4 Useful Software For a Web Designer And Developer

If you are a web designer or web developer then this tune will be of some use to you. Today we will discuss four useful software for web designers. Which you will need constantly during work. So let's start the tune.

1. VS Code

If you are a web designer then you definitely need a code editor. Since the main weapon of a designer or developer is the code editor. So the better the code editor, the more fun and easy the work will be. For that you can use VS Code. Which is a software developed by Microsoft company. And it's completely free.

This code editor is used by almost all major developers. Once you start working with this code editor, you won't like any other editor. So download VS Code Software or Code Editor now to change your coding life. Below is the download. And if you want to make your VS Code more advanced, you can read my previous VS Code extension tune.

Official Downlod Link - VS Code

2. Pixie

Color is very important for a designer. Because a web site is highlighted through different types of colors. That's why a designer always has to work with color. And while working it can be seen that he has to take different photos or the color from somewhere else. For which many people use many software. But today I will introduce you to a popular software. Through which you can take any color perfectly. The software is called pixie.

Many of you may be using this software. Because it is a popular software. Those who are using it, those who have not used it, start using this software from today.

Download Link - Pixie

3. light shot

This is a screen shortcut software. Through which one can easily take screenshot short of anything. Since you are a designer your job is not to take screen shortcuts. So why should you use this software? Because this software has another great function. 

Which is why you should use this software. As you are a designer you always have to make everything pixel perfect while designing a website. How many pixels should be given in which place, how many pixels will be empty, etc. You have to work by measuring pixels.

Now if you want to design your website from an image but you don't realize how much space is available. You can use this software to understand that. If you open this software and select a space, the software will show you how much space it occupies. As a result, you can easily make your design.

Download Link - LightShot

4. Cacher

The latest software on our list is Cacher. This software will help you a lot. We often find that we have to write the same code in many projects. It can be seen again that we note many codes for the convenience of our work. But later it is seen that it does not remember where I have saved the codes. Again, although I remember, if I note down many codes at once, it becomes difficult to find the specific codes later.

And you can use this software to solve this problem. Through which you can easily list and note down your codes. And later you can find the codes easily. It is a very large software. Which has many functions, you can easily understand its use if you do a little research.

Download Link - Cacher

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