10 Best CamScanner Alternatives Apps (Full Review)

The global adoption of CamScanner resulted in a really significant shift in technology. It also had a special method for producing and scanning all of the papers into PDF format. It made it possible for users to save and distribute documents on their devices. 

The app developed a sizable fan base across several major nations, including India. But because CamScanner was a China-based service and the border conflict between China and India was a national problem, it was unable to maintain its market share and was eventually supplanted by other apps. Subsequently, the Indian government outlawed the application along with a number of other apps with Chinese roots. 

The argument about boundaries was the primary cause of the application's suspension. CamScanner was one of the 118 Chinese applications that the Indian government prohibited; it reached its fall stage in India with a 0% customer retention rate.

It is common to find that all types of documents, books, forms, and photos must be converted into PDF format. The CamScanner made all of these duties simpler. The ability to create high-quality soft copies of any document and make them readily shareable was enabled by CamScanner. 

However, the CamScanner was taken down from the Google Play Store shortly after it was banned, making it unavailable to Indian users. And now that the application has been prohibited, we must look for substitutes. Consequently, we shall examine CamScanner substitutes in this post.

1. AdobeScan

AdobeScan is a great alternative to CamScanner and can be found on the Google Play Store. Users may try it on with comfort because to the application's size. This software has been downloaded over ten crore times and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. A well-known piece of software, the abode program has also been used for various reasons by us. Users do not need to be concerned about the app's security or privacy because it is reliable software.

Users can quickly scan any document, photo, or business card using their mobile device's camera and turn it into a PDF file using AdobeScan. Because of its straightforward user interface, users may access this program with ease. Existing photographs from the user's gallery or mobile devices' internal storage can be converted to PDFs. Users may sign in using Apple, Facebook, or Google after installing this app. Users can also register for new accounts by providing the necessary information. Before turning the scanned photos into PDFs, the user can also make edits to them. One of the features that makes Adobe Scan so user-friendly for consumers is the ability to scan numerous documents at once.

2. Google Drive

The majority of us are not aware that one may scan documents and turn them into PDFs using Google Drive. Its automated edge recognition feature crops the picture for you, and it's also quite easy to use. You also have the option to manually crop the photographs you clicked if you're not happy with how the edge detection tool turned out.

Another option where you may scan documents is Google Drive. On most phones, especially those running Android, it is typically preloaded. This is a great substitute for CamScanner since it allows you to scan and create PDFs of your documents without requiring you to download any additional software on your device. The quality of the PDFs generated with Google Drive is really great; as a result, users may enlarge the prepared PDF and clearly view its contents. If necessary, the user of Google Drive can also make some edits to the PDF. The scanned files may also be shared with anybody by the user, and the recipient can view the document by clicking on the link that was supplied to them.

3. Microsoft Office Lens

With flawless office integration as the icing on the cake, this program offers nearly everything that CamScanner would. With this software, users may easily scan handwritten notes, tables, and diagrams in addition to taking precise scans of documents just by aiming their phone's camera at them. After that, the user may export these files straight into Word or PowerPoint and utilize them for their project. It also offers all the common features seen in other applications. When exporting the scan, the user has the option to save the images as JPG or PDF files and upload them straight to OneDrive so they are accessible online.

Since its release, Microsoft Office Lens has seen significant improvement. This is mostly for persons who frequently use Microsoft products and would like some sort of integration. Microsoft Office Lens has a tonne of functionality, including OCR, automated edge identification, handwriting scanning, and more. The fact that this program leaves no watermark on the PDF it creates is one of its main advantages. Android users may get this application from the Google Play Store. 

With over one billion downloads, it has a rating of 3+ in the Google Play Store. The one drawback of this program is that it does not enable batch scanning, which might be quite difficult for the user to utilize if they need to scan numerous pages at once. In the event that you're looking for a reliable tool to scan your papers, Microsoft Office Lens may be your finest choice.

4. Scanbot

An even better substitute for CamScanner is Scanbot. Although the free edition only provides a small amount of scans, it has many fantastic features. It is great that users can scan documents using the software and store them locally on their smartphones without having to pay any money. If users want to do more chores, they have to buy it through the app.

Scanbot comes in four distinct versions, which only serves to irritate users further. You can use OCR, search, auto uploads, and unlimited scans if you choose Scanbot Lite. All of that is included if you choose Scanbot Pro, along with the option to modify your scans and apply a few color filters and the smart naming tool. Furthermore, the Scanbot VIP edition provides all of these capabilities in addition to an extra copy of Scanbot Pro for a buddy. However, owing of the high cost, this is not highly advised unless you plan to use it extensively. It is solely advised for commercial purposes.

5. Notebloc Scanner

Another straightforward and user-friendly document scanner is Notebloc, which is made for people who only want to scan and store particular papers and don't need all the other functions that some of the other programs provide. The nicest thing about this program is that it supports OCR and is available for free. Using this program to scan documents is really easy; all you have to do is touch on the camera icon in the bottom right corner, frame the page, and press the shutter button. In the window that opens, the user may also manually alter the boundaries by tapping the checkbox at the bottom.

