10 Ninja Techniques to Rank Your Website in Google in 2024

Website SEO Techniques | Welcome to the Hiddnetech Blog. In the last episode of Website SEO series we learned about what is website SEO and its requirements. Also, we have tried to understand the potential and future of a web developer in the SEO sector in the context of a country.

What is Website SEO? And what are its requirements? You must have gained knowledge about this from the previous post. Those who haven't read yet, read the article from the link, How can I boost my website on Google? 

Website SEO Techniques

In today's competitive online world, everyone wants their website to be at the top of the search engines. But the sad thing is that very few people manage to do it. It is a mistake to think that having good content on your website will get you more traffic or rank in Google.

Whether a website's content will rank in search engines depends entirely on SEO. And most websites fail this test. As a result, they suffer from constant frustration of not getting the expected visitors.

Today we at the Hiddnetech blog will try to alleviate some of that frustration. We will discuss all the best techniques to SEO a website. Which will help your favorite website to get top position in google rank. Today we will share 10 techniques to get your website ranked in Google, which will really work for your website.

1. Uploading good and relevant content

You are probably uploading something to your website every day. But you have to remember that these contents should not become what they are. That is to say, very beautiful and well-organized content should be uploaded in accordance with the needs of the visitor. It is important to always follow trends and have a good knowledge of what kind of content visitors want.

Organize your content very nicely by selecting the necessary topic. If your website is blog based, make your posts more informative. Remember one thing, Google loves long and informative content. The more informative your content is, the more interested a visitor will be in your site. As a result, there is a high probability that the visitor will visit your site by entering your web address directly without searching in a search engine.

2. Choose good title tag for article

Title is the most important part of the article in SEO of the blog website. Choosing good title tags for articles is part of on-page SEO. If you use a good title tag for your article, the visitor from the search engine will click on your website link first. And be it search engine or social media, the title of your article will attract the reader and read the whole article.

So write a Title that is very easy to understand or that can be understood after the entire article. So whether from Google search result or from social media, everyone will click on that link of your blog.
Remember one more thing, if more people click on your blog link in Google Search Result, then CTR – Click Through Rate of your blog is good. Which helps more to make the website popular in Google.

More clicks on your blog from Google search or better CTR means better Google's attention to your blog. Because, more clicks on your article link means that visitors have found information in your article better and Google articles will show first.

3. Be more careful when using tags

Be sure to add some tags related to your content before uploading the content. In most cases, many leave the tag option blank. It is the ultimate wrongdoing. Google will find your content by looking at tags. And if you don't use any tags, then you can never occupy the first page of Google search.

So try to add tags related to the topic you are writing content on. So, if you type in the search engine, your content will come up, try to create such tags.

4. Speed ​​up website loading speed

The loading speed of any website is very important when it comes to website SEO. If you visit a website whose pages take a long time to load, then you definitely don't like that website.

Similarly, if a visitor enters your website to collect information and finds the loading speed slow, he will get bored and go to another website. So try to load your website in maximum 5 seconds. As a result, any of your visitors who come to read your blog article can see or read it very quickly.

On the other hand, if visitors leave your site due to slow page loading, it creates a bad image of your blog in Google Search or other search engines. And, for a slow website, search engines tend to rank your website instead of ranking it and bring up those websites whose loading speed is relatively fast.

5. Customize blog post links

Before starting to write an article about a new topic on your website, think about how the link will look like. Many people do not give much importance to this aspect of links. As a result the desired results are deprived. You can easily choose what your blog post link will look like. Whether you use Blogspot or WordPress, you can set the URL address of the article from these two platforms.

Always use related keywords in blog article URL address. Also, always try to keep the URL address short. For example, if your article is about “What is SEO and how to use it in a blog”, then you can set the URL address of the article as: “What is SEO” or “What is SEO?” and the use of”.

By using short and clear URL address and keywords in it, Google can easily understand what you have written the article about. It has the opportunity to rank your article well in Google search.

6. Do enough internal linking

Internal linking includes on-page SEO. Many may not know much about internal linking. Internal linking is referring to the link of another post in one post of your blog.

A good internal linking concept helps a lot in ranking your blog articles in Google search. Also the chances of visitors to other pages of your website increases.

7. Use ALT Tag Properly

Like the related tag option, the ALT tag tag is also an option neglected by many bloggers. But these options are provided to make your content SEO friendly. When you write an article on your website, you surely use several images or pictures with it.

When uploading images to the blog, you will get an option called “Alt tag”. Use it properly. In the Alt tag option, that image is an exception and what keywords can be found by searching, write it briefly.

Having an ALT tag helps Google and other search engines understand what your uploaded image is related to. So you must use ALT Tag and use keyword in ALT Tag.

8. Use free or premium plugins

Nowadays there are many plugins that will show you whether your content is SEO friendly or not. Such plugins are available in both free or premium categories. One of the most popular plugins is Yoast SEO.

Yoast Seo allows you to select SEO friendly titles. Also, you can control what description will be displayed when you share your content on different social media. You will get these benefits in the free version of Yoast Seo. You need to upgrade to the premium version to get more and more effective features.

9. Write as a guest on other's website and get backlinks

It is now widely accepted that backlinks are the most important aspect of website SEO. Google looks for those websites that have relatively high backlinks to bring them to the top of its search. So you need to build a lot of backlinks for your website.

For this you can write as a guest blogger or guest writer on someone else's website you know. This will give you the opportunity to share your website links on their website. In this way, the more backlinks you can build, the more you can increase your website's DA ie Domain Authority. As a result, your blog will have the opportunity to appear in the top 10 results in Google search.

You can also write as a guest blogger on Hiddnetech blog and generate backlinks for your website. If you want to write on the Hiddnetech blog, send your writings to hiddnetech@gmail.com.

10. Keep yourself updated

Finally our advice is to keep yourself updated regularly. Maybe you already know about SEO. But if you know those SEO methods of 2024 or 2025 and still apply them, then now you can't rank your website with those old methods.

Search engine optimization methods are constantly being updated. And along with that, the previous SEO techniques are constantly changing. So to get good results you have to update yourself with current time and technology. In today's age old thinking will never get you to rank a website.

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