How To Make Money by Opening a Website?

In this critical time of war, everyone is chasing online based earnings. Many people are looking for ways to earn money by freelancing or opening a website. Some succeed in this, while others cannot move forward due to lack of proper guidance.

If you have a website, you can earn lifetime passive income from it. How to earn money by opening a website, in today's course I will show you those ways.

Can you really make money by opening a website?

yes it goes You can earn a good amount of money from a website by combining your invaluable knowledge and experience. As you may have heard, having a website can earn you a lot of money. But this statement has no basis in fact. If you can't apply all your unique knowledge and ideas to a website, then your website is really worthless.

Every day, millions of people search on the Internet about various topics. If you can arrange all the information that people need in your website, then you can bring many visitors to your website very soon. And as a result, you can start earning your desired income soon.

How to make money by opening a website?

You build a website and get a lot of traffic there every day. But now the question is, how do you earn money through that website?

There are many ways to earn through a website. For example: AdSense, Local Advertising, Content Writing, E-Commerce, Freelancing, Affiliate Marketing, Paid Reviews and Traffic Sales. You can earn money from all these ways if you follow the right direction. So let's know about each sector in detail.

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a popular way to earn money by opening a website. Currently millions of websites around the world are making substantial amount of money through Adsense. If you have a website, and there is a lot of traffic; Then you can also apply to Adsense.

Adsense is the most common best ad network in the world today, which is used by almost all bloggers. Adsense basically serves ads based on CPC. Which makes them the best among others.

But to get an Adsense account you have to be prepared to follow all their strict guidelines and policies. If everything goes well, Google will start displaying their quality ads on your content, which will bring you a good amount of revenue.

You can withdraw only if you have at least $100 in your Adsense account. And if your website has good content and traffic, then earning $100 per month is not too difficult. You can withdraw the money earned from here through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), Western Union Quick Cash or Bank Transfer.

If you are not familiar with Google Adsense, then these articles on CourseTicker will give you a good idea. Read the articles below and know more about Google Adsense.

2. Local advertising

Apart from adsense you can also earn substantial amount of money by displaying local ads. Once you get a lot of visitors to your website, you can invite local businesses to advertise on your website. You can get Rs 1000 to Rs 10,000 for each ad depending on the size.

If your website's popularity increases, so will your ad rate. At some point advertising agencies will find you on their own to sponsor. Nowadays there are many bloggers who are earning a lot by renting local ad space along with google adsense.

3. Paid review content

If you are a good content writer, you can earn by writing product or service reviews on your website. To increase the excellence of technology, various businesses or service providers are currently being developed online. These organizations look for various review writers in the early stages to promote their products or services.

The responsibility of a review writer is to highlight the positive features of the company's product or service in front of the buyer, so that a buyer is attracted to buy that product or service. If you can do this, you will get work from those companies to write reviews for their products. And you will get a good salary for this work.

By doing this you are benefiting from both sides. First, you are getting a certain amount of honorarium from the said organization. On the other hand, the reviews written by you remain on your website. Which you can show your other clients and take any new projects.

But to write excellent reviews on various products or services, you need to be good at content writing. It is not necessary to know how to write as if-Ten standard. So to become a good content writer you can read the articles on content writing published on Coursetica. These articles will help you to become an efficient content writer.

4. Earn by freelancing

Freelancing is currently a popular medium for online based work. Anyone can now earn substantial amount of money from home through freelancing. A report published by Yugantari on 6 September 2019 said that there are more than 6 lakh active freelancers in Bangladesh. Through whom more than 10 million dollars of foreign exchange is coming to the country every year.

If you are proficient in various computer tasks, you can publish samples of those tasks on your own website. It will act much like your portfolio. So if someone wants to do some work with you and wants to see a preview of your work, then you can give them a link to your website.

A buyer will verify you by looking at the samples arranged on your website. He will give you his project if he likes. So it is clear how important it is for a freelancer to have a personal website (portfolio).

We have several articles on freelancing at Coursetica. Also here we have shared various freelancing learning materials. The articles and materials below will make your freelancing journey easier.

5. Earn from affiliate marketing

All the bloggers of the world are earning millions of rupees per month by doing affiliate marketing by exploiting the popularity of their website. It may be impossible to earn such a large amount of money in the beginning. But as the website traffic grows, you will be able to earn really big amount at some point.

In order to do affiliate marketing, you need to understand a lot about it first. Think, your website gets many visitors every day. You can target these visitors and promote various popular products or services of various organizations.

This is very similar to the previously mentioned paid review content. But the main difference is that in Review Content you get paid to write reviews. But in affiliate marketing you will get a commission for every product sale.

In this case, when you write a review of a product and add a link at the end of your link to buy that product, and if someone clicks on that link and buys the product, then you will get a commission from the price of each purchase. The amount of this commission varies from 15% to 25% depending on the company and the product. More commission is given on certain products.

Amazon and Ali Express are two popular affiliate marketplaces worldwide. You can earn substantial amount by selling their products on your website. Bangladesh also has various organizations, including Daraz and 10 Minute School , which offer affiliate marketing opportunities.

How to create a website?

After the above discussion it is easy to understand that there are various ways to earn from a website. In today's information-rich world, web presence is a mandatory requirement to harness the talents within you. If your works are not available on the web, you will be a hundred times behind others. And so the need for a website is immense to create one's presence on the web.

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