BetterDiscord: How to Download and Install (Full Explain)

Do you have trouble deciding whether or not to utilize BetterDiscord? We will examine BetterDiscord, its features, and how it differs from the original Discord in this post. We will also include a download and installation instructions.

Perhaps some of you are already familiar with BetterDiscord. A modified version of Discord called Better Discord has a ton of features and choices that are not included in the original Discord. BetterDiscord's two most notable features are its support for Discord Plugins and Themes.

BetterDiscord has several amazing features in addition to themes and plugins. In this post, we'll go over everything in depth. Lastly, if you're interested, you may install BetterDiscord on your computer by following the installation instructions.

BetterDiscord: What Is It?

Let's get back to the fundamentals.

Discord has been altered to become BetterDiscord. We wish Discord had a lot of the things that it does. BetterDiscord has all these capabilities, including the ability to add plugins to expand the functionality and alter the appearance and layout, among other things.

In summary, compared to the original Discord, BetterDiscord has additional functionality and customization choices. It also supports every Discord bot that is available at the same moment.

BetterDiscord is compatible with macOS and Windows. It isn't accessible on Web, iOS, or Android. BetterDiscord has around 5 million installs worldwide as of the time this article was written (As per the official website.)

Let's look at some of BetterDiscord's incredible features in this area. There's no shortage of them. Below is a list of some of BetterDiscord's standout features.

The support for themes is one of the key factors that make BetterDiscord the preferred choice for many. Discord's user interface (UI) may be completely customized by using several themes from the Themes Library. It's also not too difficult to apply a theme.

To install the package, simply download it and paste it into the designated theme directory. After that, you may activate the theme by reloading Discord, which instantly modifies the layout, color scheme, fonts, and other elements.

Plugins for Discord

In the original Discord, adding bots is a possibility, but plugins are not supported. However, you may utilize BetterDiscord's support for custom plugins to increase the capabilities of this well-liked VoIP-based gaming chat program.

ImprovedDiscord Add-ons

Numerous Discord plugins, such as SendLargeMessages, VolumeBooster, and SpotifyControls, are available in the plugin repository. The ability to create plugins allowed us to add some awesome features to our server that we would not have been able to do with the original Discord, so I really loved that aspect.

Assistance with Twitch Emotes

You heard correctly. Consider utilizing different Discord Twitch emotes. That's precisely what BetterDiscord allows you to accomplish. With Discord, you may utilize your preferred FFZ and BTTV emotes, and they will function with any other BD (BetterDiscord) user.


You may relax knowing that all of the themes and plugins you download from the library have had their harmful codes thoroughly checked if security is a worry.

Editor for CSS

Have you ever considered altering Discord's appearance in the same way that you would a website's CSS? You can accomplish the same thing with BetterDiscord's CSS editor. You may make real-time changes to the Discord software's layout by using the editor.

Additional Unusual Features

In addition to these primary functions, BetterDiscord has other smaller features that a large number of users will find helpful. Moreover, the presence of plugins enhances its functionality by introducing features that you may not have initially considered.

BetterDiscord: Is It Safe?

Without a doubt, one of the most frequent inquiries about BetterDiscord is this one. To be honest, I haven't encountered any issues when utilizing BetterDiscord's services. BetterDiscord is used everyday by close to 5 million users. That gives it a hopeful appearance.

In addition, several users have expressed dissatisfaction with their account being banned as a result of utilizing BetterDiscord's services. These folks claim to have been banned despite using many plugins on a regular basis. I'm not really certain about that.

You may use BetterDiscord as a legitimate application. However, there's a potential Discord will ban you as well. So, consider your options carefully.

How Can I Get BetterDiscord?

In the event that you have reached this point and have made the decision to install BetterDiscord, here is how to proceed.

BetterDiscord may be downloaded directly from the official website. Ensure that you get the most recent version and that you only do it from the official website.

Verify that the official version of Discord has previously been downloaded and installed. BetterDiscord is being added to the original one.

