8 Best ActiveCampaign Alternative & Competitors (Email Marketing Software)

A potent email marketing tool for small and medium-sized enterprises is ActiveCampaign. You may use it to communicate with your clients and potential clients, design eye-catching email marketing campaigns, and evaluate the success of your advertising activities. Clients are able to create, execute, and evaluate personalized email campaigns. ActiveCampaign considers email marketing campaign efficacy as well as online applications alternative to hubspot lead scoring campaign monitor alternatives.

Designed to make managing your marketing campaigns easier, ActiveCampaign tracks prospects, creates automated email campaigns, and creates automatic follow-up communications. It is a lead maintenance platform that integrates CRM, board deals, and email lead generating. With it, you can assist your contacts go along the pipeline by using different marketing channels.


Despite being one of the most popular email marketing solutions, ActiveCampaign is probably not going to be helpful to everyone. Fortunately, there are a number of options on the market, like Moosend, Consistent Contact, and Mailchimp, three of the best email marketing systems.

Latest 8 Alternatives of ActiveCampaign:

Let's examine them in more detail!

1. Moosend

Moosend is a top-notch email marketing automation software that offers a complimentary trial and a range of introductory resources. For the advertising computerization stage, Moosend will provide you responsive email templates, an easy-to-use developer, several pre-made recipes, and automated work procedures that will save you time.

More precisely, the stage gives you the ability to divide up your audience into smaller groups and provide highly customized messages that will reinforce your improvements. You will also get access to online tools from Moosend to improve lead generation, along with a simple welcome page builder that is almost as easy to use as their email developer. Moosend's allure is contingent upon continuous scrutiny and revelation, and the multitude of reconciliations will render your email marketing endeavors considerably more manageable.

All things considered, Moosend is one of the greatest ActiveCampaign choices out there to provide you state-of-the-art showing robotization components, and that's only the start.

$9/month for premium plans, or a 30-day free trial (Join here)
Ideal For Distributors, Bloggers, SaaS, SMEs, and Organizations
Distinctive Features: Simple to set up and inventive automated job procedures.

Key Elements:

  • sophisticated computerization of marketing to successfully target your target market.
  • Flexible and adjustable free email newsletter templates.
  • highlights of customization that live up to your audience's expectations.
  • Segmenting email lists to offer supporters content that is relevant to them.
  • Boost your change rates by using amazing pages from the manufacturer at the point of delivery.
  • continuous evaluation and inspection to ensure that your mission is successful.
  • combinations that include your favorite apps and boost productivity.

2. HubSpot Email Marketing

HubSpot sets itself out as an ActiveCampaign substitute because of its extra capabilities and ease of use. Additionally, marketers may leverage online structures, live visits, and free CRM for email advertising. The solution is user-friendly, making it easy to develop eye-catching display materials. Aside from that, though, the custom details that ActiveCampaign's foundation does not offer is what makes it a strong substitute. You can also design customized reports with exact metrics for contacts, page performance, events investigations, and much more using HubSpot.

In order to support your dribbling missions, improve your email list, and further the goals of the board, the email marketing software will also offer email templates and executive contact tools.

When you need more than simply email marketing and don't have to concentrate entirely on automation, HubSpot is great. In any case, privately financed initiatives are probably not going to be able to afford it.

Cost: There is a free option, and paid ones start at $50 or more each month.
Ideal for corporations and SMEs.
Incredible Part: a custom-made exposure tool

Key Elements:

  • formats for customizable email brochures.
  • To find the winning variant, simplified proofreading testing and an A/B format builder were used.
  • Contact the highlights of the executives for a more comprehensive picture of the board.
  • Producer of welcome page technology to decrease  

3 Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one well-established alternative for ActiveCampaign. Though the email marketing platform has gained notoriety for its unique event invitation board—which only one in every odd stage has—is it really appropriate to leave out any discussion of its advertising computerization highlights?

First and foremost, Consistent Contact's robotization qualities are more fundamental in nature. This implies that they are the best option if you are just beginning to automate tasks. The package will provide you access to autoresponders and A/B testing so you can stay in touch with your consumers and find out what they prefer.

This ActiveCampaign substitute also lets you advertise your online events, such as webinars, online meetings, and more, using its RSVP system.

In conclusion, advertising and independent companies searching for a more straightforward option will find Steady Contact to be perfect. In the end, it may be excessively straightforward in contrast to the other really Consistent Contact options offered.

Cost: $20 a month for premium plans, 60-day free trial
Ideal for event planners and SMEs

Unusual feature: 

  • Events of a high caliber require the board apparatus.
  • Membership structures designed to make you look older.
  • Autoresponders and contact triggers.
  • Send it again to the non-openers element to boost CTR.
  • Email address for mission evaluation.
  • Mixtures, such the ones with virtual entertainment.

4. Mail Chimp

A variety of tools for crafting successful email campaigns are available on Mailchimp, the world's largest marketing automation platform. Even both Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign share a lot of functionality, you could prefer Mailchimp because of its intuitive user interface.

The advertising automation software from Mailchimp is designed with novices in mind and offers a plethora of introductory learning materials. Social tagging is one of Mailchimp's benefits; it lets you make email newsletters that are more interesting for your fans. The application also offers some amazing deal robotization tools for sending focused follow-up messages. It might be difficult to develop more sophisticated automation in reaction to consumer behavior, though.

If you're looking for a way to simplify your marketing efforts and have access to a range of combinations, Mailchimp is an excellent choice. If you're seeking for ease of use, though, you should go with a Mailchimp choice if everything else is equal.

