Do You Know This 5 Awesome Websites?

Internet is a treasure trove of websites and we know that there are websites on almost every topic in the world.

However, none of us know how many websites there are on the internet and can accurately determine the exact value based on the number.

So today we are going to know about 5 such different websites which very few people know about and these websites will be useful in your daily internet usage.

So let's not waste more time, what are the 5 websites we didn't know?


Temp Mail This site is a disposable temporary email service where you can generate email IDs for a short period of time and use them for various purposes.

We use internet a lot every day and due to which sometimes we need email id for various tasks. For example, to use a website or application.

So in this case there are many of us who don't want to provide our personal email id directly because of Spam etc.

Sometimes we have to provide our email id compulsorily. So in this case you can easily generate an email from this Temp-Mail site for free and use it anywhere.

No more need to provide your personal email id so no more worry about spam.

2. BugMeNot.Com

Our second site is which is an account id and password sharing website.

You will get ID and password of many such websites or platforms from this site using which you can log in to a particular site.

This site is very helpful because you no longer need to create an account by providing your email and personal information to use any website.

By directly coming to BugMeNot.Com and searching with the url of the site you want to log in to, you can generate the ID password shared by someone earlier and log in to that site.


Privnote is an interesting website site because the specialty of this site is that you can send a self-destructed note *(Note) to any person from here.

Suppose you write a message from here to have fun with a friend and send it to him, and when your friend opens the message or note once and sees it, then the note will be destroyed by itself.


Another useful website is Get Notify which is an email tracking service website where you can track all the activities of your sent emails.

For example if you email someone from here you will know if that person has opened or read your email.

You can also find out if any link or attachment in that email is being opened if you reasoned with it.

5. Unroll.Me

Our last website is this site will help you to stop unwanted mail from your email.

Of course, there are many people whose mail accounts are annoyingly flooded with unnecessary emails and filling up their storage.

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