35 Best Amazon Alternatives To Online Shopping Marketplace

Most buyers think that purchasing items on Amazon is simple and quick. It meets your needs to cut down on time, avoid busy areas, and quickly browse through hundreds of items with a few taps or swipes. Amazon has completely changed the retail industry for the convenience of our day.

Amazon was usually a good substitute for real stores when I didn't have time to visit them. I would buy the majority of home goods and a few gifts from its website to save time and money. Furthermore, considering the fierce competition in online retail, I thought Amazon's prices were at least fair.

1. Flipkart:

Flipkart, one of India's largest online retailers, offers products in all important categories. Consumers may sign up for a free membership in the Flipkart Plus program, which grants them access to benefits including a Zomato Gold membership, an annual Hotstar Premium subscription, and a 6-month Gaana Plus subscription.

They sell office supplies, books, sports, toys & games, apparel, jewelry, home products, cosmetics, health care, and electronics.
Delivery To Indiana
English is used.
The finest aspect is that consumers may use free interest-bearing credit to pay for their purchases.

2. Alternatives to Amazon Prime in India:

The rivals of Amazon listed below provide comparable membership programs to Prime, with extra features like early access to new products and unique discounts. Clients may take use of these options immediately, and there is no cost to register for either.

3. ShopClues:

ShopClues delivers to more than 32,500 postal codes in India and receives over 100 million visitors each month. The regular availability of sales and discounts draws customers to ShopClues every day.

Electronics, apparel, jewelry, home goods, healthcare, sports, and décor for the home are among the products they sell.
Delivery Worldwide.
English is used.
The ShopClues app, which is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android, is the greatest feature.

Indian alternatives for Amazon that provide speedy delivery
Quick shipment is one of the most important criteria for online shoppers to choose one platform over another since it boosts conversion rates. Customers frequently turn to these two marketplaces when they want their orders delivered as quickly as possible.

4. Snapdeal

Snapdeal is an online marketplace for lifestyle items that provides a wide selection of moderately cost, high-quality products on its website. Customers are given the things that best fit their demands in order to have a positive experience.

Their products include electronics, apparel, jewelry, home goods, sports goods, outdoor items, books, and entertainment.
Delivery To India
Languages: A variety of languages
The nice thing about Snapdeal is that their logistics staff covers over 96% of Indian postal codes.

5. Tata CLiQ:

The popular brands and items are available on the Tata CliQ website, which is owned by the Indian e-commerce behemoth. You can also download their easy-to-use app from the App Store or Google Play Store. With WhatsApp, users can quickly and effortlessly share their favorite content with friends and family.

Jewelry, electronics, clothes, home goods, and cosmetics are among the things they sell.
Delivery to India.
English is used.
The free return pickup is the nicest feature.
Clothes and accessories may be purchased on Indian Amazon alternatives.
Online shopping is very convenient for customers, and as a result, sales of apparel and related accessories have expanded dramatically. The ease of returns and fits encouraged Indian customers to buy apparel and accessories online.

Justify the 40% share of the e-commerce market held by the fashion and clothing industries and the consumer electronics industry.

6. Aijo:

Leading clothing store Ajio provides a carefully curated assortment of products from the most well-known international and regional brands. Customers may also "Spin the Wheel" on the site once a day to get discounts on specific products.

They sell jewelry, clothing, household products, and games and toys.
Delivery To India
Best feature: Free delivery

7. Meesho:

Meesho is an internet shop that provides small company owners with an additional avenue for product marketing. In more than 700 product categories, suppliers are able to offer their products commission-free.

They sell toys, games, gadgets, household items, jewelry, clothes, and cosmetics.
Delivery To India
English is used.
The best part: suppliers don't have to pay commission on sales.

8. Koovs:

One of the most popular online fashion sites in India, Koovs never fails to wow with its recommendations for the newest styles at competitive prices.

