Best 7 User Friendly Tips For Creating Good Website

It is sure fun to create appealing websites that would easily be appreciated and grasp by the customers. Designing a website is value-adding. But designing while crafting great content is a masterpiece. Like a piece of art, we all want our work to be looked over and over. It is the same as creating a website. We do not just focus on design. We focus on the bigger picture, which is its overall interface.
As we prioritize the user experience, we want our potential customers to have a worthwhile stay in navigating through our website. Below are a few practical tips for designing a user-friendly website:

1. Be Creative
If there are too many elements going on, visitors might get overwhelmed, leaving them with no new added information. And so, going for a subtle design with reliable content is appealing. This will keep visitors on your site longer. Carefully craft the message that would speak to them and prompt them to respond to call-to-action. In doing this, choose an area that highlights the CTA which is going to be easily accessible.

2. Create Obvious Navigation Tools
You can experiment design on the website but not on the default menu bar. It is important to create navigation tools that are easy to locate and use. Help them go over your website using their natural inclinations, which will keep potential customers from getting lost. Also, please keep menus simple and user-friendly to avoid customer confusion.

3. Choose Your Fonts Carefully
Selecting the appropriate font for your website is also a major factor in keeping your readers. Choose the simple over the embellished, making sure everything has pleasing combinations. Though you can add a feature which allows you to resize, choosing a default regular size which is readable could be perfect for on the go.

4. Combine Visual Aids and Words for Clarity
Since visitors respond differently to different types of call-to-action, web designers will use both visual icon and text to make them clear. For example, the link which redirects to “contact us” will have to use the icon as well as a description which says,” click here.” This could help visitors clearly identify as they explore and navigate the website.

5. Explain Industry Jargon
It is also essential to keep your content readable and understandable. Should there be any mention of industry jargon, explaining these terms can help people connect to your content. Always keep your visitors on your site for longer, and you will be able to pull this through by engaging them with easy to grasp words and content for everyone.

6. Keep Things Active
The common problem of websites is the slow loading time. To prevent this from happening, it is important to assess graphic images and videos that eats up the loading time. You can limit images, or re-size them to manage your site. Also, make sure your pages are correctly linked. Having use of Jira filters can help you identify possible search issues undergoing your website. Resolving such issues could keep your website active and dependable for customers.

7. Remember Mobile Visitors
Since the majority of the visitors uses smartphones and tablets due to its mobility, you have to make sure they will have easy navigation as those who use a desktop or laptop. Having a responsive website keeps customers who access websites anywhere they go. This is an advantage because it avoids losing a considerable percentage of potential leads and customers who are active online via mobile phones. Our generation today is filled with individuals whose business is accessible through a website. And so, targeting this buyer could help your site in producing more traffic.


Having mentioned all of those tips and applying them could significantly affect the interaction of visitors through your website. This user-friendly site could help attract potential long-lasting customers, especially if your site is easy to navigate and understandable. Of course, using creative designs is an eye-catcher that will help visitors to access your web frequently. Moreover, making every visible content at your site clear avoids any confusion for your readers. Thus, it will also help them readily respond to any call-to-action there is.
Remember, keep things active and manageable for you and your customers. This will create a lasting relationship with your customers that will also be beneficial for your website in being functional over a period of time.
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