Top 10 Free WhatsApp Alternatives (Private & Secure Messaging)

We are unable to dispute WhatsApp's extraordinary popularity as a messaging app. WhatsApp users may share documents, photos, videos, music, and even their current position in addition to texts. Additionally, it offers the ability to interact with pals that use WhatsApp through voice and video conversations.

Nowadays, almost everyone uses WhatsApp, and it is difficult to switch to another program. People of all ages may use WhatsApp with ease since it is so handy. After registering using their phone number, users of WhatsApp can initiate conversations with friends or other users of the app.

Without a flawless substitute in hand, it is hard for anyone to give up WhatsApp. Although WhatsApp is the most reliable software for private messaging, there has been significant controversy in recent years due to changes made to the privacy policy. Additionally, there are instances when WhatsApp's server crashes alongside Facebook, which is why users are looking for WhatsApp substitutes. 

We can't possibly give up on WhatsApp and switch back to the old-fashioned SMS app just because it's slower and less handy than WhatsApp right now. Furthermore, because the conventional SMS service does not provide end-to-end encryption to its customers, it is not as safe as WhatsApp.

We will discuss those alternatives in this piece. There are a plethora of trustworthy alternatives, or solutions, accessible for consumers' privacy concerns. Let's start with the list of WhatsApp substitutes.

1. Signal

Signal is the first WhatsApp substitute on our list. Similar to WhatsApp, Signal is a messaging program that allows users to communicate messages, music, photos, videos, documents, and other types of content to their pals for free. This indicates that Signal does not impose any fees on its customers and is also free of charge. Another similarity between Signal and WhatsApp is that both provide end-to-end encryption privacy to their users. This is one of the finest features of any messaging program as it almost eliminates the possibility that anybody else would read your communications.

There is an official Signal app that can be found on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Its services are available to users on iOS and Android. By going to its website, users may access The Signal on a PC as well. Using Chrome or any other contemporary browser, users may transmit texts or other compatible data types to anybody else from their desktop. 

Since Signal's user interface is so similar to WhatsApp's, anyone migrating from WhatsApp to Signal won't have any trouble utilizing it. Few of us are aware that Moxie Marlinspike, the co-founder of WhatsApp, is the CEO of Signal, which is owned by a non-profit organization.

Co-founder Brian Action quit Facebook in 2017 over a disagreement and began working with Moxie Marlinspike on a new project. Therefore, Signal can be the ideal option if you're looking for a WhatsApp substitute that can meet your demands the same way that WhatsApp has in the past.

2. Google Message

Excellent service is the first thing that springs to mind when we hear the name Google. Since every service that Google has provided up to this point is the greatest on its own, it is easy to trust Google and its goods.

Another service that Google provides to its customers as a reliable substitute for WhatsApp is Google Messages. The Google Messages App is exclusive to Android users; iOS users are not able to utilize it. Google Messages may be downloaded from the Google Play Store by interested Android users.

The primary purpose of the Google Messages app was to replace outdated SMS on Android smartphones. It shares WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption functionality, which enhances the security of the app. Users may transmit documents, photos, and texts to friends, family, and other people. It does not, however, have the ability to make audio or video calls; if the user desires to use these capabilities, he may use Google Duo, another service offered by Google.

3. Threema

The Swiss-based app Threema is the next substitute for WhatsApp on our list. It is not, however, as free to use as WhatsApp. An important benefit of this platform is that Threema users may utilize it anonymously. This implies that customers may use the software without providing their phone number since it generates a Threema ID for you to identify your account automatically. The perfect forward secrecy component of the encryption technique is absent while discussing it.

Threema is a premium program, however you may freely build and modify its source code. On its website, it makes note of the frequent security examinations. It doesn't record any metadata or the user's IP address. Here, end-to-end encryption is used for all file and text transfers as well as phone calls. For further protection, users can ask for an incognito keyboard and ban unfamiliar contacts. Similar to WhatsApp, it allows users to communicate texts, photos, videos, and other types of information.

