How To Become a Good Quality Content Writer?

As the number of websites in the online world is increasing day by day, there is a need for good quality content. And for this good quality content, good quality content writers are needed. It is not different in the context of England. There are websites that are looking for experienced and skilled quality content writers for their sites.

I was unemployed then. Going around with CVs in different places and getting frustrated. At that time I got a call to give an interview as a content writer. I had no idea about this at the time. I was asked to research and write about bipolar disorder. And I also started the job with very low salary.

He was subjected to inhuman labor. And compared to that the salary was ridiculous. Even though he didn't understand it then, he can understand it now. He had no trainer in the office. Even he was the only content writer. He was constantly given new topics and had to write profusely. He wrote an average of about 4000 words per day.

I was told that a good content writer writes more than that in a day. I also tried to outdo myself. After six months of writing and reading like this, I became a content writer of some sort.

He was describing his experience. To become a good content writer you must first have an interest in writing and read a lot. The more you read, the better you will become as a writer. There is no alternative. But if you think of content writing as literature, and come to jump, that yes I will write content, this is my dream! So, wait a minute.

Your literary or poetic mind will not be considered much here. An introduction you may have written beautifully with the sweetness of the mind. Your client will dismiss it as merciless. Ranking on Google is important to them. Your literature does not matter to them.

The first thing everyone needs to know is, what are you writing? Why are you writing? And who are you writing for? If writing for your own site, you know every answer. And if the content belongs to the client, then it is important to know very well from him. This will reduce your number of revisions. Your effort will be less.

Content can be of many types. And it can be written in many ways. For example, you can write for yourself in a blog of your own. Then you write as you wish. But when you work for your client, write with consideration and needs. It can seem boring at times.

But if you aim to earn by writing content, then you have to do this boring job.
You are free to write your own. But if it is written for someone else then you need to preface it with a keyword. A sub heading should be given. Some relevant points should be made and finally a conclusion should be given according to the wishes of the client.

A content writer must have a blog of his own. Clients will want to see samples of your work. And then if you have your own blog, give the link.

If you want to start content writing, blogging is a great place to start. Make a free blog on Blogger. Fix a topic you know. Fix 30 titles. Write 30 pieces of content in 30 days after researching well. Now compare content number 30 with the first content. Magic! You've become a content writer.

To write 30 pieces of content you have to read at least 300 pieces of content. And that's how you become an excellent content writer very easily. Now as the days go by, the more you read and write the better you will become.

You need to gain some understanding of keywords and their usage. Nothing too difficult. You can easily learn these things if you do a little search. Usually on a website we open various articles, do a little skimming. Then go to another site. Read the whole thing only when I am given something like that in the beginning. So the beginning is very important.

In the first ten seconds a reader will decide whether to read your entire content first or go to another site. It is better if the language is simple and organized. And try to hook the reader in the first paragraph. Also, if you are writing for a client, he will have instructions.

How to organize your content?

I'm adopts some of his own strategies when it comes to content writing. He divides his entire content into certain formats. If you are new, you can practice writing on your blog like this.

► First the introductory part: The introduction or introduction of your written content can be in 1, 2 or 3 paragraphs. Each paragraph will be three to four lines. In all, try to keep your introduction under 100 or 200 words. Try using your title in the first paragraph. If you understand the keyword, then try to use the keyword. If your title is the keyword, use the title itself.

► Second Subtitle Part: You can write 100-150 words in first and second paragraph. You can try using the keyword once. This part is the part before the main discussion begins. That is, after that you will go to the main discussion.

► Main body part: Here you can discuss some points or titles. Usually that's what clients want. Suppose, 5 points are given here. Now you can start the detailed discussion. Write as much as you want in 5 points. But try to divide the paragraph. Let's say you write 500 words on your first point. In that case try to write each point divided into 5 paragraphs. Readers find it easier to read small paragraphs and sentences.

► Conclusion section at the end: Here you can give a conclusion in 100 to 300 words based on the discussion so far in paragraphs 1 to 3. Try to use keywords here too.
You can customize these formats if you want. But practice with paragraphs and points. Hopefully after writing the 30th content you will catch the change yourself.

How to get work?

You can submit portfolios to various marketplaces to get work. If you want, you can also create a gig on Fiverr. But you will get very little response from there initially. But there is no reason to worry. You will find many facebook groups to get work. Keep trying there regularly. Keep writing on your blog too. This blog can earn money through Adsense. It is also your introduction.

Finally, keep one thing in mind, knowledge of language is essential. The language you write should be beautiful and easy to understand. This is why you need to do a lot of reading and research to write a piece of content. And then you will understand yourself which writing you like. Follow authors whose writing you like online. Have enough knowledge about the topic you want to write about. Your success is guaranteed.

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