How to Start an Ice Cream Making Business in 2023

Ice Cream Making Business: Many businesses can be started with low investment and one of these low capital investment businesses is the business of making ice cream. You can start the business of making ice cream on a small scale. As soon as you start getting success in this business, you can do this business on a large scale. Today in our article we are going to give you information related to ice cream business. But before knowing about this business, it is important to know what is the demand for ice cream business in our country.

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Ice Cream Making Business Demand

  • Ice cream is a dairy product which is in great demand in summer. The demand for ice cream remains intact even in the winter season, but slightly less as compared to the summer season.
  • At present, many ice cream manufacturing companies are present in the market. Whose names are as follows – Mother Dairy, Kwality Walls, Vadilal, Amul, Havmor etc.
  • Many types of ice creams are made by all these companies and the demand for the ice creams made by these companies is very high. Therefore, to make your business successful, you will have to make ice cream like these companies. So that you can easily establish your company in the ice cream market.

Ingredients used in making ice cream

To make ice cream, things like milk, milk powder, cream, sugar, butter and eggs are required and all these things are easily available in the market. Apart from all these things, you also need color powder and flavor powder.

Where to buy ingredients used in making ice cream

Ice Cream Making Business: You will easily get the material used in making ice cream in the shop. You can get the milk used in making ice cream from any dairy. Apart from this, things like cream, sugar can be purchased from any shop. At the same time, the prices of all these things do not remain the same and keep changing.

Ice Cream Making Machine

Ice Cream Making Business: Many types of machines are required to make ice cream and only with the help of these machines you can make ice cream. The names of the machines required to make ice cream are mentioned below-

  • Fridge (high capacity)
  • Mixer
  • Thermocol Ice Cooler Box
  • cooler condenser
  • Brine Tank and etc.

Machines Price

You will get all the above mentioned machines within around Rs 2 lakh. These machines can be purchased by visiting the web link given below. Apart from this, you will get fridge and mixer from any shop.

If you want, you can also buy an automatic ice cream making machine. With this machine you can make ice cream quickly and that too in large quantities. The prices of automatic machines start from Rs 1 lakh. You can buy this machine from the web link given below. You will also get information about the prices of these machines by visiting these web links.

Ice Cream Making Process

Ice Cream Making Business: Below you have been given information about the process of making ice cream which is as follows.

  • Mixture 

To prepare the ice cream mixture, first of all you have to add milk, eggs and sugar in the blender and mix all these things well.

  • Pasteurization Process

Under pasteurization process, the existing pathogenic bacteria in the mixture prepared above are killed. Because these bacteria are not good for health. In this process the milk is boiled thoroughly.

  • Homogenization Process 

In the homogenization process the fat present in milk is removed. In this process the milk is given uniform texture. After this process the milk mixture is kept at 5 degrees Celsius for at least 4 hours or overnight. By doing this the whipping properties of the mixture become better.

  • Liquid Flavors and Colors             

In this step, colors and liquid flavors are added to the mixture. After mixing them in the milk mixture, they are frozen with the help of a freezer. After the ice cream has frozen, it is packed.

Price of ice cream and profit in this business 

Ice Cream Making Business: The price of vanilla flavored ice cream in the market starts from Rs 10 and the price of orange flavored ice cream starts from Rs 5. Apart from this, the price of chocolate and other types of ice creams also starts from Rs 10 only. Therefore, you should keep the price of your ice cream as per the ice creams sold in the market. If possible, initially keep the price of your ice cream a little lower than other ice creams sold in the market.

The profit in ice cream business depends on what kind of ingredients you are using to make ice cream. If you are using good ingredients i.e. expensive ingredients to make ice cream, then your profit will be less, because doing so will increase the cost of manufacturing your ice cream. At the same time, if you are not using more expensive ingredients to make ice cream, then your profit rate will be slightly higher. But you should always try to use only good ingredients to make ice cream.

Choosing your company name

  • Before starting the ice cream business, think of a good name for your company. Try to make your company name match the ice cream business.
  • As soon as people hear the name of your company, they should get an idea of ​​what your business is about. Along with this, choose the name of your company very simple so that the name of your company can be easily remembered and pronounced.

Company Registration

It is very important to register your company name. Therefore, get your company registered. By registering your company name, you will have exclusive rights over the name of your company. Apart from this, you can take advantage of many government schemes.

