How to Start Wheat Making Business 2023

If you want to start a business which will earn you huge income, then today we are providing you a best business idea, by starting which you can get good income in the second to third month itself. Will turn it on. The business we are telling you about is in huge demand from villages to urban areas. The name of the business is wheat Manufacturing Unit i.e. wheat making business, which you can start easily with low investment. From health point of view, porridge is a very nutritious food. Along with carbohydrates, protein is also available in it. Therefore it is distributed in mid day meal also. Let us know “What is porridge making business” and “How to start porridge making business.”

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What is wheat Manufacturing Business ?

wheat is made from small pieces of wheat. Especially in our country, it is also distributed as mid-day meal in government schools running in urban and rural areas. Apart from this, pregnant women are advised to eat porridge even after pregnancy. If you start the business of making porridge and you partner with a government company, then you can earn huge profits through this business, because you are well aware of how difficult it is to work with the government. Proves beneficial.

How to Start wheat Making Business _

Any business should be started thoughtfully. Without thinking, a person often has to suffer losses in business. If we talk about porridge business, then in this business you need to pay attention to the investment, location, marketing, packaging, license etc., so that you can run your business without any problem and earn huge profits from your business. . Well, if you are going to start the business of making porridge for the first time, then it is necessary that you do not know about it. Therefore, in this article you will get complete information about porridge manufacturing business.

Manage money (Investment)

According to the wheat Manufacturing Project Report prepared by the Pradhan Mantri Gramodyog Rozgar Yojana, a person needs to have ₹ 1,00,000 to ₹ 1,50,000 to start a porridge business. With this much money, you can easily start the business of making porridge on a small scale. You will get the necessary materials, machines and other things to start a porridge making business within ₹ 1,00,000.

However, if we talk about the total project cost, it can come to around ₹ 2,50,000. If you bring things second hand then your expenses can also be reduced. Therefore, first of all arrange money to start the business. If you are short of money then you can get a loan under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Scheme or you can also apply for a business loan from your bank.

Arrange Location

To start this business, you will have to arrange space according to the level of your business. If you want to set up a plant with small production capacity, you will need less space and if you want to set up a plant with large capacity, you will need more space. To set up a plant with an average production capacity, a space of 300 to 400 square feet is considered appropriate.

However, you can increase or decrease the space as per your requirement. You can use your own land to start this business. If you do not have your own land, you can rent another person's land. However, before renting, make sure to get a lease agreement done so that you can run your business without any worries. Also remember that you should start this business in a place where there is proper arrangement for electricity, water, as well as good arrangement for road transport and this business should be in an area where there is a crowd of people so that your The possibility of selling the porridge is quite high.

Get License and Registration

  • This business can also be started by a person as per his wish by getting it registered under proprietorship, because there is no need to complete much formality in porridge manufacturing business.
  • Under this business, a person needs to register his business under the Factory Act.
  • The person also needs to obtain a trade license from the local authority.
  • This business is food related business. Therefore individuals are also required to obtain food license from FSSAI.
  • If the businessman wishes that the porridge made in his business should also be purchased by the government, then the person should also register his business with the MSME Data Bank.
  • Apart from this, for this business a person should take a commercial electricity connection. For this the person can apply to the nearest electricity power house.
  • Apart from this the person should also have GST registration.

Machinery price and where to buy (Machinery)

The price of machinery and raw materials used in this business may vary according to the production capacity. The machine which produces more quantity will have a higher price. According to the general figures, the price of the machine used in porridge manufacturing business can range from ₹ 30000 to around ₹ 250000. A person can purchase the machine used in the porridge manufacturing business by contacting the supplier through an online website or can also buy from a local shopkeeper. However, the price of machines of different companies varies. Following is the list of some of the major machinery and equipment used in porridge manufacturing business.