Threema users may set up polls and group chats to get opinions from their friends and fellow group members. Threema is just as safe as WhatsApp since all of the user's data is stored alone on their smartphone and not on any other random server that might be accessed by a third party. Because users must pay a fee to use it, it is not as widely used as WhatsApp. Out of all the alternatives on the list, Threema offers the highest level of security and privacy for the data of its users.

4. Wire

There is no need to question the security of Wire given it is likewise a chat software created by a Swiss company. Users of Wire may send text, photos, audio, videos, and other things, just like they do with other messaging apps. Additionally, users may interact with their connections by making voice or video calls. The primary distinction between WhatsApp and Wire is that WhatsApp cannot be used on several devices simultaneously, but Wire can. Everyone can use Wire for free, with the exception of individuals who choose to use it for business.

Similar to WhatsApp, Wire provides end-to-end encrypted texting, guaranteeing the security of user data. Unlike WhatsApp, it also offers the ability for readers to destroy themselves. You must first register in order to use this application, either by email or by phone number. As of right moment, there are just a few thousand users on Wire—roughly five lakh.

Many operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, may be utilized with Wire. Interested Android users may install the Wire application like any other regular software from the Google Play Store. The average rating, derived on 34T received reviews, is 3.3. Over ten lakh downloads of the approximately 33 MB program have been made via the Google Play Store. Because it is free and has a lot of special features, this is regarded as one of the finest WhatsApp substitutes.

5. iMessage

iMessage is the most effective and user-friendly substitute for WhatsApp for Mac and iOS users. On practically all Apple products, including Macs, it usually comes pre-installed. Whether or not someone is utilizing iMessage, users may still send messages to one other. Apple leads the competition when it comes to customer data security, which makes iMessage among the safest chat programs available today. The ability to send money to any other iMessage user is another benefit that iMessage users may enjoy, albeit not all countries support this service.

The inability of users to conduct audio or video calls using the iMessage app is its lone downside; users may use the FaceTime app to make these types of calls instead. It should be mentioned that FaceTime is solely accessible to Apple users and is not available to Android users. In addition, users may send GIFs and stickers to their contacts just like they do with any other messaging software. Moreover, messages can self-destruct. If you're an iOS user looking for an alternative to WhatsApp, you may use iMessages, which is pre-installed on your phone, without having to download any extra third-party apps.

6. Element

Element is the sixth substitute for WhatsApp on our list. It is regarded as one of the greatest WhatsApp substitutes as, like WhatsApp, it is safe and secure and offers a wide range of functions to meet the demands of different user types. It has a large global user base due to its availability on nearly all platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS. 

It gives users the option to create rooms where they may talk to friends and other members about any topic they like. In addition to rooms, users can schedule conferences using Element, which is a useful tool in this day and age where everything is done online.

Because it gives users control over their data, Element is also among the safest WhatsApp substitutes. This platform allows users to make audio and video calls to their pals, just like other well-known messaging services. Similar to WhatsApp, this too has an end-to-end encryption feature that makes it secure. Similarly, using it is free. Element's source code is accessible on GitHub and is offered as open-source software.

Based on 4T reviews, Element has an outstanding rating of 4.3 on the Google Play Store. This program, which is just approximately 40 MB in size, may be downloaded from the Google Play Store if you use an Android device. On the Google Play Store, it has received over five lakh downloads. You may choose Element as a reliable and secure substitute if you intend to quit using WhatsApp.

7. Skype

One of the most well-known, dependable, and established platforms is Skype. It is widely used, mostly for online video conferences and meetings by businesses and organizations. Since many job interviews are now performed online using Skype, it made communication incredibly simple. Thus, candidates can save time and money by not having to show up in person for the interview.

Microsoft oversees Skype, which is feature-rich enough to meet the demands of all users. Skype is the greatest choice for you if you enjoy making audio or video conversations. Skype customers have the option to make solo or group video calls, which increases the platform's use. Skype is a strong rival to WhatsApp as it provides services like message sending, image, audio, and video sharing. 

