Best 12 CooMeet Alternatives For (Random Video Chat Apps +Girls)

One of the most well-liked web-based video dating apps of the future generation, CooMeet was created especially for users who wish to conduct online chats with strangers like as dating. It features a special video chat area where you may meet people worldwide, both men and women. 

It's free to flirt, talk, and have fun with people on CooMeet; no registration or personal information is needed. You may conduct anonymous video conversations with strangers all around the world using what is regarded as a video dating option. Through its private chat rooms, which provide a variety of conversation options, the app connects you with individuals who are online and want to talk and have fun. 

You may get more than 60 verified matches in an hour after signing up with CooMeet. It's quite simple to use; just switch on the camera, and a random person will appear and wait for the user to respond. Talking to strangers, HD quality videos, anonymous and secure messaging, and an intuitive design are just a few of the many useful features offered by CooMeet Chat – Live Web Cam Chat with Girls.

While CooMeet is a valid and safe software for users, there are situations in which users might not be able to utilize this fantastic platform. For instance, there might be a server outage, issues loading audio or video, an excessive number of people interacting at once, a sluggish response, etc. In these situations, consumers might want additional comparable alternatives in order to keep enjoying their free time chats. Thankfully, CooMeet is not the only site that offers nearly identical capabilities.

Top 12 Apps For CoolMeet Alternative:

1. RealTalk

One well-known substitute for CooMeet is RealTalk. It provides a warm atmosphere where you may meet people from all around the world without needing to go elsewhere. With the help of the program, you may start a conversation with real people by enjoying asking and answering questions. It also has the ability to converse via voice and video to complete the experience. To offer a more seamless experience, the video quality is pixelated. The website was created especially for those who want to talk to new people and share their ideas.

In order to connect users with individuals who have similar interests, RealTalk also asks users to register with an email address and other basic information.

Characteristics of RealTalk

  • Facilitates communication with actual people
  • allows you to play several games against a live match
  • basic user interface
  • Talk to strangers
  • You are able to choose your own queries and locate appropriate matches.
  • enables the sending of quick video messages
  • One can send images 

2. E-chat99

With the help of the web application E-chat99, people from all over the world can spend quality time together and talk online about a variety of topics. It is an easy-to-use platform with lots of features that doesn't require users to register or provide any further personal information. The software primarily enables text-based and video conversations with strangers anywhere in the world.

Similar interest algorithms are usually used by E-chat99 to match users; those who have chosen similar hobbies and other details in their profiles are paired appropriately. It has created a distinct video dating network and is more powerful than other services of a similar nature. Users may participate in random conversations without creating an account on the E-chat99 platform, which also provides lightning-fast connections. By only pushing a button, users may have a conversation with a furry stranger and take use of cutting-edge technologies that improve their experience.

Echat99's features

  • very fast, anonymous, and secure
  • Superior phone calls
  • No registration is required.

3. LiveMe

Typically, LiveMe is a broadcast-based tool that facilitates the creation and uploading of live stream video clips by users. Users of this straightforward and addicting website can participate in live video chats with up to 25 million individuals from more than 85 countries. With this platform, you can create vlogs, engage in entertaining video conversations, stream live broadcasts, connect with thousands of intelligent individuals, and be rewarded for doing what you love.

For those who want to play games, listen to music, watch movies, communicate, share, eat, and other activities, this is a great platform. The biggest feature of this software is that users may invite friends, meet new people, and share live streaming in order to earn virtual cards that can be redeemed for actual money. Additionally, LiveMe connects individuals globally with an intuitive, user-friendly mobile application available for iOS and Android. 

To set itself apart from the competition, the program also offers a private chat feature. To utilize this service, users must, however, have registered accounts with email addresses. Additionally, phone numbers and popular social networking sites like Google and Twitter may be used to log in.

LiveMe's features

  • Real-time conversation
  • Finding new individuals to connect with and meet
  • Simple to follow your preferred broadcaster
  • expressing your enthusiasm
  • Getting paid 

4. YeeCall

Like CooMeet, YeeCall is a fantastic platform that enables free communication between users via Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, or 2G networks at any time and place. The platform may be accessed in several countries, such as Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, India, Iran, and the United States, but only through its application. It primarily facilitates free voice and video conversations for consumers.

The YeeCall software allows users to easily make free calls to individuals and stay in touch with their loved ones anytime they want. Mobile devices running iOS and Android may use the software. Users may hear each other well and converse easily because to its crystal-clear speech and high-quality video interactions.

Up to 5 million people use YeeCall globally because of its excellent phone and video conversations. One of the most potent social networks for people globally, the app has a robust, simple, and elegant user interface.

YeeCall's features

  • Texting is unlimited.
  • Offers calls for group discussions
  • distributing funny gifs
  • able to sow audio messages
  • Absence of commercials
  • a constant tone 

5. Chatroulette

A well-known video chat service called Chatroulette lets users randomly connect with individuals all around the world. Thousands of individuals use it to meet and search for new people all around the world. In addition to providing an anonymous and secure platform, it offers a random chat option and doesn't require registration or personal information.

Because Chatroulette is primarily a web-based application, web browsers may access it on a variety of devices. You may always learn new things from this site on how to be successful in live, in-person video chats. All users have to do is go to the website, turn on their microphone and camera, choose their partner type, and begin chatting.

Chatroulette's features

  • Users can strike up a random discussion with an unknown person.
  • enables users to connect with new people via video chat.
  • Total freedom of access
  • simultaneous availability of connections
  • large user base

6. Cam

Net Tangerine developed and distributed Cam, a free video chat program for iOS and Android. With over 300 million successful matches globally, the app is a great substitute for CooMeet. Along with additional features like quick matching, private messaging, information sharing, and more, it provides all the same services. You can quickly find, connect, and start video chats with intriguing people all around the world using the Cam app.