Customers may favorite products to buy later or use their Wishlist feature as inspiration to put together an outfit.

They market clothing.
Delivery to India.
English is used.
The best part is KoovsX.
You enable your customers to become fashion influencers by giving them a platform.

9. Fynd:

Fashion online marketplace Fynd buys products from reliable stores to sell online. Customers can always find shoes, ethnic wear, and skin care products.

In addition to toys and games, they sell jewelry, household items, cosmetics, clothes, and games.
Delivery to India.
English is used.
The ability to recommend friends and earn up to 25,000 points is the finest feature.

10. Myntra:

Myntra is an online lifestyle and fashion store that sources its products directly from fashion labels and follows the newest trends in the industry.

Customers may browse carefully selected collections, get first dibs on limited-edition merchandise, and get style advice from well-known stylists by subscribing to the Myntra Insider program.

What They Sell: Beauty products, household goods, jewelry, and clothing
Delivery to India.
English is used.
Feature-wise, discounts in all categories are the finest.

11. LimeRoad:

LimeRoad is an online fashion discovery platform that curates over 200,000 articles of user-generated content every month. It functions as a virtual scrapbook for users to get inspiration for their outfits. User debate about the product and the website is encouraged by this communal shopping experience, which raises interest and impressions.

What They Sell: Beauty products, household goods, jewelry, and clothing
Delivery to India.
Languages spoken:
 English and Hindi.

The finest feature lets users share a "Look" from LimeRoad fashion gurus with their friends over WhatsApp.
Indian businesses that supply cosmetics and wellness products and compete with Amazon:

India's beauty and healthcare sectors are younger than 10 years old and are still in the early stages of development. For your care needs, you may visit the following websites, which offer extra value features like free sample collection, expert advice, and classes.

12. Netmeds:

Customers may purchase prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, and medical supplies at Netmeds, an online pharmacy. In addition to purchasing medications, clients can choose healthcare plans that include regular physical examinations.

They sell cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and testing.
Delivery to India.
English is used.
Best Feature: To get the most appropriate choices, choose items according to your health.

13. PharmaEasy:

PharmEasy is an online pharmacy where pharmacists sell medications, medical supplies, and cosmetics. They promise 48-hour delivery. Consumers may conveniently request diagnostic tests online, have their samples picked up from home, and receive test results immediately.

What They Offer: Medication, diagnostics, and makeup
Delivery To India
English is used.
The finest part is the array of free samples.

14. Tata 1 mg:

Tata 1mg is a digital consumer healthcare business that offers e-pharmacy, online consultations, and lab tests. Customers may save money on prescription medications with their two subscription care plans, which also include free lab tests, priority processing, consultations, and health monitoring.

What They Sell: Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, animals, and laboratory testing.
Delivery to India.
English is used.
The best feature is that you may chat, video, or phone consult with medical experts from over 22 different fields.

15. Nykaa:

Nykaa is the leading e-commerce beauty shop in India, offering personal care, grooming, and wellness products. Consumers may watch free masterclasses from experts in health and beauty on Nykaa TV on YouTube. More than a million people follow the website.

What they offer is beauty.
Delivery to India.
English is used.
Best Aspect: Customers may access the Nykaa Army community and find solutions to their skincare and cosmetic difficulties by registering for the Nykaa Network.

16. MyGlamm:

MyGlamm is an online store selling personal hygiene products and cosmetics. Consumers may purchase beauty products and check up cosmetic instructions using the internet search bar.

What they offer is beauty.
Delivery to India.
English is used.
The best part is that customers may use the hashtag #myglamm on Instagram to have their preferred makeup look displayed.
Additional Indian substitutes for Amazon:
We have to include the following notable e-commerce behemoth to our list of Amazon competitors in India since their unique services have drawn millions of consumers to their sites.

17. Jaypore:

Jaypore is a platform that enables manufacturers to showcase their products and share with their audience the distinctive narrative of each one. The greatest Indian craft-based designs are showcased in Jaypore's carefully curated collection, which specializes in ethnic clothing, accessories, and home furnishings.

