How to Start Packaged Coconut Water Business

Coconut Water Business: Coconut water is a natural water, which is very healthy for our body. Vitamin B, zinc, selenium, iodine, sulphur, and manganese are found in large quantities in coconut water, which prove beneficial for health. Drinking it daily brings glow to the face and also increases the blood in our body.

After reading so many benefits of coconut water, you must have understood why people drink it so much and why the demand for coconut water is so high in the market. Due to these benefits of coconut water, now this water is being sold packaged and a lot of packaged coconut water is being bought by the people. Therefore, you can consider starting the business of packaged coconut water. Because the growth of this business is going to increase in our country in the coming times.

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Why start coconut water business?

  • Coconut water is in demand in every season and this water is consumed by many people. But at present there are very few companies in our country that sell packaged coconut water. Therefore, if you start this business, your brand will be easily established.
  • Most of the people buy and drink coconut water from carts and these carts selling coconut water are not present everywhere. Therefore, there are many people who want to drink coconut water but they do not find carts selling coconut water. Therefore, if the business of packaged coconut water is started, then people will easily get coconut water in the shop near their house and they can buy it whenever they want.
  • Many such things are used in making other drinks sold in the market which are quite harmful. On the other hand, coconut water is a natural drink, due to which it is bought more by people and its demand is high.

A look at the packaged coconut water market in India

  • At present, many companies present in India have announced the arrival of packaged coconut water in the market and soon many more companies in our country are going to join the business of packaged coconut water. In fact, the packaged coconut water market in our country has a very bright future in the coming times and hence every company is entering this business.
  • According to a research conducted on the market of packaged coconut water in India, the market of packaged coconut water in our country was worth 15.38 million dollars in the year 2016, whereas the market of packaged coconut water is estimated to reach 40.73 million dollars by the year 2022.
  • It is clear from the above mentioned figures that the growth of packaged coconut water market is going to be very high in our country and hence starting this business is only going to be beneficial.

 Important information related to doing business of packaged coconut water 

  • Coconuts are found in the southern states of India, hence anyone who wants to start this business will have to get the supply of coconuts from these states only.
  • The business of selling packaged coconut water is being done by many companies in other countries and this business is running very well in these countries. Therefore, this business is expected to be successful in our country also.
  • Selling of packaged coconut water has started in our country only a few years ago, due to which the companies selling packaged coconut water have not yet established their hold in this market. Because of this, you will not have to face any kind of competition while starting this business.
  • India is the third largest coconut producing country in the world, which means that you will not need to import coconut from any other country and you will get coconut in your own country.

Material for Coconut Water Business

To do business of packaged coconut water, you will need coconut. To buy coconut you will have to contact a supplier selling coconut. You should try to contact more than one supplier. So that if for some reason one supplier is not able to supply coconuts to you, then you can get it supplied from another supplier.

choosing the right coconut

  • There are many varieties of coconuts, out of which some coconuts contain more cream than water, while some coconuts contain more water than cream. Therefore, you should get only those coconuts supplied from your supplier, which have high water content.
  • The taste of green coconut water is very good and these coconuts are used in this business. This means that you will also have to ensure that the coconuts sent to you from your supplier are green.

Coconut Price

Coconut Water Business: The price of coconut does not always remain the same and keeps changing according to the season. Their sales reduce during the winter season, due to which their prices reduce. Whereas during the summer season, their demand increases suddenly, due to which their prices also increase and you have to buy them from the supplier according to that price.

where to buy

By visiting the URL mentioned below, you will get the phone numbers of the people supplying coconut and you will be able to get the coconut supplied from these people.

Machines for Packaged Coconut Water Business

To do business of packaged coconut water, you will need extraction and filtration machine. These machines related to doing this business can be found at www....    and  www... You can buy it by visiting On these links you will also get information about the prices of these machines.

