How To Easily Control Another Computer to Computer

Nowadays everything is done at home. At this time if your friend has some problem with his computer and asks you to go to his house to fix it. What do you do then? 

Definitely go to his house and solve the problem. But he has no need because now everything can be done at home so why would you go to his house? You can also control his computer from home. And you can do whatever you want easily. In today's tune we will see how to easily control other computers through your own computer.

With what software?

To control other's computer we have to take the help of a software. Many of you may have heard the name. Because the software is very popular. The name of the software is Team Viewer. Apart from this software there are many other software in the market. Which you can work with. But I like this software more. So in this tune I will show you how to control other people's computer through this software.

How to download?

Now let's come to how to download the software. Click here to download the software . You will see a page like below.

Click the Download for Free button from here. Then the software will automatically start downloading. Once the download is complete, install the software.

How to use the software?

Once the download and installation is complete, open the software. Then you will see an intapage like below.

Here you will see many options. Using this software you can control other computer in many ways. It will not be possible to show all the systems in one tune, so here I will show a simple and a popular system. You can see a side bar on the left side of the page. There are many options. We currently have no work on the sidebar. 

There is a lot of information next to it which we can use to control other's computer. The first part contains your ID and password. Using which someone else can control your computer. The next part is the system of connecting with others. Use this section if you want to control your friend's computer.

Enter your friend's ID in the Partner Id option. But he must have the software on his computer and the software must be open. After entering the ID, click on the connect button. Enter the password in a popup that will appear in front of you. Then click on the Log in button to log in. And will show his computer screen in front of you. Now you can use that computer like your computer if you want.

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