How to Start Poha Making Business Ideas

Poha Making Business: Many people are earning good income by doing different types of business and like these people, you too can become a successful businessman by starting your own business. On the other hand, if you are thinking of doing any business, then you can look into the business of making poha and earn money through this business. To do Poha business, you just need to know what Poha is made from and how it is made.

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What is Poha and its demand

Poha Making Business: Poha is an edible item, which is consumed by a large number of people in our country and this is the reason why many people are interested in starting this business. Because Poha is such a thing which is consumed by people of all ages and apart from being delicious, it is also beneficial for health. Besides, due to its high consumption, its demand also remains in the market all the time.

Raw material for Poha Making Business

  • Poha is made from rice, hence paddy is required to make it and hence to make it you will have to buy a good amount of paddy.
  • You can buy paddy from the market or you can also buy it online. There are many types of paddy, some of which are of good quality, while the quality of some paddy is not very good. Therefore, while buying paddy, you have to decide which quality paddy you want to make Poha from. Remember that you should decide according to your budget whether you want to make it with more expensive rice (paddy) or with cheaper rice. Once you decide this, buy rice.

Rice Price

Poha Making Business: Rice is one of those products whose price does not remain the same and keeps changing, hence you will know the exact price of rice only by going to the market.

Machines (Rice Flakes Manufacturing Machine)

For Poha Making Business, you will need Poha Making Machine and you can buy this machine by visiting google and search The price of this machine is decided according to its quality and before buying this machine, make sure that it is working properly or not.

Poha Making Process

  • To make Poha, firstly the paddy is cleaned and the stones or pebbles present in it are removed from it. So that the quality of Poha does not deteriorate.
  • After cleaning the paddy, it is kept in hot water for at least forty minutes. After 40 minutes they are taken out of the water and kept to dry.
  • When they dry well, they are roasted and you can roast them through a roaster machine or through a furnace. When the paddy is roasted properly, its peels attached to the paddy are separated from it.
  • After removing the peels, they are filtered so that other types of things present in it can be separated from it. After this process, they are put in the poha making machine and they take the shape of poha. In this way your Poha is ready and you can pack it and sell it in the market.

License (Poha Making Business License)

Before selling Poha in the market, you will have to obtain many licenses from the government and only after getting the license you will be able to sell it. This product is related to food, so before selling it you will have to obtain license from FSSAI . Apart from this, you will also have to obtain other licenses given by the government of the state in which you will start your Poha factory.

Cost of Poha making business

Poha Making Business: It will cost you at least Rs 8 lakh to start a poha making factory. Apart from this expense, you will also have to spend money on obtaining license and getting many types of construction done in the factory. Besides, once your factory starts, you will also have to bear the expenses of employees' salaries, electricity and water every month. Therefore, prepare your budget keeping all these types of expenses in mind.

Caution (Poha Making Business Caution)

Poha is an edible item, hence great care has to be taken while making it and many types of cleanliness have to be maintained while making it. Because if there is even a little carelessness in making these, then even your license can be canceled and it can also be harmful for people's health.

Benefits related to business of making Poha

  • There are many benefits associated with Poha business, such as you do not need any kind of degree to do this business. Poha can be made easily and does not require any kind of science or technology to make it.
  • The business of making Poha can be done at low cost and more profits can also be earned from this business. Besides, only rice is required to make Poha and it is easily available to you.
  • Those who want to start Poha business are also being provided financial assistance by the government. That means, if you do not have money, you will be able to start this business by taking a loan.

Loan facility

The Government of India is providing a lot of assistance to the people starting the business of Poha. Therefore, people who do not have money to start the business of making poha can take a loan at a low interest rate and start this business.

(Place to buy Flakes Machine )

To set up a Poha unit, you will need at least 500 square feet of space and you can get this space at cheap prices wherever you are. You can rent this place there. After taking the place, you will have to get the poha making machines fitted at that place and after getting them fitted, you can start your work.

How much will be the profit ?

If you prepare one thousand quintals of Poha, then you can earn Rs 10 lakh by selling it. Out of this Rs 10 lakh, Rs 8 lakh will be your cost, which will be incurred in making it i.e. out of this Rs 10 lakh, your profit amount will be Rs 2 lakh.

conclusion -

Before starting the business of making Poha, you should research this business thoroughly, so that you can know how this business is run.

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