Process of extracting coconut water

  • Only the water present inside the coconut is packed and sold and an extraction machine is used to extract this water from the coconut.
  • After extracting water with the help of extraction machine, it is cleaned with the help of filtration system. Because at the time when water is extracted from coconut, pieces of coconut shell also get included in this water and the help of filtration system is taken to remove these pieces.
  • After the water is released from the coconut, the color and taste of that water starts changing and microbiological and chemical changes start taking place in it. To prevent these changes from happening in water, it is immediately cooled to 2-4 degrees Celsius.
  • Before packing this water, it also has to go through sterilization and pasteurization process. With the help of pasteurization and sterilization process, those bacteria (such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, sick forms, unicellular eukaryotic like prion, plasmodium, etc.) present in liquids are destroyed, due to which there is a risk of disease. After going through this process, coconut water is packed with the help of filling and packaging machines.

Packaging (Coconut Water Business Packaging)

Coconut water can be sold packed in plastic bottles, tetra packs and cans. Therefore, you have to decide what kind of packaging you want to sell your coconut water through. If you want, you can pack and sell coconut water in these three types of packaging. Along with this, you will also have to decide in how many ml (ML) packs you want to sell them.

Labeling (Coconut Water Business Labeling)

Coconut water is sold by many companies in the market and it is only with the help of labeling that customers can know which product is being sold by which company. Therefore, you will also have to do labeling on your coconut water bottle, so that people can know that this coconut water is being sold by your company.

Do research well (Coconut Water Business Research)

  • Before starting the business of packaged coconut water, you will have to do every kind of research related to this business thoroughly. Because no business can be done without research.
  • With the help of research, you get to know how the business you are considering doing, how it is done, how much profit is made in doing that business and what kind of problems are faced in doing that business. . After getting good information about all these things, when you start a business, the chances of it failing are reduced.
  • Therefore, before doing coconut water business, you should do research well and if there is any company involved in selling packaged coconut water in your state or city, then you can also go to that company and do research. However, it is also possible that the company people do not allow you to do research, in such a situation you can take the help of online and visit many websites and do research related to this business. Apart from this, you will also get a lot of help in research through books written on this business.

Prepare your business plan properly  (Coconut Water Business Planning)

After doing proper research, with the help of that research, prepare a plan on how to do the coconut water business. In this plan you will have to write how, when and in how much budget you will start this business. Apart from this, while preparing this plan, you should also decide the name of your coconut water company.

Register your business and meet legal requirements (Coconut Water Business Registration) –

  • Before starting any business, it is very important to register it. Therefore, after preparing the plan related to coconut water business, you should get your company registered immediately.
  • Before starting any business, various licenses and permits have to be obtained from the state government and different types of licenses are given for each business. Therefore, you will have to find out which licenses you will need to obtain to start coconut water business and once you get this information, apply for those licenses.

Selection of location (Coconut Water Business Place)

  • After obtaining all types of licenses related to coconut water business, you will have to select a location from where you will start producing packaged coconut water. Try to rent a place in an industrial area and start the business of coconut water production from there. Because electricity, water facilities and labor are well available in these areas.
  • If you want to open your coconut water production company in a southern state, then choose a place which is near coconut fields. Because by doing this, your transportation expenses and your time will be saved a lot.

Buy and install equipment-

Coconut Water Business: After selecting the location, you will have to install all types of machines related to packing coconut water in that location. As soon as all the equipment related to this business is installed, you will be able to start your packaged coconut water business.

Promotion _

  • To make your packaged coconut water business successful, you will have to take the help of promotion. With the help of promotion, people will be able to know about your packaged coconut water and this will increase the demand for your product. However, you will have to choose the promotion channel according to your budget. If you have a good budget then you can promote your packaged coconut water brand through TV. If you have a low budget, you can choose a cheap promotion channel.

Selection of people (Coconut Water Business Recruitment)

Before starting the business of packaged coconut water, you will have to do recruitment on many posts. After recruiting these people, you will have to give them various types of training (such as how to operate the machine and how to do packaging).

Caution _

Packaged coconut water is consumed by people and hence you have to pay special attention to the quality of this water. Due to the poor quality of this water, it can prove to be dangerous for people's health and if this happens, the license of your company can also be cancelled.

Loan and Budget

To start any business you need money. Therefore, if you do not have money to invest in this business, then you can take the help of loan. However, you will get the loan only when you have something to pledge with the bank.

If the business of packaged coconut water is started properly then this business can be established well within a short time. Therefore, you should start the business of packaged coconut water only when you have full confidence in the plan related to this business.

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