Start Puffed Rice Making Business 2023 | Know More Factory Machine Invest and Benefit

In the present times, people are taking more interest in starting their own business than in job, but starting a business and making it successful is not so easy. Often people feel tired from their job but still they are not able to muster the courage to do business, the biggest reason for which is the fear of failure. 

Although it is true that there is risk in business, but if you proceed with strategy, you can leave the risk behind and become successful in business. In today's article we are giving you information about a great business idea. We will talk about puffed rice making business. In this article we will know what is puffed rice making business and how to do puffed rice making business.

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What is Puffed Rice Making Business

Puffed rice is also called Lai in american and it is also called Puffed rice in English. It is white in colour. In our country, most puffed rice is grown in the state of West Bengal. Apart from this, it is used extensively for food in almost all the states of the country. Puffed rice is also used in Mumbai's famous Bhelpuri. Apart from this, it is also used in street food named Jhal Muri of Kolkata and Churmuri of Bengaluru. When puffed rice is produced for commercial purposes, it is called puffed rice manufacturing business i.e. puffed rice making business.

What is Puffed Rice

In our country, puffed rice is known by different names. At some places it is called puffed rice and at other places it is called puffed rice, puffed rice or lai. You get it dry in the market and its packets are of different weights and they are priced according to the weight. It is used extensively to manufacture namkeen. Puffed rice is easy to eat and gets digested quickly. Therefore, it is consumed by a large number of people for breakfast. At present, even doctors are advising to eat puffed rice to reduce weight. Apart from this, it is also offered as Prasad along with other sweet things in temples and religious places in the country.

How to Start Puffed Rice Making Business

When a person starts a business, the person expects only profit from the business he starts. Therefore, it becomes necessary that before starting a business, a person must make a business plan for the concerned business, so that all preparations for starting the business can be done according to the business plan. This definitely applies to puffed rice manufacturing business also. If you start this business with a strategy, your business has more chances of being successful. Here we are providing you information in simple language and in detail about how the business of making puffed rice i.e. the business of making lye can be started and what all you will have to do to make this business successful.

Money Arrangement for Puffed Rice Making Business

To start the business of making puffed rice, first of all you need to collect money, because to do business you not only have to purchase raw materials, apart from this you also have to purchase necessary machines, as well as employees. Also has to be hired. That's why you need money. Generally, you should keep a little more money with you than what you have estimated about the investment needed to start your business. 

Depending on the level of business, investment in business can be increased or decreased. If you do not have enough money to start a business, then you can also apply for a loan under the Government's Mudra Loan Scheme and arrange sufficient amount of money to start the business.

Make a plan for puffed rice making business

After collecting money for the business, it is also necessary that you create a puffed rice making business plan. In the business plan, you should see whether your business is small or large scale. This will give you an idea of ​​investment. Apart from this, how many employees will you hire in your business, will you purchase manual machine or automatic machine for your business, from where will you get the raw material for your business, where will you sell your finished goods. You need to include the things you will send for etc. in the business plan. Remember that you should make a business plan sitting in a quiet place so that you can make the business plan peacefully while focusing on everything.

Purchase of equipment and machine for making Puffed Rice

Everyone is well aware that in this business, paddy or rice is used as raw material, which is easily available in most of the states of the country. On the other hand, in this business you also need some machines to work, whose names are as follows.

  • Paddy Destoner
  • Puffing machine with accessories
  • storage silo
  • Other instruments and measuring instruments
  • packaging machine

Place and Location for Puffed Rice Making Business

How much space you will need to start puffed rice making business depends on how big or small a level you are starting this business. In case of starting a business on a large scale, you will need more space and in case of starting a business on a small level, you will need space according to the level of the business. Apart from this, you will also need to select a good location to start this business. The location should be such that it is connected to the road and has good electricity, water and transportation facilities so that you can easily order vehicles for selling finished goods and can also order vehicles for purchasing raw materials.

License and Registration for Puffed Rice Making Business

  • Whether you do this business on a small or large scale, you will need to get GST registration to start the business. Because for business you will get raw material from outside. In such a situation, GST is necessary to generate the bill.
  • Apart from this, you also have to find out from the municipality of your local area which licenses you will need to obtain to start a businessIn this way you also have to obtain the necessary licenses.
  • You should also have a food license from FSSAI to start this business because the business of puffed rice making is a business falling in the food category.

How is Puffed Rice made

The process of manufacturing it is very easy. At present puffed rice is being manufactured using automatic machines. However, there are still many people who make puffed rice using the traditional kiln. However, as a business, it is advisable to manufacture it by machine for quality production and saving time. To make puffed rice by machine, firstly paddy is used after gelatinization of starch, so that good quality puffed rice can be produced. After this, the half boiled rice is dried in the sun and then its peel is removed. After this, the rice is kept soaked in brine solution for about 8 hours continuously and then it is drained and after that it is kept in the sun for 1 hour so that the rice dries. After this, puffed rice is made by machine.

Staff to start puffed rice making business

How many employees you will need for your business will depend on how big or small a scale you have started the business. If you have started the business on a large scale, then you will need about 3 to 4 employees and if you have started the business on a small level, then in such a situation you will need to employ 1 to 2 employees. Will need to be kept.

Profit in Puffed Rice Making Business

You can easily earn lakhs of rupees every month in puffed rice making business. For your information, let us tell you that for making 1 kg of puffed rice, you will have to spend approximately ₹ 10 to ₹ 20. After this you can easily sell the prepared puffed rice at a price ranging from ₹ 40 to ₹ 45. In this way you must have got an idea of ​​how great the profit margin is in the puffed rice making business.

Risk in Puffed Rice Making Business

The biggest risk in puffed rice making business is that customers like fresh and crunchy puffed rice. Therefore, you will need to protect your prepared puffed rice from moisture, because if your prepared puffed rice gets moisture then it becomes soggy. And that is why they are not as enjoyable to eat as they are when they are crunchy. Therefore, try to keep your puffed rice crunchy. For this you will have to make arrangements for adequate storage of puffed rice.

Marketing of Puffed Rice Making Business

To take any business to the heights of success, marketing is very important. To market your puffed rice business, you can advertise your business in the most read newspaper of the city. Apart from this, if you want, you can get advertisement of your business placed on the back of the rickshaw. If you want, you can also get your business banner installed in the surrounding busy area. Apart from this, if you want, you can get the business pamphlet printed and distribute it to people's homes, and you can also market your business through social media. The more your business is marketed, the more the number of customers coming to you will increase.

Packaging of puffed rice making business

If you are involved in packing and selling ready-made puffed rice as part of your business, then you should also pay attention to the packaging of puffed rice. You should try to keep the packaging of puffed rice attractive, and you should also print the price, weight and food license on the packaging.

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