Foreigner's Love - A Real Story

My wife name is Akifah. She is not Bangladeshi but a Pakistani girl. Don't even know Bengali properly, Adhocha tries to speak Bengali but the pronunciation is not correct. I also did not try much to teach him Bengali language. Always talk to him in English or Urdu. I met him 7 years after I came to New Zealand, he was by my side like a magnetic pull of iron. These days his money will come to Bangladesh. People of this country will see. But I don't want to come home at all. The day I left the country and moved abroad, That day I promised never to come back to the country. But Akifah was insisting so much that I had to agree to break the promise I made 10 years ago and come to the country. Akifah is packing her daily necessities and clothes. Today the girl seems to be a very happy person. That's because the earnestness that he had been holding for the past two years started to come true today. I will take him from New Zealand to Bangladesh tonight. It's not the country that I hate, the country where I was born, the land of the land, the mud of the water in my childhood. I am not a traitor to hate the country of the mother I am talking about today. But there is a great contempt for the country, for the people of the country. So I did not want to return home. Besides, I have no one in the country. Parents have passed many years. There were two sisters, I don't know where they are today. They were living in Jordan when I left the country and came to New Zealand. Due to lack of communication, I cannot tell their news at this moment. But they may be in Bangladesh now, I believe. As I was lost in thoughts of the country, Akifah put her hand on my shoulder and said, "What do you think". I looked at her for a while, she wore the blue saree that I gave her during Eid last year, she put long kajal on her eyes, her hair was done in a foreign style, long jhumkas in her ears, a bunch of bangles in her hands. Although I never praised Akifah directly, I still wanted to praise her because I know today. But I didn't do that, dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab b Not getting an answer to his question, he repeated, "That's the problem." I came out of my trance, And began to say to him "No, no problem, have you finished packing?" He just said yes with a smile on his face. Her smile makes me so angry, every time I see her smile, I remember a certain woman. Sometimes I think that Akifah's smile hides the woman who is with me even from thousands of miles away as Akifah's smile. Akifah gave a light push again, these days I often get lost in the world of thoughts. My past, left behind many years ago, haunts me again and again. At Akifah's shock, I pretended to be a bit normal, and started saying, "You look at everything, I called the taxi and don't know where he is." Akifah must have understood my sneaky excuse, a bit disappointed and just shook her head and gave me a yes sign. I did not stand there and came under the house. The taxi has already arrived. Akifah came down with all the bags. Leaving all the bags in the back of the taxi, we both got up. The taxi is going to the airport on the highway through New Zealand's Ooligli road. Akifah didn't speak to me in the whole taxi, she didn't even speak to me after arriving at the airport. As we crossed immigration and waited in the waiting room for the appointed time, he started saying, "Mujhe pata nehi, tumhara dilme kona darad chupa he. Lekin mujhe a zaroor patta he, tum har subha kaina kai darad leke jagte ho. Me tumhara bibi hu." , mujhe q nehi batate ho, tumhare dilki bat? mujhe ka itna bi haq nehihe, To board a flight from New Zealand to Bangladesh. Akifah and I left the waiting room and boarded the plane. After a full day's journey, Akifah and I arrived at Shahjalal International Airport. Coming out of the airport I asked Akifah "where are you going now" she said with a smile, your village home. I answered with a nod. Then Gabtali came and we had a meal. I left for Madaripur with the bus ticket. I still have to travel 6 hours to get home. On the way, Akifah rested her head on my shoulder and enjoyed the nature of the country. I went down to Madaripur town by auto rickshaw on the way to Madra village. This is the path that I have not walked on for 10 years. No one has ever heard my voice in this lane, In all these years, I have not even enjoyed playing Gili Danda Kabaddi with anyone. I have many thoughts in my mind, and no less shyness. The house to which I am going was once full of joy. Our two-storied house, full of mother's love, father's rule and my murderous behavior, may be deserted today. There may be nothing but silence and self-screaming. Every wall of the house is filled with memories of my childhood, mother's cry when I left the first house, father's watchful eyes watching my way, this child is back. There is my first cry, there is the story of a life that I will not forget, hiding my head in my mother's arms and suffering day and night from the pain of failing in my first love. Suddenly the autorickshaw stopped, the driver's voice came to my ears, "Brother Hawladar has come home" I did not reply. I put my head out and looked at the house. Kaka's