How To Hack WiFi Very Easily Without Any Connected Device

Hello friends, hope you are well. It must be good because I'm back with a hacking tune. Most of us people want to know about how to hack wifi. So I have done two Wi-Fi hacking tunes before, if you want you can read it. But to hack Wi-Fi in the method mentioned there, your Wi-Fi must be connected to any device and hack from there. But the method I am going to hack today does not require any device to be connected.

Before starting the tune let's say that this is just for information and to be careful. So if someone uses it for bad deeds then all the responsibility is on him. So without further ado let's start today's tune. Hope you can learn a lot.

The method I will show you today to hack Wi-Fi is very simple. But for that you need to be near the router. Read the full tutorial carefully to know how to do the hack from start to finish.


How to hack?

First you go to the Settings option on your phone. And go to the router with it.

From here click on wi-fi option and enter.

You will see three dots on the top of this page, click on it. Then a menu like below will appear.

Click on Advanced option from there are many options.

Here you will see many options from there find the WPS Push Button option. And click there again.

When you see this popup option after clicking on it you will go to your router and you will see a button on top of the router.

You will see a button like the image above. It should be on any router just look for it. And click on your mobile option before it finishes loading. Then you will see that Wi-Fi is connected on your mobile without any password.

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