The wait is over - Love Story

You have done chemistry practicals for many people. Will you do it for me? Shishir said if you give me the notebook then I will do it. This was the first conversation between Shishir and Sneha. Since then we used to talk a little bit. Then Sneha called Shishir one day with some force. No number. Since then we used to talk on phone. One day Sneha said well we talk since long then but we are not very good friends. You don't know much about me. Again I don't know much about you. Well Can't we be good friends?? Shishir was very happy. He said of course we can. Since then the friendship became better than before. Shishir thought that he will propose Sneha in college life. But he did not understand that Ananya will become his good friend. Hence the friendship. Not proposing for fear of breaking up. The friendship is getting deeper as time goes by. Shishir's dream slowly started to break down. Because he loved Sneha very much long ago but now They are very good friends. So Shishir doesn't want the friendship to break. One day in varsity life, Sneha suddenly tells Shishir that her marriage is fixed. If the marriage was already fixed. Son. He lives in Australia. Son, I want to do the marriage now. But you have to fulfill all the responsibilities. Shishir realized it was too late. He should have proposed earlier. But what else to do. Not knowing what to say, Sneha suddenly said, "I love you so much. From that school life. But never dare to say it." No. I know you will be someone else's after a few days. 

So I told you my love. Now I feel very light. Sneha says why didn't you tell me for so long. Then she said I don't know what I should say now. We will talk later. We didn't talk for a while. That day, Sneha suddenly called and said that she has a lot to talk with you. I will meet you in the afternoon. When we met in the afternoon, Sneha said that I have been in love with you for a long time. But my marriage by doing He takes her to the hospital but to no avail. Shishi is very broken. I think life is over. But there is a girl. Shishi never lets the girl understand the lack of mother. That girl's mother and that father. When the girl fulfills what she asked for, Shishi fulfills it. He did. He never let the girl cry even a drop. When the girl had a fever, she stayed up all night. Whenever the girl felt a little bad, she cried secretly. Suddenly Ananya said yes,

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