live and for free. It has no subscription plans and doesn't ask for payment to register. Basic features like reduced streaming latency and HD streaming material are also included.

8. GoMax TV

One of the most well-known live TV applications in India is GOMAX. Users of this app may view their favorite dancing programs, comedic shows, horror videos, series, and other videos that are trending both domestically and internationally. Many categories are available, including TV series, sports, news, live TV, TV shows, music, popular live events, and wallpapers. With the help of this software, users may enjoy free live streaming of their favorite sports, TV shows, and episodes. Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, English, Islamic, Kannada, Christian, and other regional channels are also available on the GOMAX app.

9. Mobdro TV

One of the greatest applications for viewing free movies is Mobdro. With its updated, user-friendly layout, Mobdro TV is the ideal software to keep you engaged at all times. Similar to other ThopTV substitutes, Mobdro TV offers free live TV access. This software may be downloaded on Roku, Amazon Firestick, iOS, and Android devices. This software lets users access famous videos for free whenever they want in addition to live TV. This platform's material is frequently updated or modified.

10. Jio TV Mod

In India, Jio TV is a popular smartphone application that offers access to several live TV stations. Nonetheless, the app's mod version is only available to Jio subscribers who are connected to the service. Everyone may view every channel live on the Jio TV mod app. The ability to view stuff live and for free is what draws consumers to this site.

Dependency Other worthwhile applications have also been released by Jio Infocomm Ltd on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. All of these applications, meanwhile, are only accessible to Jio SIM card holders. JioCinema and JioMusic are two more well-known media applications; JioCinema provides movies, while JioMusic provides music. More than 700 channels are available on Jio TV, including 60 HD channels in ten categories and fifteen languages. As a result, it is among the most downloaded Live TV applications for Android. Without a Jio SIM, you may still watch your favorite shows on a smart TV using the Jio TV mod version.

11. UK TV Now

Another well-liked foreign live TV streaming app is UK TV Now, which is likewise regarded as a strong substitute for ThopTV. Numerous TV stations from about ten different nations are available for users to access in nine distinct categories. With over 150 national and international channels in different genres such as documentaries, movies, entertainment, kids, etc., it boasts a simple and elegant user interface.

12. Pikashow App

With Pikashow, you can watch live TV, movies, sports, TV episodes, web series, and more for free on your Android device. This software is extremely user-friendly and well-organized, mostly for aficionados of Indian movies among other audiences. More than forty platforms, including Disney + Hotstar, Netflix, Sony Live, Amazon Prime, and others, are available for streaming with this app. Additionally, you may view the newest films and live IPL matches.

13. GHD Sports APK

With the help of the specially created sports streaming software GHD Sports, fans from all around the world may watch their preferred sports channels, leagues, and championships for nothing. Watching a variety of regular TV channels and full HD live channels for free has been made available by this software (under the Sports category).

14. Hulu TV Mod App

With the Hulu TV App, you can see movies and TV episodes live on your Android device at any time or anywhere. You may now conveniently carry along the standard cable TV channels, films, TV shows, and live TV in your pocket thanks to this app. With the Hulu TV mod app, you can watch your favorite episodes and Live TV without worrying about your safety because all of its features are free..

15. MX Player

These days, MX Player is a well-respected movie streaming app. The MX player was introduced in 2011 by Abhishek Joshi, Vivek Jain, Gautam Talwar, and Karan Bedi. At first, it was merely a standard video player software, but as time went on, customers' expectations rose. As a result, the developers gave customers access to a variety of streaming entertainment and provided online help with the new edition. Additionally, this app offers free streaming of web series, short films, music videos that are hot, and exclusive shows.

16. Showbox

Consider using the Showbox website if you're looking for a free streaming service. Users using mobile devices can also download the application. Showbox is a lightweight software, so unlike ThopTV, it won't deplete the power on your device, allowing you to watch your favorite movies and series for hours on end. By using this software, you may avoid paying a monthly membership fee.

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