Important Tips to Set Up Your New Business Phone for Grow Your Marketing

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Mobile phones are being updated with new features at every refresh cycle. As a result when you get your new phone, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the many unfamiliar features available. To help ensure that you can make your phone suit your preferences from the start, go over the following checklist of things you should do first upon getting your new phone.
Install Apps

Check out the apps that are available for your phone. Beyond the basics such as games and social apps, look up utility apps that can provide everything from more advanced security options to a better method of viewing file storage. Applications such as CallHound App can provide more customization options for call filtering and blocking. These apps are excellent protectors against spam calls and can offer more advanced options for avoiding unwanted calls and notifications over time. There are also various apps that will allow you to better customize various settings, such as your ringtone and notification sounds.

Log In

Make sure you log in to the various apps that require synchronization to unlock their full potential, such as browsers with linked bookmark options and your email.

Transfer Contacts

Transfer your contacts from your old phone to your new one. Some carriers will offer to handle this in-store after purchase. Other carriers may offer various online options to make the process of transitioning to an upgraded phone easier. Outside of options provided by carriers, you may be able to transfer your contacts via Bluetooth or syncing software.

Adjust Settings

Check out your phone’s settings and adjust them suit your needs. Set your default apps based on your personal preferences, such as your email and browser of choice. Glance over your display and accessibility settings.

Secure Your Phone

Make sure your phone is properly secured in case it ever gets into the wrong hands. Set up a lock screen that requires a passcode to get in, whether that’s a thumbprint or a PIN. Make sure your phone is set to automatically lock after a certain amount of time. Consider using a service that provides location options in case your phone gets lost. Go over the various app permissions present and ensure that unnecessary permissions are revoked.

Use Data Tracking

Become familiar with where your phone lists your current data usage for the month. If you have various data usage limitations, go over your settings to ensure there are measures in place to help prevent you from going over your allotted amount. To help avoid using data unnecessarily, make sure your phone is connected to your home Wi-Fi when you’re at home. You may also want to use the wireless network at your work if it is secure.

Protect Battery Life

Take measures to protect and elongate your phone’s battery life. Treat your battery kindly by allowing it to completely drain before charging it up to full when possible. Adjust your settings to help minimize battery drainage. You can help ensure a longer battery life by turning on various low power modes or simply changing your display settings.

Pair Bluetooth Devices

Grab your various Bluetooth devices and pair them up with your phone. If you are unfamiliar with the process of pairing new devices with your phone, refer to your phone’s instruction manual. Make sure you do not pair your phone with any unfamiliar Bluetooth device to avoid compromising your phone and data’s security.

Protect Your Phone

Make sure your phone is physically protected. Research cases for your specific phone model that will provide safeguards against fall and water damage.

Getting a new phone doesn’t have to be an intimidating endeavor. By going over the points listed above, you can have your phone secured and adjusted to your preferences in no time.
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