How Can BetterDiscord Be Installed?

once BetterDiscord has been downloaded and installed on your PC. Here are the steps for installing and configuring it for the first time.

Step1: After downloading the installer from the official website, double-click it.

Step 2: Accept the conditions as stated.

Step 3: From the selection, choose Install HiddneTech. The first choice

Step 4: At this point, you need to decide where BetterDiscord should be installed. Discord Canary, PTB, and stable versions are compatible with BetterDiscord. Choose the version you're currently using.

It is advised that you install Discord Canary and add BD to it if you wish to utilize BetterDiscord and official Discord simultaneously. In this manner, both versions will be set up on your machine.

Step 5: Click the Install button after selecting Install To Stable.

Step 6: The installation will be finished after a little wait.

BetterDiscord Installation is finished.

When it's finished, Discord will open and launch automatically.

How Can I Install Discord Themes?

This is a comprehensive guide to installing any Discord theme you choose.

Launch Discord, then select Settings.

Simply click on the "Themes" option, which is located in the bottom area of the left-hand menu.

To access the theme's folder, click the Open Theme Folder button now.

Set up themes for Discord

Return after copying and pasting the downloaded theme file into the folder.

All of the themes you uploaded will now be visible.

Toggle them on or off with a single click.

Enhance Discord Themes

On BetterDiscord, a Discord theme has been successfully implemented. That is the extent of how easy installing a Discord theme is.

  • Copy-paste the downloaded theme file in the folder and come back
  • Now, you will be able to find all the Themes you added.
  • Just click on the toggle button to enable them.

How Do Discord Plugins Get Installed?

Installing a plugin on Discord is just as easy as it is with themes.

Go to Settings > Plugins from the left side of the screen after opening BetterDiscord.

Install Discord plugins by clicking on Open Plugin Folder.

Copy and paste the JSON file for the downloaded plugin into the folder.

Return to the Plugins area and use this to activate it.

You've just finished installing and turning on a Discord plugin.

How Can BetterDiscord Problems Be Troubleshooted and Fixed?

BetterDiscord has an installer that you may use to address any problems you may encounter.

People frequently report that BetterDiscord is not functioning or that they are caught in the Discord update cycle. If such problems arise, use the instructions below to resolve them.

Launch the BetterDiscord application that we previously downloaded.

Accept the terms and choose the second choice. Mend HiddneTech

First, choose which version of Discord you're using: PTB build, Canary, or Stable.

You now need to choose the BetterDiscord problem that you are having. Discord update loop; HiddneTech not starting with Discord; HiddneTech loading endlessly; and Fatal Javascript on launch are the four alternatives. Simply choose your issue or utilize the Troubleshooter, then click the Repair button.

While the installer repairs and resolves every BetterDiscord-related issue, please wait a few seconds.

If utilizing the fix doesn't solve your issue, you may ask questions on the BetterDiscord community server, where others can assist you.

After it's repaired, utilizing BetterDiscord should operate without any problems.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some often asked questions about BetterDiscord along with their corresponding responses.

Better Discord: Is It Real?

BetterDiscord is a legitimate software development company run by a number of international developers. BetterDiscord is functional software that completes tasks without any problems. Remember that BD is against Discord's terms and conditions. Thus, use caution.

Is BetterDiscord a Paid or Free App?

It is completely free to download and use BetterDiscord. To get the BD Installer, go to the official website. Ensure you are downloading the installer exclusively from the official website.

Is Discord Available?

Discord is limited to Windows and macOS operating systems. if it's not accessible on iOS, Android, or the web.

Can I make BetterDiscord Plugins and Themes?

Indeed, you are able to make plugins and themes as well. To learn more about the same, you may consult the official paperwork.


You now know all there is to know about BetterDiscord. Everything has been covered in great detail in this post. To begin with, you will receive a wealth of valuable information on BetterDiscord, including how to use it, install plugins and themes, and ultimately resolve BetterDiscord-related problems.

Remember that BetterDiscord is a customized version of Discord created by a number of international developers. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments area below about BetterDsicord.

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