The user can select one of the four filters to improve the image after the scan has been taken. The home screen of the program will display all of your scans, and you can quickly share them from there or store them in the gallery or internal storage of your phone. Users of iOS and Android may download it and use it on their own devices. The program is around 36 MB in size and can be found on the Google Play Store. Additionally, it has a 3+ rating on the Google Play Store.

6. Zoho Doc Scanner

An alternative program that you may use in place of CamScanner is Zoho Doc Scanner. It is not a complex interface, and it is simple to use. The user may choose whatever photos from his gallery he wants to create or convert into PDFs by clicking on the camera icon at the bottom of the screen. The user may also click the camera to capture photographs of fresh papers and turn them into PDFs. The best feature of this program is that it allows the user to choose numerous photographs from their phone's gallery at once and produce PDFs of them, similar like CamScanner.

In addition, the software has automatic edge identification capabilities. If the user is not happy with the outcomes, he may manually redraw the boundaries. Additionally, users have the ability to install and use filters on their papers. The "trash" feature of the application allows the user to restore data that were inadvertently erased. It is also multilingual, and you may switch between languages simply navigating to the app's settings. The software may be downloaded from the Google Play Store and has a file size of about 40 MB. On the Google Play Store, it has a rating of three stars. Over a million downloads have been made overall.

7. Clear Scan

The Clear Scan is an application with a simple user interface that is based in Thailand. When scanning papers using this program, users won't encounter any issues. Moreover, you may use this software to create PDFs from certain images in your phone's gallery. Multiple photos can be selected at once and combined into a single PDF by the user. Other typical functions of Clear Scan include altering PDFs and adding filters, among other things. 

In addition, the user has the ability to restore any deleted files, backup their scanned photographs to the local device storage, and sync this program with Google Drive. The software may be downloaded from the Google Play Store and has a file size of about 14 MB. This app has been downloaded over a billion times and has a 3+ rating on the Google Play Store.

8. Kaagaz Scanner

Indian users are more likely to trust Kaagaz Scanner than CamScanner. With the aid of this tool, users may produce PDFs and scan documents without leaving any watermark on the scanned copies. It has three scanning modes for every document, each offering a distinct set of features, including auto edge detection. Additionally, the user may distribute the scanned papers via a number of channels. According to the Google Play Store, it has a rating of 4.4. With an approximate file size of 13 MB, the application won't take up much room on your device. Over a million downloads have been made overall.

9. TurboScan

Another well-known substitute for CamScanner that works with both iOS and Android is TurboScan. Its user interface is simple to use. All you have to do to scan any document is click on the camera icon; you can then manually resize its boundaries. Editing scanned documents is possible with a few accessible choices or filters.

The program allows the user to store the scanned documents in various sizes after they have been saved. Additionally, the user has the option to email anyone the scanned documents in several file formats, such as PDF or JPEG. The scanned document may be saved to the user's device's storage and printed straight from the app. 

Users receive access to all previously scanned documents on the app's main screen. Android users may get this application from the Google Play Store. On the Google Play Store, it has received a rating of 4.1 and has been downloaded more than ten lakh times. The application is only 9.4 MB in size, therefore it is not too large. The user's device's storage is not greatly utilized by the program due to its modest size.

10. Tap Scanner

The greatest substitute for CamScanner is TapScanner. Additionally, it provides all the standard functions, such as auto edge recognition, rotation of the document, and scanning. The user has the option to manually set the boundaries as needed if he is not happy with the outcome of the auto edge identification. Additionally, this software includes a variety of filters with adjustable brightness and color combinations. There is a paid version of this software as well, but you do not need to subscribe to it if all you need is a scanner to scan documents. If you would like to download the scanned papers, there are three distinct quality options: low, medium, and normal. Additionally, the paper may be shared anywhere.

One extremely essential and helpful function that TapScanner offers to its users is the ability to scan numerous documents at once. With only a few clicks, the software assists the user in creating a PDF file from any images or documents that are now on his smartphone. The ability for the user to sign PDFs is this application's finest feature. If you would rather not save your papers on the storage on your device, it also provides the option for you to backup your files to the cloud. Users of iOS and Android may both utilize TapScanner. 

The software is about 30 MB in size and can be downloaded for Android users via the Google Play Store. It has an excellent rating of 4.4, demonstrating the high caliber of this software. Over five crore downloads have been made overall. This software may be downloaded by iOS users from the software Store.

In summary

We immediately began looking for alternatives to the 118 Chinese applications that the Indian government had banned. People were worried about their security and privacy, so they looked for alternative providers they could rely on. Prior to being one of the 118 programs that were banned, CamScanner was a popular software among Indian consumers. It greatly simplified the user's life when it came to scanning any kind of document.

There weren't many CamScanner substitutes available online in the beginning, but eventually there were many. The functions of CamScanner are all provided by these substitutes, some of which are quite well-liked. Adobe Scan, Microsoft Office Lens, and Google Drive are the most popular and widely regarded substitutes for CamScanner among consumers.

There used to be a lot of features that customers liked about CamScanner, and it is quite difficult to find a substitute. Since there weren't many options at the time, many users of CamScanner were negatively impacted by its prohibition. The article lists a few of the most reliable and popular CamScanner substitutes, however there are still more options available. Although there are a ton of different CamScanner alternatives accessible online, the 10 options mentioned above should be sufficient to meet most users' needs.

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