7 Points to Careful Before Buying Domain Hosting Service

A website is a symbol of your long-held dreams and aspirations. It is a milestone of not only your personal but also institutional recognition. So your single wrong decision in buying domain hosting can spell lifetime doom.

At present, many such organizations, named anonymously, have grown like the umbrella of a frog and are constantly emerging. These domain and hosting providers are more focused on customer growth than improving their service quality. As a result, they are releasing the basic price of domain and hosting in the market by reducing it to a large extent.

As a result those who do not know much about the subject or are completely new, are falling into these tempting traps of these companies. As a result, within two to three months of creation, their website gets blocked, or the domain gets blocked.

Not only that, these companies that grow suddenly disappear suddenly. Consequently, if you take service from them, you will not get any help from them later. As renewal of domain hosting is an annual process. So as long as you run the website, you need to be in contact with your provider.

Things to do before buying domain hosting

In today's course, we will discuss the factors to consider before choosing a domain and hosting. Following which you can take your next valuable step. Again, a wrong decision in purchasing domain hosting will cause long term problems for your website.

1. Don't fall for cheap hosting

Maybe you have a low budget. Can't afford to buy hosting at a higher price at the moment. But so don't buy cheap hosting from anonymous company. There are many companies who will give you 10 GB hosting for just 500 rupees and will come with many more features.

Don't be fooled by these companies. There is a proverb in Bengali, "The sweeter the jaggery". So it is natural that you will get less support in low price hosting, but in case of high price you will definitely get more support. Saving a few bucks shouldn't mean buying quality hosting that will cost you all year. So avoid buying hosting everywhere.

2. Check CPanel space and bandwidth

When buying hosting, be sure to consider your server space and bandwidth. Go into cPanel and check if it actually gives you the space and bandwidth you claim. Not only that, even after setting up the website, check your hosting from time to time to see if everything is fine.

3. Customer support

Before taking hosting from any company, be sure to review their services. How is their response to customers, their support by phone, mail or live chat and see how they provide live support.
If your server ever goes down and it takes days to report and get a response, you could lose millions of visitors. And if you are a reseller client, you are in great danger.

You will have nothing to answer to your client. So be very clear about your communication with them.

4. Email and domain features

Its features or benefits are determined according to the hosting package or plan. So, before buying hosting, you must know how many emails you can setup and how many domains/sub-domains you can use in that particular package.

You may need one website today, another one tomorrow. And so it is better not to buy the plans that allow to host only one domain.

But if you're sure you'll only need one website, then there's no problem buying hosting that can setup a single domain.

5. Complete control panel

Creating a website requires you to have full access to your domain and hosting panel. Without these you can never claim full ownership of your website. So be sure to understand all your documents for the sake of usage and safety.

There are many anonymous companies who refuse to provide cPanel hosting. If you purchase hosting, the company is obligated to give you access to cPanel. So, discuss them before buying.
On the other hand, if you want to resell hosting, know very well the issue of creating multiple users and allocating resources (space, bandwidth) for them.

6. Upgrade or downgrade

If you need more features beyond the limitations of each hosting package, you may need to upgrade your current plan at some point. And if they can automatically upgrade your hosting at that time it will be very convenient for you. Generally, all good quality server companies have such procedures in place. What do I need to know before hosting a website?

Similarly, decide to buy the domain after making sure that there will be no hassle in downgrading.

7. Do not take services from third parties

Try not to get a domain hosting service from a third party for a cheaper price. They may give you the service at a low price, but the quality will be very low. Maybe your site will be down 7-8 days in a month. Or if too many visitors visit your site at once, your site will go down.

So buy your hosting package from a good and well-known provider even if the cost is high. As a result, your site will not face security and other issues.

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