It is also necessary to take license 

  • To sell any food item in the market, you need a government license. In our country, the work of licensing food items is done by FSSAI. To get a license from FSSAI, you will have to submit an application, which can be given online.
  • To get the license, you will have to apply by visiting the official website of FSSAI. After applying, FSSAI will check the quality of the ice cream made by you and will give you the license to sell ice cream only if it is found to be correct in the test.
  • Remember that if the quality of your ice cream is not found correct, then you will not be able to get a license and you will not be able to sell your ice cream in the market.

How to choose the location 

Before starting the ice cream business, select a place. From where you are going to start your ice cream business. Choose only that place to do your business, where the supply of electricity and water is good. Because both these things are very necessary to do any business.

Selection of people

Ice cream business is a food related business, hence you should employ only those people in this business who have the understanding of making ice cream and can operate the ice cream machine well. While deciding the budget of ice cream business, do not forget to include the salary given to your employees in your budget.

Also promote your company 

Through promotion, any businessman can make his company successful in a short time. With the help of publicity, not only do people come to know about the company but also the sales of the company's goods increase.

ways to promote

Ice Cream Making Business : For promotion, you can choose any medium like TV, print or radio. In the initial days of your company, you should choose only low budget promotion medium. When your business is well established and starts making profits, you can increase your promotion budget.

  • How to do promotion in low budget

To campaign in a low budget, you can take the help of newspapers or pamphlets. Both of these are mediums of low budget publicity. If you advertise your ice cream in a local newspaper, it will be cheaper. Apart from this, you can also make a pamphlet of your business and distribute it among the people.

  • Way to do promotion in high budget

If you have a lot of money, you can promote through TV. To promote your company on TV, you will need ads. You can get your company's ad made from any ad making company. Apart from TV, you can also promote your company on radio.

It is also important to be careful

Ice cream is an edible item, so you need to be very careful while making it. In making ice cream, use only the right kind of ingredients which are of good quality. Apart from this, be careful while packing ice cream.

Ice Cream Making Business Packaging and labeling

Ice cream can be packed in many ways, so you should be aware of every method of packing ice cream. We have told about making ice cream cones in our article . If you have eaten ice cream then you would know that ice cream comes in brick, wrapper, cone and cup. Before this we told you.

  • High quantity ice cream is sold in bricks. Low quantity ice cream is sold in cups. Ice cream also comes in a cone. Apart from this, ice cream is also sold in plastic boxes by many companies.
  • Therefore, you have to decide what kind of packaging you want to do for the ice cream. Once you have decided on the method of packaging, you should get them made from the packaging company.
  • It is also very important to write your company's name and address on your company's ice cream packets and this process is called labeling. Labeling is also done by the same company that makes the packets.

How to sell your ice cream

  • You can sell ice cream in two ways. According to the first method, you can sell ice cream through an ice cream selling cart.
  • You must have seen carts selling ice cream on the road, you too will need a similar cart. You can buy this cart by search on google for find store. The cost of one cart will be around Rs 30 thousand.

Another way to sell ice cream

  • If your budget is not high then you can supply your ice cream to a shop or hotel. Apart from this, you can also supply your ice cream to shops selling shakes and cold coffee.
  • Apart from this, if you want, you can also open your own shop and sell your ice cream through the shop also.

Other important points related to ice cream business

  • Before starting the ice cream business, decide what type of ice cream you want to make. For example, do you want to sell kulfi ice cream or brick ice cream? Apart from this, you should also decide which flavor of ice cream you want to make.
  • If you open your own ice cream shop, you will also have to hire some people to work at your shop. Apart from this, you will also have to make arrangements for chairs and tables for customers to sit in your shop.
  • You can further increase your earnings by selling ice cream as well as other things like shakes, coffee, tea and etc. in your ice cream shop.
  • You should open an ice cream shop outside colleges, schools or offices. Because things like ice cream are bought more at these places.

Ice Cream Making Business Budget

To start this business, at least five lakh rupees will be required. Therefore, before starting this business, you should arrange for money. If you do not have money to start an ice cream business, you can also take a loan. You can easily get a loan from any bank.

Take training before starting business

Before starting the ice cream business, you can go to any company related to this business and take training in making ice cream. So that you can get good information about the machines used in this business. Apart from this, there are also books related to this business in which information is given about how to do this business. You can buy books written on this business from the link given below.

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