10 Best Google Photos Alternatives & Competitors

Google Photos: What is it?

A portal called Google Photos offers free storage for storing images and movies. This platform allows you to post your films and photographs. In addition to importing new photographs, users may watch, edit, save, and create new picture books, collages, albums, and animations. It's also simple to back up your data to a cloud-based platform and restore the backup to your laptop or external hard drive because you may retrieve uploaded data anytime needed.

Why do we not use Google Photos instead?

Although Google Photos is one of the greatest platforms out there, its free posting policy for high-quality images and videos was suspended or canceled in June 2021.

Google announced their new policy in June 2021, which prohibits them from offering capabilities for storing videos and high-quality photos. Rather, they told customers that Google Photos data, along with other Google services like Mail, Drive, and so on, would be stored on their Google account's 15 GB of free storage. The primary justification for using the alternatives is that many users could find Google Photos' 15GB free storage limit insufficient. While paying for a Google One subscription might improve storage capacity, customers are always looking for new methods to compare different platforms and save money. One might attempt any of the many Google Photos alternatives available on the market to meet their demands.

Top 10 Best Google Photos Alternative in 2024:

1. GoogleOne

Similar to Google Drive, GoogleOne is an excellent option because it offers a respectable quantity of adequate storage. In India, Google One charges merely Rs. 130 for a 100GB storage package each month. Every backup for every Google service—including Gmail, Photos, and more—is kept in one place by Google One. The fact that your family can share part of that area with you is the best feature. For further information regarding Google One and its various country-specific prices, one may visit the official website.

2. IDrive

One of the greatest substitutes for Google Photos is IDrive. Rather than being primarily made for storing images and movies, it offers the greatest and most convenient features. IDrive is the greatest option for you if need maximum capacity is your top priority because it provides a respectable quantity of storage at a very affordable cost. You may upload any type of digital data with it.

Up to 5GB of free storage are offered by IDrive, and you may easily expand that amount to 10TB. Compared to others, it offers strong backup facilities and is reasonably priced. With one of its special offers, users can obtain up to 10TB of storage for just $3.98 when signing up for a new subscription. 

Depending on the storage space, IDrive is the most economical cloud storage option available. Therefore, if you are in charge of a huge image library, this can be your best choice. Photographers who utilize RAW will find IDrive especially intriguing because of the enormous file sizes associated with it.

3. Flickr

One of the greatest sites for free photo storage for a limited period of time is flickr. Up to a thousand images and videos may be stored for free, however a disadvantage of the free plan is that it includes advertisements.

The 1000 photo free limit will soon be reached by regular shooters, of which 50 can be tagged as private. To fulfill the demands of professionals and further simplify things, there is an upgrade option called FlickrPro.

FlickrPro provides unlimited photo cloud storage for monthly or annual memberships. Photos may be instantly uploaded and stored in full resolution. The package also includes a number of expert analytics tools.

4. PCloud

The ability to purchase a lifetime subscription for a little fee is one of PCloud's strongest features. You won't need to pay more to utilize it for eternity.

The minimal cost required for a lifetime subscription is over $175. You get 500GB of storage for free, but you may pay extra for more if you need it. For $350, you can acquire an extra 2TB of storage with this, but if you don't want to spend a lot of money, you can purchase the more expensive yearly plans.

PCloud and IDrive function identically. Your movies and pictures are automatically uploaded to cloud storage. You may also set up each linked device to sync automatically. If you save your photos on services like DropBox, Facebook, Instagram, OneDrive, and Google Drive, you can also use PCloud to make backups of those files.

5. Adobe Creative Cloud

It consists of two goods that are bundled together into one subscription bundle. These are the premium standard when it comes to photo editing programs, so if you are a professional photographer looking to purchase a high-end product at a fair price, Photoshop and Lightroom are the best options. Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) offers a variety of capabilities as part of the creative membership package, including access to extra photography applications.

In addition to these advantages, you also get 20GB of cloud storage. This is enough information, according to Adobe, to backup about 4,000 JPEG files.

6.  Microsoft OneDriv

One of the most reliable systems in the world, second only to Google, is Microsoft OneDrive. Despite its widespread use, it is not specifically made to store images and videos. Nevertheless, it offers easily accessible storage where you may keep various digital data forms, such as images and movies. Users of the most recent versions may see their photos in reverse chronological order in a separate area dedicated to photography. Users also have endless possibilities for organizing and making albums.

OneDrive is available as part of an annual membership package that includes 100 GB of storage space in addition to online portal access to other services including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. OneDrive's all-inclusive pricing makes it one of our top choices for Google Photos.

7.  ApplePhotos

Apple Photos is the greatest platform if you adore Apple products, such as the iPad or iPhone. It is among the greatest Google Photos substitutes for Apple customers as it offers a lovely ecosystem to users of Apple products. It is quite safe, and it provides a number of features at an affordable price.

ApplePhotos' primary benefit is its extensive integration with the whole iCloud ecosystem.

Up to 5GB of free storage and a maximum of 2TB of storage are available with ApplePhotos. However, the increased storage capacity will come at a cost to customers. When compared to Google Photos, which is reasonably priced and provides good security as well, this is the better choice.

8. Amazon Photos

Given that it offers the same features as its rivals at a more affordable price, Amazon Photos is a great substitute for Google Photos. Additionally, it may compress your images to reduce file size and enable additional uploads.

If you would like to retain the high definition versions of your "unlimited" photos, you will need to pay Amazon. 5GB of video storage and limitless picture storage are exclusive to Prime subscribers. Nevertheless, non-Prime users still get access to 5GB of photo and video storage. It's among the best free alternatives to Google Photos because of the capacity it offers, but even so, it's not as good as its rival in terms of free storage.

9. 500 px

One well-known photo-sharing website where you may get paid is 500px. It is the greatest substitute for Google Photo and offers a portfolio-building interface in addition to the option to license images for a nominal fee for usage in other applications. It is the only site on our list that lets you make money as a consequence.

500px is a platform that combines social media with alternative storage. There are several methods on the 500px and website for people to interact with one another. You may sign up for different groups to receive a ton of photographs, take part in challenges and contests offered by 500px, and win plenty of goodies. It offers 10GB of free storage, and with monthly subscriptions, you may increase it to 10TB.

10. Dropbox

Among the earliest cloud storage services, Dropbox was established in the early 2000s. It remains one of the most suitable alternatives to Google Photos for photographers, designers, and other artists who need to save a large number of photographs.

Because Dropbox offers a strong, distinctive interface and complete encryption of photographs both when they are in use and when they are not, it is very user-friendly.

Together with Dropbox Plus, it offers up to 2TB of online storage, automated offline file synchronization, and 30-day file recovery. For those who need more storage and comprehensive functionality, Dropbox Professional provides 3TB of storage along with sophisticated features like watermarking, account analytics, and 180-day file recovery. In spite of this, you may still use up to 2GB of free storage. To store data and use additional services, users may choose the package that best suits their needs.

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