  • Porridge Making Machine with Pulverizer and Crushing Chamber
  • filtering machine
  • Mid Steel Fabricated Foundation Plate
  • various frying pans
  • packing machine
  • Circuit Breaker and Fitting Materials

Where to Buy Raw Material

Wheat is required as raw material in the porridge making business. However, to increase its nutrition, mixed grains, maize, green peas, peanuts etc. are also added to it. The price to be kept for the prepared porridge depends on the ingredients added to the porridge, and the price of the packet of porridge is also decided according to the weight. Raw materials will be easily available to the individual through farmers.

Arrange for staff (Required Staff)

If a person has established this business in a rural area, then he will get the raw material at a very low price, and the laborers will also be available at a very cheap rate. Generally, this type of business is established in rural areas only. Therefore, assistance is also given to the person by the government. You should hire employees as per your requirement in your pulses manufacturing business. You can start this business with 2 to 3 employees including yourself. If the business picks up pace then you can increase the number of employees.

How to Start wheat Making

  • To manufacture porridge, wheat is required as raw material. First of all the wheat is cleaned thoroughly. Running water is used to wash wheat, so that all its dirt is removed.
  • After that it is left inside water to soften for about 6 to 7 hours.
  • After it becomes soft inside the water for 6 to 7 hours, it is taken out and spread on a large area, so that direct sunlight falls on it and the wheat dries quickly.
  • After the wheat is dried, the porridge is ground in a flour mill or it is ground in a big machine that grinds pulses. However, the porridge is not ground completely but the wheat is cut into small pieces.
  • In this way the porridge is prepared. Apart from small pieces of wheat, some companies also include some artificial things in it, so that its nutritional value can be increased.

Packaging of porridge

To present the prepared porridge properly in the market, you should also pay attention to its packaging. The packaging should appeal to you. You can decide how much quantity you will pack the porridge. Like 1 kg packet or 2 kg packet or 5 kg packet. On the top of the porridge packet, you must write the name of your company or the name of your manufacturing unit, and also print information about price, total weight, license number, ingredients, etc.

Marketing of porridge business

When you start this business, very few people know about your business and you are well aware that the more people know about something, the higher its sales. Therefore you will need to market your porridge manufacturing business. You can adopt online and offline methods to market your business. You can share your business posts in various local groups. Apart from this, you can also share posts related to your business through your Facebook profile, Instagram and Twitter profile.

You can put your business status on WhatsApp or put a business banner. Apart from this, you can get a big banner of your business installed at any busy intersection in your surrounding area. So that people know about your business, you can also advertise your business on the back of a foot rickshaw or e-rickshaw. Apart from this, you can also get small pamphlets printed and distributed.

Risk in porridge business

If we talk about risk in porridge manufacturing business, porridge is such a thing which spoils very fast if left in the open, because small germs get stuck in it. Apart from this, even if water falls on it, it spoils very fast. Therefore, you should not keep them in open places, and when you pack them, make sure that the packing is good and moisture should not enter from any place in the packing.

Earning and Profit in porridge business

According to the information received, if you use 100 percent capacity for making porridge, then the annual production will be around 600 quintals and if its total value is calculated on the basis of ₹ 1200, then its total value will be ₹ 7,19,000. The sales cost of the same project will be around ₹ 8,50,000. Apart from this, the Gross Surplus will be ₹ 1,31,000 and the estimated Net Surplus will be ₹ 1,16,000, that is, you will be able to earn an income of ₹ 1,16,000 in 1 year through wheat Manufacturing Business. If this is counted monthly then your monthly earning will be around ₹ 13,000.

However, if you start porridge manufacturing business on a large scale, your annual income can be more than this. If you join hands with a government agency, you will be able to earn even better money through this business.

Scope in wheat Business

Porridge is a nutritious food or diet and eating it is also advised by doctors. You can prepare porridge in any flavour, salty or sweet. To make it, first of all it is soaked in hot water and then it is kept on the stove, milk, water, salt or sugar is added to it as per taste and when it is cooked properly, it is eaten. It is also distributed in mid-day meals in Indian schools. Therefore, the demand for porridge remains constant in the market. It is beneficial to consume it even in case of weakness. Therefore it is a fast selling fertilizer.

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