How to Start Dal Making Mill Business 2023 | How to establish India and Other country?

Dal Making Mill Business: Indian people use pulses a lot in their food. It is being used in various ways for food. Dal is mainly used to eat with roti and rice. Many people are trading pulses in the market through retail and many companies are doing branding. You can also trade pulses by setting up a pulse mill and earn better profits every month.

How to set up a pulses mill? How to Start Dal Making Mill Business

Dal Making Mill Business: A special kind of machinery is required to set up a dal mill. With the help of this machinery, tur dal, moong dal, masoor dal, urad dal, gram dal etc. can be extracted. 

Price of Dal machine:

The price of Dal Making Mill Business machine varies according to the HP of the machine. The machine comes with minimum 1 HP. Apart from this, 6 HP and 7 HP machines are also available. The price of a 3 HP machine is Rs 70,000. The price of a 6 HP machine is Rs 1 lakh 75 thousand.

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Raw Material for Dal Making Mill Business

The crop of pulses you want to trade is used as its raw material.   

Process of making pulses in Dal Mill

  • The machine used for this work is completely automatic, hence it is easy to operate. Imagine you want to extract gram pulses. By understanding this process, you will also understand the process of extracting other pulses.
  • To extract gram pulses from gram, first of all the gram needs to be soaked.
  • After this the soaked gram is put into the machine. The upper part of this machine is made in such a way, where pulses can be put.
  • After this, pulses start coming out from the other side of the machine. New pulses need to be dried for a full day.
  • After this, it is put in the machine once more and taken out, due to which the dal is completely cooked and ready. This dal is number one dal.
  • By preparing pulses in this way, up to 25 kg of pulses can be obtained from 100 kg crop per hour.

Dal Making Machine Required Place

Dal Making Mill Business The machine of dal mill is of big size. It requires a space of at least 25/30 square feet size.

Dal Making Mill Business Cost

If the place is your own and you want to start the business with a 3 HP machine, then the total cost is around Rs 4 lakh, whereas if you have a 6 HP machine, this cost can be double i.e. a total of Rs 8 lakh. .

Dal Making Mill Business Profit

If a person does this business on a small scale, he can start the business with the help of a 3 HP machine. With the help of this machine, 100 kg pulses can be made per hour. Generally there is a profit of Rs 2 on one kg pulses. Because of this, by running this machine for eight hours, one can earn up to Rs 1600 by making 800 kg pulses, thus earning Rs 1600 in a day.

If you use a 6 HP machine, then 300 kg pulses can be made per hour, resulting in a profit of Rs 4,800.

Dal Making Mill Business Marketing

You can easily sell the pulses produced from this mill in the wholesale market. There are a large number of grocery stores in cities and villages. If a citizen starts this business on a small scale. However, more profits can be obtained in this. You can also sell the pulses made in your mill at these grocery stores. You can earn a lot of profit by selling your pulses at these places.

License for Dal Making Mill Business License

To set up a pulses mill, you first need to register your firm. If you want, you can apply for license of your firm with the help of Udyog Aadhaar or MSME . If you do the branding of your product yourself, for this you will have to take license permission from the Food Ministry (FSSAI). It is very important for you to get a PAN card and a current account made for your firm. All business transfers take place with the help of this current account.

Dal Packing

If you want to increase pulse sales with the help of your brand, then you should make special concentrate for packaging for your product. You use the trademark of your brand in your packet. This also promotes your brand and makes marketing of your pulses easier. Sacks for packing daal are easily available in the market, which you can purchase and pack the daal.

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