5 Awesome Android Apps That Are Not in the Play Store

Today in this article we are going to know about 5 secret Android apps that not many people know and which you won't even find in play store but which you must have in your phone.

So let's know the names of those 5 Android apps without delay.

Name 5 Android apps which are not in play store

1. Popcorn Time

The first app on our list is called Popcorn Time. Now let's not know the work of these apps but before that tell me how many people like to watch movies and web series?

There are so many of them, and especially during this corona everyone is spending time watching movies and web series.

Popcorn Time is one of the Android apps where you can watch the latest or newly released movies and web series completely free.

And in that you will find all movies and web series of Netflix. If you don't know about this Android app then download it now.

Popcorn Time is available in both Android and PC versions.

2. Aptoid

2. Aptoid

The second Android app in our list is Aptoid, which is an app store similar to Google Play Store or you can say an alternative app store to Play Store.

But the specialty of this app store is that here you can get all the apps and games of the play store as well as the paid apps of the play store completely free download from Aptoid.

That is, you can download the apps from Play Store which you had to pay and buy for free from here.

3. YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is a modded app of YouTube but you can use this YouTube mod app with more functions than the YouTube installed on your Android phone.

The specialty of this app is that you can keep YouTube videos running in the background or have background playback.

With it, you will get no ads in your videos from now on and you will get more color variants besides dark mode.

That is, you will get the same or more features than the YouTube premium version.

4. XTunes

XTunes is an online audio music player where you will find all kinds of old to new Bengali, Hindi and English music.

With that, you can download any song you like with just one click and keep it in your phone storage and play it whenever you want without internet.

5. videoder

5. videoder

Our last Android app is called Videoder which is my favorite and one that I think everyone should have on their phone.

This is a YouTube video downloader, it would be wrong to say YouTube only because from here you can download videos from other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and more.

You can also convert any YouTube video to MP3 and download it directly.

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