What Is Backlink and How to Used in SEO?

When we want to rank a website in Google, naturally the word backlink comes up among other things. What is a backlink ? Why use it? How does it work? And how can we create this backlink? What is a backlink in SEO? Today, there will be a detailed discussion about that on the hiddnetech blog. Read the article and share the link with your friends.

What is Backlink?

Backlink is an external link (External Link) which you get from another website to your site. In simpler terms, when someone else publishes a link to your site in a piece of content on their website, it is called a backlink. I give an example.

Suppose you have a web site and you put a link to that site on another site. Or someone else gave your site link to their website visitors. Then you will get a backlink for your site on the site where your site's link is published.

Suppose again, your friend asked you how he can learn web design? You replied to him Read this article on hiddnetech blog to learn web design. So, that became a backlink.

This backlink is the direct or indirect submission of your site's link to another site and through that link, the visitors of that site are brought to your site. It may be direct, indirect or consensual.

For example, if you express my opinion on a specific content of a site and attach the link to your site and if the admin of that site approves the comment, then you got a backlink. Again you can directly contact the admin of any website, to get them to mention your site in their next content.

Why use backlinks?

There is no alternative to increasing backlinks to increase the importance and acceptance of a site. If you want to get your website to the top of Google search, you need to SEO (Search Engine Optimize) your website. Link building or backlink is very important among the steps of off page SEO. remember,

A backlink means an endorsement of your website's content. And 100 backlinks means 100 support of your website content. That is, the acceptance of your site's content is high.

We search Google for any information. Those websites which have more backlinks are at the top in Google search. Because Google will never want to show you sites that don't have public support. And creating backlinks is very important for this Google search engine. So if your site's backlinks are constantly increasing then search engines will give more importance and rank to your site.

Do backlinks help increase visitors?

of course Just as backlinks help your site get Google rank, it also helps increase visitors. When a website's content or post links to your website, the chances of visitors coming to your website from that website increases several times.

How can we get backlinks?

We can get backlinks in different ways by following certain methods. If a link to your site is provided in any content or comment or anywhere else on any site then it will be considered as a backlink for your site. There are many forums where you get a backlink if someone mentions your site link while voicing their opinion. You can get backlinks in many other ways. For example:

  • By writing articles on any blogsite
  • via forum tuning
  • By commenting on any blog
  • By commenting in any forum

These methods of getting backlinks are given the most importance by search engines. But apart from this you can get backlinks in other ways. For example:

  • Link exchange with any website. ie through negotiation with other site admins.
  • By displaying ads on various sites.
  • By buying backlinks.

Are backlinks from any site equally important?

not at all You may find hundreds of such sites that will give you backlinks. But not all backlinks are equally important for your site to rank in Google. You should always try to get backlinks from those sites which have good ranking. So start collecting backlinks for your site from today. Happy web developing.

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