How to Start Jaggery Making Business Ideas

Jaggery Making Business: Along with sugar, jaggery is also required in India. Jaggery is easily sold in the grocery stores here. It is used to bring specific taste to different types of dishes. It is manufactured from sugarcane juice. Generally, jaggery is made in those places where sugarcane is grown. Although jaggery is prepared in almost all parts of the country, the best quality of jaggery is found in Punjab

Benefits and uses of jaggery

Jaggery can be used to reduce sugar. If jaggery is made well, it also protects people from cold. Its taste is different from the taste of sugar. Therefore, it is used to make various types of sweets. ,

Raw material required in jaggery business

Sugarcane is used as essential raw material.

Where to buy sugar cane _ _

Sugarcane is grown in many parts of the country. You can get sugarcane directly from sugarcane farmers. If there is any problem in getting sugarcane from the farmers, then you can also get it from the sugarcane market.

sugarcane price _

The price range of sugarcane is influenced by the place of its purchase. Generally the price of sugarcane in the market is Rs 2.55 per kg . This price is likely to vary in different states.

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Jaggery making machines _ _ _

In this business, a lot of machine is required to get juice from sugarcane, which is generally called sugarcane crusher machine. 

jaggery making process

Jaggery Making Business: Here we are describing the simple process of making jaggery. By following this you can also do business by making a good quality jaggery.

  • To make jaggery, first select good quality sugarcane and clean it. After this, extract its juice with the help of a crusher machine and store it in big drums or other vessels.
  • Fire is required to cook sugarcane juice. For this, a stove has to be prepared by making a pit in the ground. A very large pan is placed on this stove, into which sugarcane juice is poured.
  • While boiling sugarcane juice, the juice of the stem and root of the Sukhalai plant is added to it. With its help, all the scum and debris mixed in the juice come to the top of the boiling juice along with foam, which is thrown out of the boiling juice.
  • After this the juice is left to ripen for some time. By boiling for a certain time the juice starts thickening.
  • After it comes to a balanced temperature, pour this juice into the mold, so that the jaggery can be obtained in the desired shape. If there is no mould, jaggery can be made with the help of hands.
  • With the help of this process, a good quality jaggery is prepared and becomes sellable. Which can be packed and sent to the market for trading.

How to purify jaggery ( how to remove impurities from jaggery)

Jaggery Making Business: The first quality of jaggery is that it should be clean. For this, use the juice of the root or stem of the Sukhalai plant, it is also commonly known as wild ladyfinger . You can cultivate sugarcane yourself and plant its seeds along with the sugarcane, so that you do not have to search for it while making jaggery.

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How to make healthy jaggery (how to make healthy jaggery )

Jaggery Making Business: The specialty of jaggery can be appreciated very easily. For this, while making jaggery, Amla , Fennel , Ginger etc. are often mixed in sugarcane juice . Jaggery made from this process is also used for the treatment of cold and cough .

Jaggery Making Business total price

The cost of business is determined by using the machine to extract juice from sugarcane. In the initial phase, you establish your business by using a hand machine , the maximum cost of this machine is Rs 10,000 only. Diesel powered machines are available between Rs 20,000 to Rs 80,000 . The cost of the crusher machine for this is around Rs 1 lakh. Therefore, the cost of this business is minimum Rs 15,000 to maximum Rs 1,20,000 .

Other essential items during jaggery production (jaggery production machinery)

Jaggery Making Business Apart from the machine, you also have to buy pan, spoon, drum for storing juice, molds for setting jaggery etc. To buy all these essential items you need a maximum of Rs 30,000.

space required for business

Approximately 500 square meters of space is required to make jaggery . Also, some necessary construction work has to be done at this place. The cost of construction work is Rs 1500 per square metre.

Jaggery Making Business profit _

To get profit in jaggery business, marketing is required. If about 35 to 40 kilograms of jaggery is made daily and sold at a minimum rate of Rs 30 per kilogram, then a profit of about Rs 1,000 to 1,200 is obtained per day.

jaggery marketing _

Marketing of jaggery is easy if you do it regularly. If you want, you can put your brand symbol in your mold, so that it is imprinted in the jaggery you are making. You can easily market your business in sweet shops, general markets, big grocery stores, malls etc. If you want to sell without branding, you can trade it at your local places also.

Loan for setting up business ( loan for Jaggery Making Business)

If you do not have enough money to set up a business, you can take help from the government and get business related funds. Interested persons can easily learn the process of making jaggery by going to the Khadi Village Industries Training Centre . Apart from this, one can also understand the process of making jaggery through organic method by visiting the Agricultural Research Centre.

License required for Jaggery Making Business

If you want to sell jaggery with your own brand, you have to get a license. Its license is first issued by the Food Department or FSSAI . If you want to create your own brand, you also have to register under Trade License , Udyog Aadhaar etc.

Method of packing jaggery ( jaggery packing )

While making packets, you have to keep in mind the quantity of jaggery. Jaggery packets of 250 grams and 500 grams are sold in large quantities in the market . Therefore, you can make packets of this quantity and send them to the market for sale. If the brand is registered, its sticker is also used on the packet

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