house is still the same as before. That red wall has not changed yet, I turned my eyes and looked at our room, moss has fallen on the wall as if this wall has not been cleaned. I looked at Akifah and said, "Go home agaya ab utar jao". As I was talking to my wife in Hindi, the people in the auto looked curiously, an elderly man asked me, "Who lives in this house?" I glanced at him, and said, "This is our house. My father's name is Fazal Hawladar." I don't know why the man got emotional, got down from the auto and stood in front of me and touched my cheek with both hands, his eyes filled with tears. I couldn't understand something, he shouted and started calling the people of the house, Hey Aziz, are you at home, Suhail, Najma, Ibrahim, where are you, look who has come, come quickly. Saying these words, he released his tears. He began to say to himself, I sat you on my lap and fed you. When you were young, there was a big fight in our village, one died, the police thought I was a suspect and put me in jail for 16 years. It was very sad to see you, your mother used to go to see me but I forbade her to bring you. If you don't feel hatred for me after seeing your uncle's situation. And when I came back you were angry, I didn't look for you for ten years. Saying that, he hugged me and screamed, and started calling with all his might, are you dead or all, where did you go, come out. I stood there like a fool watching his madness of joy. Meanwhile Sohail came out, Sohail is my cousin, 5 years younger than me. I had no trouble knowing Sohail. When he saw me, he ran and grabbed me, and started saying, "Hey Nazrul brother, how are you brother, someone is so angry, where have you been all this time?" No one gives me a chance to speak. I noticed that Sohail's eyes were also sparkling with tears. He did not wait for my answer, he ran inside. And started shouting to all the people, "Who are you? Come out, Nazrul Bhai has come." The people of the house started coming out of the house one by one. Akifah and I came to the yard with the bag and found my elder sister Najma who ran and hugged me on the forehead and kissed me on the cheek and filled me with sisterly love. He just held me tightly, leaving tears in his eyes. His face was speechless with joy. I also grabbed him, I can't say how long I stood in that yard. I turned my eyes towards everyone and saw that everyone was looking at both of us with watery eyes. I also looked at Akifah, she was repeatedly wiping her eyes with a tissue. Eye kajal is smeared on his cheeks. I beckoned to him and he stood beside me. I started introducing Apa to her, "Apa her name is Akifah my wife" Apa left me and now hugged Akifah, humming. I stood holding Akifah and you together. In the meantime, Sohail called my second sister Hosneira and told her that I have come. Husband lives on the river bank south of our house. On hearing my words, he rushed across the field like a madman, stood in front of me, slapped me on the cheek, and hugged me saying, "Ore my Kolija's brother..... where have you been all these years?" He started barking like crazy. I couldn't hold back my tears, even after a hundred attempts, the tears began to fall. Everyone took me and Akifah home. Because of my arrival, Najma has dismissed all of you. There are two reasons for this dawat, they will remarry me and Akifah, I am the only brother. They don't want to die without seeing my marriage. And the second reason is that after a long time, happiness has returned to the house of Hawla. My and Akifah's wedding date was fixed, I didn't put any obstacle in their happiness. I once asked Akifah if she has any objection to letting them do the way they are finding happiness. Aggrieved people would also be swept away in the river of happiness by hearing the answer he gave, in front of a packed majlis he said "Agar tum meri jaan mangleti, to hachte hue de deta, leking tum to mujhe payer oar khushiya de rahiho, mera bhala ka inkar ho sakta he ". Since not everyone knows Hindi, it has to be explained to everyone. I said to everyone, Akifah has seen nothing of Bangladesh. The wedding is still a few weeks away, I want to go out with Akifah for two or three days. At first no one agreed but later everyone agreed. I decided to go to Sylhet Moulvibazar with Akifah. Because I promised Akifah, I will tell the story of my life back home. And the best story of my life is in Allgali of Sylhet. We left for Sylhet with two days' worth of clothes. Sitting in the bus, I started telling Akifah, today I will tell you a story, not at all a story taken from the pages of a novel. It is an integral part of my life. I left home 15 years ago. Then I completed Computer Diploma. There was a tension of scarcity in the house, the time has come to catch up with the family. I could not think of what to do. I could not get a job despite many efforts. I had a friend named Raihan. He used to work in an organization called "Wedding Planner House" in Sylhet. The work of this organization was from wedding decoration to catering, video programs etc. He gave me a job there on his reference. I came to Sylhet Moulvibazar. From there life started to get weird. My office was in Moulvibazar Chaumuhani. 

