How To Unpack zip/rar files in Android / iOS Easily

In Android, many time we need to download any files in rar or zip format. But these files cannot be opened because these files need to be unzip before using
. Usually we unpack the zip/rar files on the computer then use it on mobile phone.
But you can easily unzip the zip files on your smartphone. To unzip the rar/zip files a littile application can be used; named “WinZip”. WinZip is the world’s best unzipper software of Windows as well as easy unrar to use. Now it is also available for  Android and iOS OS. This app is able to unzip text, images, web, document files without damaging. Not only you can unzip the files but also can zip to protect files.

WinZip file extracter Supports:

– Photos and images (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .gif)
– Text files (.rtf, .csv, .txt, .ini, .inf, .bat, .js, .log, .xml,.css, .java, .cs, .h, .m,.cpp,.c,.sql,. properties)
– Web files (htm, .html,.jsp,.asp)
WinZip for Android lets you open other popular file types in 3rd party apps:
– Word documents (.doc, .docx)
– Excel spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsx)
– PowerPoint presentations (.ppt, .pptx)
– PDF files (.pdf)

WinZip Download and Install for Android Device: APK File or GooglePlayStore
WinZip Downlad and Install for iOS Device: iTunes

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