Best 18 Discord Alternatives for Live (Chat talk Call)

When collaborating online, text chat and audio applications are great resources for team communication. Text and voice chat apps are already widely used by professionals and gamers as a means of communication and information sharing.

Many people use Discord, a program that is quite popular, particularly among gamers. It's a good program that lets friends, coworkers, and gamers talk to one other outside of the game. Why would you want to use something other than Discord?

The two main reasons people use Discord are its lovely design and their love of gaming, although it's advised to look into other, more alluring options. Discord works fine. However, because it's limited to a certain gaming niche, it's not the best option for businesses or organizations.

Here are some justifications for thinking about different options:

  • Unprofessional There is no UISelf-hosting accessible.
  • Frequent raids on servers
  • Chat-bombing
  • Not many robust integrations exist.
  • privacy issues

Here are eighteen options for you to consider:

1. TeamSpeak 

The most widely used VoIP communication platform for online gaming is called TeamSpeak. TeamSpeak is a Discord substitute that uses lag-free, military-grade security measures with crystal clear audio to communicate with peers on any device. It also offers the greatest quality of service.

The finest features of TeamSpeak include:

With automatic microphone volume adjustment, echo cancellation, and background noise reduction, you can communicate without delay.
Integrating Standardized Military-Grade Security
Select who may join channels, who can talk, and so on.
More than 100 add-ons are available, such as voice packs and skins.
cloud-based solution that makes it simple to synchronize your preferences, servers, and settings between devices 

2. Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is a fundamental tool for teamwork and communication that may be used by small, medium, and big organizations. Troop Messenger is similar to Slack, however it won't restrict its message search capabilities. 

An extra feature is that team members may communicate each other in real time. Compared to previous information exchange technologies, instant messaging saves time, increases productivity, and enhances the calibre of judgments made. All conversations are also recorded for convenience in the future. Online conferences can also be held without the requirement for all participants to physically congregate in one place.

The following are TeamSpeak's primary features:

Burnout: Use the private chat box to discuss with your teammates.
Fork out: Select several individuals and teams to deliver the same message to every person in a single session!
Respond Later: The Respond Later function lets you tag chat messages so you may respond to them at a later time. Utilizing an advanced and global search, remove the messages you have marked by applying a respond later filter. Additionally, please respond whenever it comes to mind.
Shoutouts are a means of disseminating a message to a wider audience.
Jumper: Select the group's most well-liked folks to strike up a personal discussion in a fresh chat window 

3. Chanty

A chat app for teams and task management is called Chanty. It allows you to video and audio chat with coworkers in addition to sending and receiving voice and chat messages. Task management is centralized - from inside the Chanty application, you can turn communications into tasks and distribute them to team members. By integrating Chanty with other third-party applications like Mailchimp, Giphy, Trello, Asana, Zapier, Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, and others, you can increase productivity.

Top characteristics of Chanty:

An infinitely searchable message history
Organizing your communications into tasks is known as task management.
Board of Kanban
audio and video conversations
Hub for team books
audio messages
sharing a screen
Messages pinned
Conversation threads

4. HeySpace

Heyspace is a free, task-oriented, user-friendly project management tool that includes tools for communication and teamwork. It's a fantastic combination of an application for project management and a specific communication tool. Maybe that's why a lot of teams, like Wondersauce, Blitzmetrics, Arizona State University, and many more, already use it as a very powerful Discord substitute.

HeySpace's greatest features are:

Message your coworkers and designated areas.
Get alerts when someone messages you, and a message unread badge appears.
Recognize the dialogue and the obvious work adjustments.
Add references, pictures, and Mentions and push alerts in private conversations
Sticky notes with search, filters, and bulk actions
You may use someone's essential comment to create a card. It'll be included in the deck of cards.

5. Slack

It's common knowledge that Slack is the best team communication app. When it comes to the integrations that it offers, it is better than Discord. Slack connects with a lot of third-party apps, unlike Discord, such as Trello, GitHub, MailChimp, and many more. Collaboration is accelerated since you can keep track of important conversations with the aid of a central feed of events that appears directly in front of your chat window.

Top features of Slack include:

A file may be dropped and dragged to upload it to any server over HTTPS.
When someone isn't online, you may still get their attention by tweeting them, or pinging them.
An elegant and simple user interface

6. Mumble

Mumble is the next choice in our list of alternatives to Discord. It's an excellent, low-latency, open-source chat program made specifically for gaming. It's quite dissimilar from Discord, and since it lacks browser support—something that Discord aficionados adore—some users could find it challenging to use.

The primary attributes of Mumble are:

Chats can be encrypted for people who are worried about their privacy.
The authentication function prevents strangers from entering chat rooms.
Outstanding vocal quality and spatial sound use abilities.
It has backing by Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android.

7. Flock

For contemporary teams, Flock is an excellent platform for cooperation and communication. Along with project management and other incredible capabilities, group chat is included. Flock is an excellent option if you're searching for an alternative to Discord for managing files, data, and communications all in one location. It eliminates the necessity of alternating between different applications altogether.

Top attributes of Flock:

Group messaging utilizing one-on-one or group conversations on the projects, divisions, or shared interests of your department.
Start a group or direct conversation with anybody.
Finding and sharing facts or other material relevant to your business is simple.
Create online meetings with voice and video.

8. Overtone

With its robust, excellent text and voice chat software designed to improve your game experience. Discord's direct rival is Overtone. It is based on VIVOX, one of the world's top voice gaming systems. Top game firms utilize it in titles like Fortnite, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, World of Tanks, and many more.