They market houses, jewelry, and apparel.
Delivery Worldwide.
English is used.
The fact that the goods are made by craftsmen and artisans is their finest feature.

18. Paytm Mall:

The Paytm app allows users to order over 65 million goods, and Paytm Mall offers a smooth online shopping experience. Consumers in the Super Value Bazar region may take advantage of amazing seasonal sales and discounts on food, medicine, baby care, and groceries.

Products Sold: Food items, gadgets, apparel, housewares, and accessories.
Delivery to India.
English is used.
Its biggest feature is the Paytm cashback on every transaction.

19. Moglix:

Businesses who use the B2B e-commerce platform Moglix may be able to source items faster. Effective inventory management may help businesses save a significant amount of money on supplies, which supports their growth.

They sell gardening goods, office supplies, medications, and equipment.
Delivery to India.
English is used.
Sending in a bulk order inquiry for your business's needs is the finest feature.

20. AFday:

You may get creative ideas for home furnishings, architectural décor, and kitchen and dining equipment on the website Afday. Customers who sign up for Afday's mailing list may receive immediate access to special offers, new product releases, and updates.

They sell appliances for the home.
Delivery Worldwide.
English is used.
The fact that the products are purchased straight from the artisans is their strongest attribute.

21. Croma:

Major electronics and home appliance platform Croma has both an online store and a physical location. Along with the normal payment methods that are also offered by Croma, such as credit, debit, wallets, and cash on delivery, customers can also choose to pay via consumer financing alternatives and easy EMI.

What They Sell: Electronics, beauty products, and household equipment.
Delivery to India.
English is used.
The best part: Watching a Croma salesman shop on video.
Alternatives to Amazon for Extended Online Shopping:

22. Thrive Market:

Thrive Market is environmentally conscious. On this internet market, memberships with a mission are offered for as little as $5 a month. Members get access to over 6,000 sustainable and organic products, including wine, at a fraction of the retail cost.

Because of its carefully curated variety, which may be chosen in many ways based on dietary and lifestyle requirements, Thrive is the best place to acquire pantry basics. Our favorite features include the recyclable packaging, fast and free carbon-neutral delivery on orders over $49, zero-waste warehouses, and the fact that every membership supports the purchase of an additional membership for a first responder or low-income family.

They market food and drinks.
Delivery To All States in the Union.
Reasons It's Better Than Amazon: Carbon-neutral shipping, philanthropic donations, and sustainable and organic products.

23. Made Trade:

Made Trade was founded in 2018 with the goal of finding gorgeous, morally-responsible, and ecologically-friendly products for our wardrobes and homes. Right now, each product on this hand-picked website satisfies one of the core principles of Manufactured Trade: fair trade, handmade, created in the USA, owned by women or BIPOCs, sustainable, vegan, or recycled/upcycled.

Made Trade, along with hundreds of other retailers that share their values, makes shopping more considerate and environmentally friendly by offering everything from beds to kitchenware. The family-run business donates one percent of its revenues to environmental charity and is carbon neutral.

They sell bedding, blankets, pillows, and furniture as well as home decor.
Delivery Worldwide.
Its woman-owned, artisanal, fair-trade items, climate neutral certification, and support for environmental programs make it better than Amazon.

24. Grove Collaborative:

Grove Collaborative makes it easy and affordable to maintain a germ-free workplace, which is something we're committed to more than ever. With flexible subscription programs, this B Corp-certified firm can deliver non-toxic, cruelty-free, and environmentally responsible household and personal care products straight to your door.

Grove aims to become plastic-free by 2025 and is now plastic-neutral. Each shipment's carbon footprint is also balanced to lessen its detrimental environmental consequences. Customers have the option of signing up for a subscription that includes free delivery or making a la carte purchases.

