Recover Deleted Messages or Photos in Messenger in Just 5 Minutes

Many times it is seen that due to mistake or secret reason, our messenger chat picture or video gets deleted. Which will be much needed later. No need to worry. From now on you can easily get back the deleted message chat pictures or videos. So without further ado let's get started.

Before I show you how to get the messages back, for your convenience, I will use Facebook from the browser to get the job done. If you want, you can also use the Facebook software on your mobile. But the process I show will be slightly different. I will let you know when there are any differences.

First, open Facebook from your computer or mobile.

From Facebook go to settings option as shown in the image.

Here first click on Your Facebook Information. Then click on Download your information option. For those who are doing the work from mobile, let's say that after going to your settings, you will get this option directly Download your information. Click there to continue to the next part.

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A little further down you will see a section called Request Copy. Date range is written there first. Click on the box below this post. Then a calendar will open in front, here you have to tell from which date to which date you want to recover the message. Select it correctly and click on the update button. The rest of the settings will remain as they are. Scroll down a bit and you will see many options that you can download data from. Since we do not need so many, we will click on the Deselect all button. Then check the box next to the Messages option. If everything is OK, click the Create File button above.

A message like this will appear in front of you. This means they are reviewing the request you made. This will take some time. Once the review is complete, you will see that the message is gone. Then there is a 1 written next to Available Copies next to Request Copy. Click on the Available Copies tab.

Now you can download your messages if you want. Click on the Download button for that.

After clicking the download button, if a window like the above appears, enter your Facebook password and click the Submit button. Then your file will start downloading. The files will be downloaded in zip file format. Hope everyone knows what zip file is. And for those who don't know, zip is a file format. You can say image has a format like png jpeg format. If you use a computer, there will be no problem to open the files. If you are using a mobile then it might be a problem. If there is any problem then install a software called rar from play store. Then enter the software and open the zip file.

After opening enter the folders as I said. messages -> inbox -> here there will be folders according to the name of your friends from there enter the folder of the name of whose message you want to see -> here there will be a file named message_1 and click on it to open the file. Then you will see the messages made with him beautifully. In this way, you can easily recover deleted messages

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