This app's biggest feature is that it hides your actual identity and only shows you the profiles of individuals who share your interests.

Cam AD's features

  • Offers high-quality video streaming
  • Media files can be shared by users.
  • private chat rooms
  • A secure area
  • One connector for a swap switch

7. Free Chat Roulette

For those who want to travel the world and meet new people, there is a smartphone app called Free Chat Roulette that resembles social networking. It was developed and published by Paradise.029 Inc. and has thousands of users globally. You may easily download this useful and intuitive application onto your Android device. Once the registration procedure is complete, you may start interacting with individuals. On this site, you are not required to disclose any personal information.

Users may converse with strangers and make new friends by using the application's random chat features. All communications are deleted after being sent to others on this completely anonymous and secure platform, and neither IP address nor connection information is kept.

Free Chat Roulette's features

  • distributing pictures and stickers
  • Option for anonymous conversation
  • Videos messages
  • Abuse will not be tolerated.
  • making new pals on a single platform

8. ChatBlink

The easiest way to meet new people online with your mobile is to use ChatBlink. Primarily, it is an online application with millions of users throughout the globe. It may be utilized to make new friends and freely share feelings with others. To access its services, users must first register and validate their age, full name, email address, and other details. They will just need a few minutes to meet new people after completing the enrollment procedure.

Comparatively speaking, ChatBlink is a far more feature-rich and secure web-based tool than any other. It also offers a whole new way to meet people and strike up discussions. Users may utilize ChatBlink's very sophisticated search box to find unique folks by entering names or locations. Users may safely send messages to friends, acquaintances, coworkers, and others by using photographs, videos, and music. A great chat service for anyone wishing to meet new individuals anywhere in the world is ChatBlink.

ChatBlink's features

  • Users are able to communicate anonymously.
  • Find individuals with ease
  • A sizable community to investigate
  • Bullying and other rude behavior are not tolerated.
  • gives users a safe and sheltered area

9. Bigo Live

Bigo Live is a free live streaming app and platform available worldwide that offers live video broadcasting and real-time interactivity. With only one click, users may follow their most likely broadcasters, engage with friends, admirers, and favorite broadcasters, and stream their live moments using this addictive application.

Bigo Live is opening up a whole new, productive world of sharing and conversing about whatever's on your mind. With grace, it has surpassed 150 million users globally and continues to expand every day. Although it offers several unique and captivating features that enhance the social experience, it is similar to other social applications. The multi-guest room is a far more fun way to meet new people since you can see what the groups are talking about and doing before you join them.

The option to randomly match with a friend and request to go live together is the main feature of the Bigo Live app. Through the program, users may stream their meals, dancing, talking, and blogging live. Users may also explore the amazing globe by watching hundreds of live videos on this platform.

Bigo Live's features

  • Collective broadcast
  • Real-time interaction during gaming streaming
  • Players can participate in the quest-live exchange of money for beans 

10. UpLive

With Uplive, users can connect with others locally and globally through live streaming on their smartphones, all for free. Millions of users and thousands of talented hosts from Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, and many other nations are connected via the app. The website is more entertaining and engaging thanks to more than 5,000 supermodels and part-time hosts. 

One of the easiest and most fundamental ways to stream live content—talent and lifestyle—on the internet is via uplive. You may use the app on iOS and Android smartphones.

Uplive gives users the same opportunities to receive gifts and get fans as other applications of a similar nature. Users must register using either Facebook or their email address before they may use the platform. Later on, users may access it at any time and from any location in the world. If someone wants to show off their skill to others and gain a sizable fan base, they should all give it a try.

Characteristics of Uplive

  • voice communication
  • Instantaneous streaming
  • A crucial component such as messaging
  • Establishing and participating in communities
  • Users are able to upload brief films and images.
  • Presents that are interactive can be traded between users.


11. Private Calls Video Chat & Flirt APK

With the help of this smartphone software, individuals from all around the world may meet new people and enjoy video chats. It offers a simple way to make new friends and establish a quick connection. To find possible mates based on geography and same interests, users can swipe right. The best feature of this software is that, depending on your location setup, it employs location filters to connect you with people nearby or globally.

Depending on their inclinations, users can converse just with men or only with women. For those wishing to make new connections and establish communication, Private Call Video Chat and Flirt is a one-stop shop. It is also more superior and secure than others because it features a reporting system.

Features of Flirt and Private Call Video Chat

  • Simple to employ
  • able to transmit pictures
  • audio and video messages
  • Many stickers that add interest to conversation

12. StreamKar

Tipping Point StreamKar, one of the most well-known live video and music streaming applications, was developed and released by technology. The software enables you to view new live videos every day, broadcast your everyday activities, video chat, and meet new people all over the world in addition to real-time interaction and live video streaming.

Users may become renowned by using StreamKar to show off their skill to both their friends and the rest of the globe. Compared to its rival platforms, StreamKar is more fascinating because of a number of new features and tools. The simplicity of use of this entertainment application—which allows users to link all of their social networking accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—is among its most sensitive aspects.

StreamKar is among the best consumer entertainment apps available. Users may play hundreds of entertaining games with random people by connecting to the network at any time and from any location in the world. You may also look for individuals in your area and browse through millions of others globally with StreamKar.

StreamKar's features

  • Full HD live video calls and one-touch live video streaming
  • The ability to make audio calls
  • Transmit and receive electronic presents.
  • Countless beautiful stickers and filters, and so on. 

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