The fact that this program works on computers and smartphones alike is its finest feature. Skype is a superior alternative for video calling because of the excellent quality of its video calls. With over a crore reviews, it has a 4.2 rating on the Play Store. With over 100 crore downloads, it demonstrates the platform's popularity and the confidence of its users. Everyone may use Skype, regardless of age, including employers, employees, students, and regular users.

8. Riot.IM

Another excellent and safe substitute for WhatsApp is Riot.IM. It allows users to send texts and make video calls. This platform is more secure since it provides end-to-end encrypted communications and is completely free. There is an end-to-end encryption function, however it needs to be explicitly enabled by the user. 

Since the program is open-source, developers are always invited to add improvements to it. Users can establish new rooms and join already-existing public chat rooms that have been made by other users. Its friendly user experience for desktop users and availability in more than seven languages contribute to its growing client base.

Users may register anonymously on Riot.IM, and the platform gives each user a unique ID to use in place of their phone number. In the Play Store, it has a favorable rating of 4.2 out of 5. In such scenario, Riot.IM may be the ideal platform for you if you're looking for a WhatsApp substitute and would want to remain anonymous.

9. Telegram

Telegram is the second most popular messaging app on the market, behind WhatsApp. It offers a lot of features that set it apart from WhatsApp yet are still quite helpful. While Telegram and WhatsApp are quite similar, there are certain distinct characteristics that set Telegram apart from or perhaps make it better than WhatsApp.

Android users may download this fantastic application from the Google Play Store in order to utilize it. For the program to function correctly after installation, the user must provide certain permissions. Similar to WhatsApp, users must first provide their phone number in order to register and create an account.

Telegram users have the ability to have group chats with more than two people at once. Additionally, it provides users with a special function that allows them to initiate end-to-end encrypted private talks with pals. The ability to construct channels, which may be viewed and joined by anybody if they are made publicly available, is the application's strongest feature in addition to the previous two.

One noteworthy feature of Telegram groups is their ability to have up to two lakh members, while groups on WhatsApp are limited to 250 members. By simply searching for the channel on Telegram, users may easily join any existing one. The lack of end-to-end encryption in regular talks is Telegram's lone drawback.

Telegram has been downloaded over 100 crore times and has an excellent rating of about 4.3 on the Google Play Store, demonstrating the application's widespread popularity. Thus, Telegram is an app you should give a go if you're seeking for a well-liked substitute for WhatsApp.

10. Line

Another excellent substitute for WhatsApp is Line, a popular messaging program. Line might also be an excellent option if you intend to go from WhatsApp to any other alternative. With around 80 million users, it has a sizable consumer base.

More than 10,000 real emojis are available for users to express themselves to others. What's fascinating about these stickers is that the Line App uses an algorithm to propose the same emojis that users should use. Users may connect with their pals using these stickers alone and don't even need to text because these emojis and stickers are sufficient.

Some stickers on Line need a small fee in order to use, however most stickers are free to download. It is also possible for Line app users to make their own stickers. The Line app provides a payment method that users may utilize to make payments.

Furthermore, Line provides its customers with other services, such as the ability to hire a taxi and stream music. Not only may individuals use it for personal use, but businesses and organizations can also construct their own Line sites to effectively connect with their clientele. Regretfully, due to the popularity of apps like Facebook and WhatsApp, the number of Line users is not growing quickly.

Users can utilize their phone number to register on Line. The Line app, which is available for Android users to download from the Google Play Store, has achieved a rating of 3.9 out of 1 million reviews. The program has been downloaded more than 50 crore times and has a size of about 81 MB.

In summary

These are all reliable and user-friendly substitutes that have been previously described. Even while it's difficult for any person or business to replace WhatsApp these days, the alternatives are still sufficient to meet the demands of the majority of users. While some of these apps are very new, they almost have all of WhatsApp's functionality. It is advised that, if you're searching for a WhatsApp substitute, you use a program with end-to-end encryption since it helps to protect user information.
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