Best 10 Required Android App for Smartphones

Many of us use smart phones. Smart phones have made our lives much easier. Many apps are pre-installed in our phones and there are many apps in play store but we don't use them that much. Several apps of android phone will make your daily work more perfect and comfortable as well as increase your efficiency. Today I will discuss some such apps that you can install on your smart phone to make your work easier.

1.via app:
is an internet browser app.Compared to other browsing apps it is only 1.8 MB. You can easily download it from google play store. 

This app also works well on phones that have less RAM, ROM or processor.

2. google keep:
If this app is not pre-installed on your phone, you can easily download and install it from google play store. It is a note taking app. 

You can easily save your ideas, images, important notes through this app. This app is very important app for students. This app works online or offline.

3.iTop vpn app:
You can find many vpn apps in google play store but iTop vpn app has artificial intelligence technology to automatically connect you to the fastest network node. 

Just one click and then enjoy a silky smooth surfing experience.

4. Google Calendar :
This is a helpful app. If you have a special plan, meeting or meet someone on a special day but you forgot due to busyness then you can easily set your plan according to date and time through this app. 

You will be reminded in time that you have any special plans or work today.

5. Canva app:
canva app is a graphics design platform. It is an online based app. Various templates are pre-designed in this app. 

You can easily design graphics like banners, thumbnails, logos etc. through this app.

6.Snapseed app:
Snap seed is a great photo editing app from Google. 

With this app you can easily edit photos taken on your phone. All kinds of photo editing tools exist in this app.

07.vita app:
Many of us do video editing and share on different social media but most of the video editing apps are either paid 

or have logo marks but with this video editing app you can edit videos very easily.

8.Monefy app:
If you don't understand how your pocket money is being spent at the end of the month then this app is for you. 

You can easily calculate your money through this app and at the end of the month you will know how much money you have spent in which sector. 

9.Forest app:
Although not from our country, this app is used a lot by foreign students. Smartphones make us inattentive while studying. The specialty of this app is that it will help you to divert your attention from your phone. 

When you start reading you will plant a virtual tree through this app. As long as you don't use your smart phone, the sapling will continue to grow. Anyway it's a fun app. You can also install it by downloading it from google play store.

10. duolingo app:
is an amazing app for English language learning. The app has a rating of 4.4 on google play store and has been downloaded 19 million times so far. 

Much like playing games, you can learn English language through this app in your spare time.

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