How to start Baking Powder Manufacturing Business

Baking Powder Manufacturing Business Baking powder was first developed in 1861. This is known as the Solvay ammonium process. It is a dry chemical disintegrating agent. The baking powder production process is simple. To start this business, any person can start baking powder manufacturing business with small infrastructure and a common machinery. Information about this is given here.

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Start Baking Powder Manufacturing Business

In the business of producing baking powder, you will need the following things, and here we are going to give you information related to starting this business.

Machine and plant for baking powder production business

  • To start this business or start a plant, first of all a place or area has to be selected. When you are going to operate a small unit, then at least you will need an area of ​​up to 1000 feet for storage of raw materials, production, packaging, maintenance of finished goods as well as other administrative tasks. Will have to cover.
  • Apart from this, the arrangements for supply of electricity, water etc. will also have to be taken care of.
  • Apart from this, some basic machines will also be required like micro pulverizer, sifter, packaging machine, weighing machine and electrically operated oven etc., all these are used in baking powder manufacturing work.

Raw materials for manufacturing baking powder (Baking Powder Making Raw Material List)

raw materialamount
sodium bicarbonate35% wts
Starch24% wts 
sodium aluminum sulphate29% wts
acid calcium phosphate12 kg
Potassium Bi Tartrate (to prepare at home)40% wts

Where to buy raw materials for baking powder manufacturing (Raw Material Baking Powder Manufacturing Business)

Many good shops for purchasing these raw materials are present in almost every city. Generally all the ingredients for making baking powder are chemical, hence all these ingredients will be available at any chemical shop. Apart from these shops, they can also be ordered online, but there may be a limit on the quantity in online orders. 

For online you can visit the following website.

  • For sodium bicarbonate:
  • For sodium aluminum sulphate:
  • For Acid Calcium Phosphate:

Baking Powder Manufacturing Process

Even if you want to start this business on a very small scale, this business can be started with very little money. Also, baking powder can be made very easily at home. Materials for this will also be easily available. The names of the materials required for this are given below.

  • Ingredients :
  • 2 teaspoons cream of tartar, also known as potassium bitartrate.
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda which is also called sodium bicarbonate.
  • Process :

To make baking powder at home, take potassium bitartrate and sodium bicarbonate salt and mix them well. This will make 3-4 spoons of baking powder. Put it in an 'airtight' container and keep it in a cool and dry place.

Baking Powder Manufacturing Business Machinary

Following are the machines used in making baking powder, using which good quality baking powder can be manufactured in less time, which is as follows:-

  • ribbon blender
  • electronic motor
  • Electricity Installation Charges Machine
  • roof covering machines set  

Total cost of manufacturing baking powder (Baking Powder Manufacturing Business Cost)  

If you are thinking of starting this business by installing a baking powder machine, then the expenses for manufacturing 1000 kg of baking powder per day can be at least Rs 33 lakh for setting up the entire plant. In which the cost of land and building, salary of employees and many similar expenses may have to be incurred, the cost of which will be as follows:-

Machine value and plant costs5 lakhs
cost of raw materials4 to 5 lakhs
expenditure on employee salaries1 Lac
In land and building construction2 million
other expenses1 to 2 lakh

Necessary Action 

To start baking powder business on a large scale, various types of licenses and permissions have to be obtained. Different states have their own rules for this, in whichever state you are going to start a business, some necessary actions are required, which can be in the following forms – 

  • Whenever you are going to start your business, first of all register your business for a small scale unit.
  • After that apply for a business license from the local municipal authority.
  • Then get the MSME Udyog Aadhar registration done. 
  • Open a current bank account.
  • After this apply for FSSAI license.
  • In the end, you will have to obtain the certificate given by BIS by meeting the quality standards set by them. The quality standard specified by BIS for baking powder is 1159: 1957.
  • Collect information in advance about whatever taxes will be levied on your product.

Baking Powder Manufacturing Process by Chemical Reaction

Baking powder can be made very easily with the help of batch process. Complete details of this process are given below.

  • The first step in its manufacturing is to prepare sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate is the most essential ingredient in the manufacturing of baking powder. Sodium bicarbonate is manufactured by Solvay ammonia chemical process. In this process, ammonia and carbon dioxide react in the presence of salt water. First of all, ammonia and carbon dioxide react to form ammonium bicarbonate. This ammonium bicarbonate combines with salt water to form sodium bicarbonate.
  • After sodium bicarbonate is made, it is purified with the help of a vacuum filter. At the same time it is washed with clean water, so that excess chloride can be removed from it. After this, its chemical process is done with carbon dioxide. From this process we get sodium carbonate. This chemical process requires heat.
  • The sodium carbonate crystals obtained from the reaction are added to the bicarbonate solution. Here a cake like substance is formed. This cake is cleaned and dried with the help of flash dryer. In this process, approximately 99 percent pure baking powder is obtained.  

Baking Powder Packaging 

Baking powder is packed differently for different users, usually it comes in two types of packaging, one in the form of a pouch and the other in the form of container packing. For domestic use, it is usually packed in packets of 264 grams or 113 grams and for hotels or restaurants, it is packed in 2 to 4 kg packets or metal boxes. For industrial bakeries, it is packed in fiber boxes of 25 kg to 45 kg. Its packing is done through automatic machine.

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