Top attributes of Overtone:

The background is trustworthy.
Lightweight and easy to assemble
allows voice and text conversation
You may use any web browser to run Overtone as well, thus downloading a separate client program is not necessary.

9. Hangouts

With Google's Hangouts Chat, you may collaborate with Gmail users in a large-scale discussion group or send direct messages (DMs). Discord just requires an email account of any sort, but Google Hangouts requires a Gmail account. This is the primary distinction between the two apps. Discord is a little more complicated than Hangout chat because of its abundance of features.

The principal features of Hangouts Chat include:

Video calls, audio messaging, and text messages
Additional rights include the ability to edit and remove users as well as modify comments.
It is straightforward and simple to use.
Extremely appropriate for those with a reduced learning curve who are not extremely tech-savvy

10. Microsoft Teams

Another excellent option to Discord is Microsoft Teams. It's the ideal platform that unifies everything into a shared workspace where you can communicate, interact with other users, exchange data, and use business applications.

The best aspects of Microsoft Teams are:

Use web conferencing, phone conversations, group chat, and online meetings to ensure that everyone on your team is in agreement.
Utilize integrated Office 365 applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SharePoint to collaborate on files.
To make sure that your business continues, integrate your chosen Microsoft apps and services from other vendors.
Office 365 11 enables you to benefit from end-to-end security, administration control, and compliance. 

11. Steam Chat

Discord may be substituted with Steam Chat, a voice and chat app for gamers. Discord and Steam are very similar since Discord's new UI is exactly the same as Steam's, which makes Steam an excellent Discord substitute. Users can join one channel at a time and communicate with other users using the same voice and text channels on Steam and Discord.

Its principal attributes are:

To let your friends join the chat rooms or server, provide them a Unicode URL.
Make roles that allow users to have varying access, such as adding and removing users, manipulating server data, and limiting chat sessions.
Supported platforms include Linux 12, macOS, and Windows 

12. RaidCall

An alternative to Discord that works with big groups and polls is called RaidCall. This is a popular in-game VoIP application for gamers. speech recording, poll announcements, speech reduction, file sharing, and links are just a few of its numerous capabilities.

Top features of RaidCall:

In one RaidCall group, up to 100,000 people can be accommodated.
You may share videos from YouTube with the RaidCall group.
Watch your own 3D feeds and embedded Twitch streams while chatting with your group.
Look for new online groups with people who like the same games, activities, and interests.
To invite friends, link your Facebook account and RaidCall account.

13. Skype

Skype is a straightforward video and audio chat program with some rudimentary gaming capabilities. Every tool has the ability to share a screen. By using the "+" key, you may share your screen during a voice or video conversation. You have the option to share all or a portion of your screen with others in Discord.

The best features of Skype:

Private audio and video calls can be held in small groups or one-on-one.
Multi-media files may be opened, and all file formats are supported.
For voice calls, Skype recommends a bandwidth of 100 kbps.

14. Ventrilo

Gamers want a VoIP tool with minimal CPU consumption and high sound quality, and Ventrilo is well-known for both of these features. Another benefit is the user interface's extreme simplicity.

Top attributes of Ventrilo:

With its lightweight architecture and low latency audio calls, Discord is a fantastic substitute.
It makes use of an encrypted client-server connection at all times.
All audio recordings and text chat conversations are kept locally on the client's computer.
Data centers offer optimal uptime, sufficient internet bandwidth, security, and power backup.
The supported platforms are Android, Windows, and macOS.

15. Viber

You may send messages to anybody, anywhere, and make secure calls with Viber, another straightforward tool. Beyond just a texting app, Viber is more. With millions of stickers and GIFs to describe your feelings, it also provides a playful aspect.

Top characteristics of Viber:

Excellent audio and video calls.
Talks in groups: Like and respond to messages.
Save voice messages for speedy delivery.
Right from your conversations, you may share films, music, and other types of information.

16. Riot

Discord is a fantastic tool, but it lacks end-to-end encryption for your talks. Riot is an ideal substitute for Discord. It's safe to create, share, and interact with people via chat and phone calls.

Top attributes of Riot are:

You may hold group discussions or one-on-one talks with a select few.
You do not need to invite anyone or interfere with current group calls in order to join or exit them.
Sending, receiving, and viewing files in sync with the discussion is possible.
Drag and drop to share content quickly.
Messages are similar to archived files. You may search for them by filename or in the file list section of the room.

17. Tox

Tox is a program that offers its customers advanced security features. Anyone can utilize Tox, regardless of whether they are employed by a government organization or a firm. You may stay in touch with your loved ones and pals without anybody seeing you. It's also one of the few apps that is available for free without any ads.

Top qualities of Tox:

Military-grade encryption protects your data from prying eyes and keeps it safe.
It facilitates voice, text, and video communication. Sharing your screen is another option.
Operating systems supported include Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS.

18. Wire

For secure file sharing, phone conversations, video conferencing, and encrypted messaging, many organizations employ Wire. End-to-end encryption and European privacy regulations safeguard all of this. You can safely interact with your partners and clients even if they don't have Wire accounts.

The top Wire features are:

complete encryption of all data, including files, calls, images, and texts.
Conference calls, including audio and video, are secured.
Guest rooms should be secured for outside visitors.
No selling, profiling, or advertising of user information.
designed with business in mind. GDPR-ready.
Beautiful web, mobile, and desktop applications

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