The first month of my career went very well. One morning I was standing on the street brushing my teeth wearing three-quarter pants and santu genji. It was early in the morning, so people's expectations were low, sometimes two cars were moving in the sky, shining like gold in the sunlight. At that time, I heard the laughter of a group of girls from behind, I looked back with a brush on my face. Four girls are walking towards the main street. three people The girl wore a pink hijab over a three-piece and a burqa. I started seeing that girl a lot. And I thought that Apsara must look like this. When they came near me, one of the girls started to say to me, "Oh brother, I don't have money to buy pants, that's why he wears short pants." If they have sisters, they can marry a girl wearing a pink hijab on her head. The father-in-law will give me a pant shirt if she doesn't pay dowry. Hearing my words, the hijab girl looked at me narrowly. Her eyes were so sharp that her eyes killed me with He continued to throw it in my mind. When I was looking at the girl and seeing her form, she said, "Is a Sylhet girl so cheap that you can get one if you want" and everyone laughed. They stopped walking and started walking along the road of Moulvibazar Government College. Every day from that day I stood there, three-quarter pants and brush in hand. I haven't talked to the hijab girl in a long time, I used to talk only to Tahmina on the way, and I only hinted at the hijab girl in response to my words. In this way, almost two months passed, during which time his bully did not come out. Finally one time I got to know her name, the girl's name is Maumi. In three months of hard work, only the name has been known to me. Then Tahmina's words seemed true, the Sylhet girl would not be caught so quickly. I am also not a person to give up. I will not leave without seeing where the water will go. One morning when they were coming together, Tahmina started talking to me, "How far back will you go back, Mr. Short Pantwala" everyone laughed except Moumi, she was also smiling. I will talk to Maumi today anyway. I went and stood in front of her, "Why are you like this?. Moumi raised her eyes at me and said 0- Why what am I doing? -- You don't understand that I want to talk to you for so long? 0- How can I understand that you are with Tahmina? Talks all the time. - I say yes, but I give you hints. 0- I don't understand so many hints. - So what do you understand? 0- The three-coat pants you wear. The thick fur on your legs, This means you are an ape. Hearing Moumi's speech, everyone laughed so loudly that the empty street was buzzing. I also got a little shy, the first day I talked to him, and he made me an ape. They left laughing without waiting for an answer. I also went home, and decided to wear full pants tomorrow. It's like I don't spend the night in any way, the whole night is dawning while looking for the meaning of his sweet words, kajal eyes and magical smile. I'm standing with a brush in my hand, wearing full pants and a genji. They were coming, everyone came and stood near me, Tahmina started saying, "The little one has grown up today" she laughed. I pretended to smile and went in front of Maumi, do you feel like an ape today? He shook his head no. He took out a packet from his bag and held it forward. On the bag is written in red ink, Can't See Being Ape. So I brought it for you. From that day, we met Moumi every day and talked about thousands of unspoken things. Now they all left me and Moumi and went away and waited for Moumi to come. At that time only a handful of people used mobile phones. We used to meet early in the morning and talk all night and day as we had little chance to talk. And I was waiting for another dawn. This is how our one-year love day passed, I was bound by an unbroken bond of love and fell in love with an apsara and started thinking about her day and night. But if there is no pain in love, it is not true love. So we also had to dive into the sea of ​​suffering. Maumir's brother was the influential leader of Moulvibazar. When he came to know about me, that day became a disastrous day in my life. The next day he came to catch me in the early morning after Maumi, which I did not know. Seeing Maumi coming, I stood in front of her with a smile. Today I saw fear in his eyes, he told me with his eyes to go now but it was too late to understand. Moumi's brother came and sat on my collar, without hearing anything and started beating me. There were two other boys with him, the three of them began to wash me with punches and kicks. When Maumi rushed to save me, she also had to be eaten by her brother. My head smashed into the wall and I lay unconscious on the road. They left with Maumi. I lay like a helpless nomad. When I regained consciousness, I saw my office director Ajmal Sahib and Raihan in front of me. Mr. Ajmal said only one thing. I can't fight crocodiles living in water. You leave Moulvibazar with him. Although I was there hoping to see Moumi for three or four more days, I could not. On the day I left Madaripur, a letter from Moumi came to me in Tahmina's hand, only a few words were written in it. All love is unfulfilled. Our journey was just that, my marriage is next month, you leave here. And don't listen, I love you so much but you are not in my destiny line. I burst into tears after reading the letter. Raihan tried hard to control me but the tears