9 Best LiveLeak Alternative To Watch Shocking Videos! (Viral Content)

Before we look at the best LiveLeak alternative, let's take a closer look at LiveLeak itself. Liveleak, a video-sharing website, was founded in 2006. This website is hosting the genuine footage of current world events, including politics and conflict, without charging anything. 

Movies are open to user contributions, however the content tends to be more provocative and political. If you enter the website and select Recent items, you may watch all available news videos on ongoing topics. As an alternative, click Must See to see some erotically charged flicks. But this website was taken down on May 7, 2021. However, these films are still accessible to you; we've compiled a list of LiveLeak substitutes.

LiveLeak Alternatives 9 Best Sites For Watching Shocking Videos:

1. Engage Media

EngageMedia is a non-profit website that aims to use technology and media to change society. This site is an open platform for sharing videos that rivals Liveleak. You must register in order to upload and share videos. To watch the website on your iOS or Android mobile device, follow the steps.

2. Xfinity

Xfinity is a another website that may be used as a LiveLeak substitute. There are several videos that you view. For example, a recording that Savior published here during Hurricane Harvey claims that people are killing raiders or looters; God bless Texas. These movies are probably only shocking to the most traditionalist individuals. But if you wanted to enjoy seeing something like Howard Stern kissing Matt Lauer or a nasty dog, where would you go?

3. Flicker

You may also use a great website like Flickr, which is similar to Liveleak, as a social media handle. Your photos may be submitted alongside amazing movies up to 1 GB in size. If you would want to post movies, you must first register and keep up a Flickr account. When Flickr launched this service in 2004, it was not well-known for producing videos, unlike YouTube.

4. Itemfix

Itemfix is a website designed for those who enjoy sharing videos. The majority of videos include people doing strange things and national problems. The website can be easily navigated and understood. It loads quickly, with each video loading quite quickly for easy navigation.

5. Ebaumsworld

There are some NSFW videos in the category, so proceed with caution. If you like unexpectedly funny, scary, or unsettling videos, you can never go wrong with checking out the Ebaum's World website. The video area includes a range of entertainment, including viral videos, oddball movies, and news stories about occurrences like Nurse Utah's forcible arrest when a kid had a fit after her instructor assumed her false identity.

6. Myvidstar

On My Vidster, a social video sharing and saving service, you may watch videos that other people have taken. This website has garnered a lot of attention throughout the years since it supports a pleasant atmosphere for streamers. It's a great Liveleak alternative because to its large range of videos.

7. Omg News

The OMG News is an attempt to capitalize on the online fury movement. Here, our goal is to astound and wow viewers in order to encourage them to share this important material on social media. If you like watching controversial or conspiracy theory videos, here is the best place for you. To let out your anger, check out this OMG News compilation of the best YouTube videos.

8. Dtube

D Tube, a popular video platform, adapted the visual design of YouTube. It permits explicit content on the main panel and has no limits. D Tube offers out rewards in virtual currency via the Steem blockchain. Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular these days. A stride ahead into the future!

9. AOL

Are you looking for websites similar to Liveleak and YouTube that provide a ton of videos all in one place? AOL Video is the perfect website. AOL Video allows you to watch a variety of videos without registering. You may also view the older videos on this website. They host movies from other websites on the internet in addition to their own. The videos are organized both chronologically and collectively; similar and related videos are grouped together. This feature makes it easier for users to use the platform and encourages repeated visits to the AOL video website.

In summary

These LiveLeak alternatives let you find and view a limitless amount of videos. Which of these websites most appeals to you? If you would like to share other websites that are comparable to LiveLeak, you can do so by leaving your comments and ideas below.
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