Limited free alternatives available; monthly payments for premium plans start at $17.

Ideal for: Online merchants and distributors

Specialty item: multi-phase custom work processes.

Key Elements:

  • A high-level division and protocol centered on rapidly generated welcoming pages.
  • distinct job processes that include several phases.
  • Cross-device email testing.
  • Virtual entertainment reconciliations have countless potential.


5. AWeber

AWeber is among the most seasoned rivals of ActiveCampaign, having been in business since around 1998. It offers a few distinct advantages as a result, most of them are related to aging. To get things going, you may go over 700 ideas and a 600-image stock picture library. One of the largest libraries of email formats available is also included with the device.

AWeber is a worthy choice for those with less experience. In the long term, this email marketing platform will be less expensive if you have less than 2,500 contacts and don't intend to add any more. Furthermore, AWeber offers a web-based structure developer tool that even for non-techies makes format changes straightforward.

You may interact with your supporters by using AWeber's email robotization capabilities and helpful cross-device testing options.

Cost: There aren't many free alternatives; monthly premium subscriptions start at $20.

Ideal for: Online media work, public relations, and advertising.

Special feature: email testing across devices

Key Elements

  • gadgets for testing email across devices.
  • The information communication forms and patterns used in bulletins.
  • List segmentation pertaining to specific metrics.
  • different reconciliations to boost efficiency.
  • Committed client support via email.


6. SendinBlue

SendinBlue markets itself as a digital marketing toolbox that can expand to accommodate your business. Based on individual customer audits, the email automation stage is the most popular ActiveCampaign choice because of its great customer service.

The program offers HTML templates for your email campaigns together with an intuitive email proofreader. Furthermore, SendinBlue takes its responsibility for email computerization extremely seriously. To help you reach out to the CEOs, the application lets you segment your audience according to many socioeconomic groups. The platform offers a greeting page builder, various methods to target mobile customers with portable content, and strong SMS-promoting features in addition to its email-promoting capabilities.

SendinBlue typically provides all the necessary email automation components to enable online merchants and business owners to better focus on their clients.

Pricing: There aren't many free alternatives; monthly premium subscriptions start at $25.

Ideal for: Online enterprises, offices, and distributors

The highlights of SMS advertising are a unique component.

Significant Aspect

  • With SMS, you may send messages with auto-responders and other options.
  • To find the finest parts, A/B test welcome pages with a higher lead age.
  • Contact details and subtleties to keep your rundowns coherent.
  • Transmit conditional messages and SMS.


7. GetResponses

Emails sent via GetResponse, an alternative to ActiveCampaign, have an excellent email deliverability rate, which indicates that they are always tagged as spam. Furthermore, although GetResponse facilitates online learning, ActiveCampaign just offers software integrations for online learning, which can be useful if you frequently organize events.

GetResponse offers advanced email monitoring tools and robotization series to help you target and measure your audience's devotion. You will also get access to a number of easy-to-use improvement tools through the email marketing package, which will aid in the success of your email marketing campaigns.

For business people looking for great robotization options, GetResponse is a great substitute for ActiveCampaign. However, their features and arrangements may be difficult for novices to utilize because they are designed for jobs requiring sophisticated email advertising programming.

Costs: There are free options with $15 monthly pricing.

Ideal for: Internet companies and distributors.

Equipment for testing spam is a unique component.

Significant Aspect

  • makes an effort to reduce the negative effects of spam emails on your source score.
  • A/B analysis and investigation for the pages of your presentation.
  • To assist you in concentrating on your tasks, use an autoresponder.
  • Tools for making classes online.


8. Marketo Engage

Marketo's clientele includes some of the biggest suppliers of executive arrangements, which should tell you a lot about how well they've carried out their own. When it comes to automation promotion, Marketo is a considerably more versatile option than ActiveCampaign.

Because of Adobe's distinctive methodology, you may customize Marketo to have the functionality you need. Furthermore, if it is too rare, it is not possible to set up combinations to develop a bespoke MarTech stack. Furthermore, it's a great option to attract, retain, and focus your audience because of its cutting-edge customization tools, crowd segmentation and focus features, and presentation pages. With their excellent product, Adobe has made advertising more serious for those who need to "excel and study computerized marketing."

Costing: N/D due to the volume of information gathered.

Ideal for: Advertisers and visionaries in business.

A unique feature: perceptive cross-channel support.

Significant Aspect

  • daily contacts with interfaces for programming.
  • Equipment on the manufacturer's page.
  • investigating and exposing the crusades.
  • devoted support community.

In summary

For the purpose of producing leads and turning visitors into customers, email marketing is still essential. Even while ActiveCampaign is a significant email marketing automation step, the focus shouldn't be on it.

The list has something for everyone, from incredibly sensitive, instinctive stages with intuitive editors to specially designed optional arrangements. To make an educated decision about the future, research the devices, examine their features, take advantage of the free trials, or register for a free trial.

You can use ActiveCampaign if you don't make jokes about supporting automation all the time. To be clear, not everyone finds the platform appropriate, particularly if they are unfamiliar with email marketing. In this method, if you need less complex equipment with equally potent features, you should think about moving to a more user-friendly level.

In other words, you ought to enroll in an ActiveCampaign elective if you:

need a robotization solution for email marketing that is easier to use.
Strive to avoid requiring or needing complex abilities.
are hesitant to commit since the "fermium" option isn't available.
If you find ActiveCampaign difficult to use and need better or more reasonably priced help, these are our top options.

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