9 Best Facebook Alternatives Apps with More Privacy (Social Media Families)

"Facebook" is the first social networking site that springs to mind when we discuss these sites. which, in fact, brought millions of individuals into the realm of social networking.

But in the modern day, a significant portion of people are choosing to deactivate or erase their Facebook profiles.

Privacy is the main driving force behind this tendency. Many of us are actively looking for alternatives, even if we were previously aware of Facebook's use of our data before the latest scandal involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.

Thus, in the event that you are one of the individuals who enjoy using social networking sites but are concerned about privacy, you have come to the right place!

You should definitely check out our list of the top Facebook substitutes! You're all set!

1. Vero

Vero, which uses a subscription model, doesn't display any advertisements and simply gathers use statistics with your consent. This software utilizes your data simply to remind you to be conscious of how much time you spend on it, unlike Facebook, which exploits your use statistics to generate revenue! How much more could you ask for in a social networking app?

Both iOS and Android users may download the software.


2. Minds

Minds is a social networking site where anonymity is one of its main tenets. It is built on open-code source.

This social networking service, which is accessible on the Web, Android, and iOS platforms, compensates its contributors in cryptocurrency! It is preferred over Facebook despite having the majority of Facebook's features due of its privacy policies.


3. MeWe

MeWe is an additional Facebook substitute that offers all of Facebook's fundamental features without sacrificing privacy. Despite having ads, they are not specifically targeted.

We include it in our list of favorites because of its user interface. Although it is accessible on iOS and Android, it is not available on the web.


4. Raftr

"The app that helps you find your people and get current" is how the app describes itself. The word "raft," which suggests a bunch of sea otters, is whence Raftr gets its name. It keeps you informed about events and helps you stay in touch with your college pals.

You can choose to stay connected to the outside world as well. In terms of privacy, Raftr is included since, in contrast to Facebook, it does not divulge any personal information to outside parties!

Both iOS and Android users may access it.


5. Diaspora

We can't afford to overlook adding Diaspora to the list if privacy is our primary concern. Diaspora is not owned by anyone, and you alone are in charge of all your data.

Being a non-profit social networking site, it has no interest in making money by displaying you adverts or selling your data to outside parties. You have the choice to conceal your true identity as well.


6. WT.Social

WT.Social Jimmy Wales, a co-founder of Wikipedia, established WT.Social, a social media platform, in 2019. It is also referred to as WikiTribune Social. The platform was created as an alternative to well-known social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, with an emphasis on eradicating false information and giving users access to a more transparent and cooperative atmosphere.

The platform is based on the idea of collaborative journalism, where users may modify and enhance the content published by others in addition to exchanging news items, links, and debates. It seeks to provide an environment where users may have fruitful discussions and where trustworthy and well-sourced content is given priority.


7. Mastodon

Mastodon is a notable substitute for Facebook that provides an alternate method of social networking. It uses a decentralized architecture with a network of connected servers known as instances. Niche communities are fostered by users' ability to establish their own instances or join ones depending on their interests.

Mastodon prioritizes privacy by giving people control over their information and communications. In contrast to Facebook's rigid framework, Mastodon promotes individuality and personalization. Its emphasis on privacy, community, and individualism makes it an attractive option for individuals looking for an alternative social media experience, even though it hasn't achieved Facebook's scale.


8. Telegram

Popular messaging service Telegram is frequently cited as a Facebook messaging feature substitute. Telegram has several capabilities that are akin to Facebook's social networking services, even if it isn't a straight substitute for them.

Telegram offers end-to-end encrypted private messaging for both individual and group conversations.

It facilitates phone and video chats, multimedia exchange, and even channels for message transmission to big audiences. With its self-destructing communications, the "Secret Chats" function offers an additional degree of secrecy.


9. Clubhouse

Clubhouse is an audio-based social networking site that became well-known very quickly due to its distinctive in-the-moment discussions. Although it doesn't directly replace Facebook's more extensive features, it does provide a different way to communicate.

Users of Clubhouse can connect to virtual rooms and take part in real-time debates or presentations. Its main feature is voice chats, which let users have talks about different subjects.

It's important to remember that, despite its popularity and exclusivity, Facebook only allows voice conversations and doesn't have the same full capabilities as Facebook, such text-based updates, multimedia sharing, and personal profiles.



If privacy is your top concern, consider the aforementioned applications as an alternative to Facebook. There are many of different apps that provide you every function that Facebook does, plus maybe even more!

Facebook's competitors that offer all of its services and are free of charge are LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Ello, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Reddit.

Please leave a comment below to let us know if you found this post helpful. Remember to tell us about your next best social networking site!

Please fill out the form below if you believe we have overlooked a website that ought to be on the list in your opinion so we may add it! Happy networking till then!

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