What They Sell: Natural personal care and household products.
Contiguous US shipping is offered.
Its cruelty-free, non-toxic, plastic-neutral, and CarbonNeutral® Certified items are the reasons it's better than Amazon.

25. Credo:

Credo makes self-care at home easy with its assortment of over 2,000 safe, non-toxic, and cruelty-free cosmetics. From mascara to foundation, every item on show is free of potentially harmful or dirty ingredients. Many of our favorite natural and organic cosmetics brands, like ILIA and Vapour, are also carried on the website. A portion of every sale made by Credo is donated.

What They Sell: Scent, beauty, and clean skincare.
Delivery to the United States.
Why It Outperforms Amazon: It is cruelty-free, clean, and offers 90% of its items designed by women. It also follows regulations on sustainable packaging.

26. Uncommon Goods:

Rare Goods has unique and imaginative gifts for all occasions, including experiences. Constellation maps, self-care kits, and online mixology courses are just a few of the creative products available on the marketplace.

The majority of items are made by individual jewelers, potters, and other artists. Because of Uncommon Goods' fair employee compensation, Better to Give campaign, which has contributed over $2.6 million to organizations worldwide, and ecologically friendly packaging, we like shopping there for almost anything.

What They Sell: Experiences, jewelry, kitchen and household goods, and personalized presents.
Delivery Worldwide.
Its distinctive products and experiences, environmentally responsible packaging, and charity initiatives make it superior than Amazon.

27. Bookshop:

For the most current releases, go to Bookshop, a website that supports small book sellers. Customers may designate a specific local bookstore to fulfill purchases from this B Corp, which adds 10% of revenues to a profit pool that is divided evenly among its partners. Because Bookshop gives away more than 80% of its profit margin to writers, suppliers, and other booksellers, customers prefer it to other retailers.

Another B Corp, Better World Books, offers reasonably priced, gently used books to children, students, and bookworms. Better World Books is another great option if you're wanting to thrift your books.

Books, CDs, textbooks, puzzles, and presents are among the items they sell.
Shipping To: USA (as well as sites dedicated to the UK & Spain)
Why It's Better Than Amazon: It's a Certified B Corp that helps small, independent book retailers.

28. Package Free:

You may undoubtedly infer from Package Free's name that it seeks to substantially reduce the quantity of "trash" in the world. Being a zero-waste company, it collaborates with green businesses to supply items like mouthwash tablets, stainless steel meal trays, silicone sandwich bags, and reusable ear swabs.

The products are sent in fully recyclable and biodegradable boxes that have been recycled or reused, together with paper tape or wrapping. To cut costs and lower carbon emissions, buy items in bulk in quantities of two to twelve, such as bamboo toothbrushes and mason jars. There are more packages to choose from.

What They Sell: Bulk purchases and reusable kitchen and home goods.
Delivery Worldwide.
The company's zero-waste policy, recyclable and compostable packaging, and philanthropic donations make it superior than Amazon.

29. Etsy

During hard economic times, it's important to support small businesses, many of which may be found on Etsy. This global B Corp sells goods directly from small-scale entrepreneurs and craftspeople, ranging from paper goods to recycled gold jewelry. Etsy is also very concerned about sustainability; all other operations, including the marketplace, are powered solely by renewable energy.

Additionally, the online marketplace is the first major e-commerce platform to fully offset its carbon impact associated with shipping. Supporting local artists and small companies is more important than ever and sustainable.

What They Sell: Antique, artisanal, and personalized goods, such as clothing, jewelry, décor, and furniture.
Delivery Worldwide.
Why It's Better Than Amazon: Etsy Uplift Initiative charity giving, 100% carbon emissions offset, sustainable energy source, and certified B Corp status.

30. The Little Market:

The Little Market was established on the principle that everyone has a right to safe working conditions and fair compensation when it initially launched as a nonprofit fair trade retailer. Since 2013, the organization has collaborated with over 70 artisan groups in over 20 nations.

Furthermore, the organization has provided minority populations, such as refugees and people with disabilities, with more than 1.25 million hours of decent employment. You can now purchase handwoven laundry baskets, hand-poured candles, and home decor items to give your place an artisan vibe. Every object has a distinct past.

What They Offer: Bowls, baskets, hampers, and décor.
Delivery Worldwide.
Why It's Better Than Amazon: It's fair trade, nonprofit, and supports artists in marginalized communities. It also provides customized options.

31. BLK + GRN:

The BLK + GRN crew has firsthand knowledge of the detrimental effects that hazardous chemicals in products may have on people of color. The website was founded by Dr. Kristian, a natural lifestyle enthusiast, to provide Black artisans and entrepreneurs a place to showcase their non-toxic, all-natural items.

Black health specialists have carefully picked and quality-tested the products, which range from multivitamins and cosmetics to household goods and hair care. You won't find anything on BLK + GRN if it's not produced utilizing animals, plants, or sustainable manufacturing practices. (Plus, all of it comes in environmentally friendly packaging!)

Natural products that Black people own are what they sell.
Delivery to both the US and Canada.
Why It's Better Than Amazon: It employs eco-friendly packaging, provides sustainable, cruelty-free products, and promotes Black artists.

32. Earth Hero:

Earth Hero wants to inspire people to make thoughtful decisions. This recognized B Corp finds verified businesses using a five-step sourcing procedure to make sure every product is as safe and sustainable as feasible.

There are a lot of good goods to think about here, such as sustainable denim, zero-waste kits, and baby essentials (including strollers and toys!). As a partner of 1% For the Planet, Earth Hero also lessens the carbon footprint of your order and contributes to environmental charities. Make a purposeful lifestyle makeover with only one order.

Children & Babies are what they sell.
Shipping to Puerto Rico, the United States, and Canada.
Climate Neutral Certification, Certified B Corp, Safe & Sustainable Products, Supports Environmental Causes—these are the reasons it's better than Amazon.

33. Plastic Freedom:

Founder Beth Noy was inspired to start a more sustainable lifestyle company for others after she broke free from plastic use. She opened the UK-based Plastic Freedom store in 2018, which is a one-stop, zero-waste store that curates collections for presents, clothing, cosmetics, home & dining, and gifts.

This store provides everything, including present baskets, (refillable!) individual items, and adhesives and wrapping paper made without plastic. Plastic Freedom has planted more than 67,000 trees and gives back with every order.

What they sell: Essentials for gift-giving and plastic-free goods.
Delivery Worldwide.
Why It's Better Than Amazon: It supports several charities and refill initiatives by being plastic-free and zero-waste.

34. Greenbeauty Market:

The UK-based Green Beauty Market removes all doubt about ingredient lists for products that prioritize health, fragrance, and beauty. Rather, the group uses its combined knowledge of over a decade to identify independent companies that provide the greatest clean, green, and cruelty-free options for consumers.

Many of these businesses are already beloved by consumers and are only starting to expand and thrive, such as Noto Botanics, Aromatica, and Kind Planet Company. Customers may discover everything they're seeking for here, whether it's a natural candle, a perfume for themselves, or a scent for their home.

Candles and fragrances are their products.
Delivery Worldwide.
Vegan, cruelty-free, and hygienic products are the reasons it's superior than Amazon.

35. Hive:

For over a decade, the Hive team has demonstrated its principles and kept its commitments. Customers may choose from over a million books, vinyl records, gift packages, and eBooks at this UK-based online bookshop, which also provides free UK delivery on all orders whenever needed.

Customers may then choose which small bookshop to support with their purchases. If consumers would want to assist them directly, Hive also offers a directory of hundreds of booksellers around the United Kingdom.

They sell eBooks, books, and music from the UK.
Delivery Worldwide.
The reason it's better than Amazon is that it helps UK bookshops.

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