did not stop. He returned to the village with me, from that day I became irritable. I can't stand it when someone says something to me. I suddenly got angry. I abuse with words. Now I like to cry on my mother's lap in the dark. On the day of Moumi's wedding, I came to Sylhet again, her house was decorated like a brand new one. Messy hair and full beard now. I was standing in the corner of his house, but his brother recognized me, came close and punched me by the collar. But I fell at his feet, and said, "Brother, I will just stand here, once the marriage is over, I will leave here forever and never come back. He accepted me but ruled again when I left. I stayed there from morning till afternoon." I was going to watch the inner ceremony in Nagar. Tahmina saw me several times but did not speak for fear of Moumi's brother. Once Moumi's wedding was over, the bridegrooms started leaving with the bride, after waiting all day I saw Moumi. Red saree, The body is like a fairy doll dressed in rich jewelry. She is sitting in the car and slowly the car started moving, Moumi shed a few tears seeing me, maybe she expressed her love. After everyone left, Maumir's brother took me inside, put food in front of me and said, "No, eat the wedding food and say goodbye." mixed blood Moumi's love and tears will never be eaten again in this meal. Tahmina is standing next to me, I am eating and tears are flowing. Every drop fell on my food plate I swallowed with those tears my beloved my love's sacrificial wedding meal. To finish my story we came to Sylhet Moulvibazar. I don't know how long Akifah held me and cried. It is afternoon to reach Sylhet, still there is a long time left for evening. Sylhet is not like before, I am walking on that road and everything seems unfamiliar. To show Akifah Moumi's nest. In the street Akifah asked "why did you leave the house" I took a long breath and said, I didn't leave the house I was stopped to leave the house. Two months after Moumi's marriage, I, my parents were coming to Dhaka for my mother's treatment. Then my two sisters went to Jordan. It was a rainy day, we boarded the launch by afternoon. As soon as the launch comes, nature's fury begins. The river swells several times. When the launch sinks in the middle of the Padma, where are the parents lost? Somehow I survived, and since then I have not needed to go home. I went to New Zealand to let the busy city crawl. I looked for Moumi's nest. I was a little hesitant to go in. I sent Akifah inside first, after some time Akifah started coming towards me with a jug and water. He came and gave me water and I started to eat. A girl was coming after him. As he was getting closer, he started to remember her face, oh so Tahmina, how did Tahmina remember this house, the question arose. Tahmina came closer and asked Akifah in Hindi, "Or Kuch Chahiye" Akifah answered without shaking her head. I looked at Tahmina, Tahmina was startled to look at me, she wanted to understand something but couldn't understand. I asked Tahmina with a smile, "Does anyone still walk this street wearing three-quarter pants?" Her eyes lit up with water and she held her face with her sari, she probably never imagined that she would meet me again after so many years. A tear fell from the eye, He began to say in a soft voice, "Brother, come in, Moumi's daughter is here" I could not hold back after hearing the name Moumi and went inside. I had no trouble recognizing Moumi's elder brother sitting in a wheel chair on the balcony of the house. Tahmina and Moumi's brother got married 6 years ago. In an accident, Maumir's brother lost his leg and was confined to a wheelchair. Tahmina brings Maumi's daughter in front of me, she looks exactly like Maumi, those eyes, that nose, those chubby cheeks. I called her, what's your name "My name is Tasfia" I remembered another thing I once told Maumi our daughter's name will be Tasfia. Maumi may not have forgotten my words. Maumir's brother came to me by turning the wheels of the wheel chair, recognized me and said only one thing. "Nazrul bhai forgive me" I saw pity in his eyes and helplessness. I just shook my head. And I introduced everyone to my wife. I asked Tahmina about Moumi, she said that Moumi passed away 2 days after giving birth to Tasfia. After the death of Moumi's husband, Moumi remarried and Tasfia has been with Tahmina ever since. Tahmina had no children so chose Maumi's daughter as her daughter. I stopped when I heard that Maumi is no longer in this world. I could not say anything, I came out of the house holding Akifah's hand, as soon as I came on the road, the day I left was floating in front of me like a colorful picture. I stood at this intersection and talked to my beloved, I could hear her laughter in the wind. The love I left behind started on this road, On this road, he fell in love. Now only Maumi and my love live in the solitude of the late night. Maumi's love is living very secretly in my heart in my heart. I did not stay in Sylhet for a single day. From there I came straight to Madaripur. Wedding arrangements are going on in full swing at my house. Akifah and I are getting married for the second time. Everyone's eyes are happy, I'm not happy. But Moumi is no more, I thought she was living a happy life forgetting me, but I didn't know that she would leave the impression of her love in the form of her daughter. And being a foreigner, he is lost not only from me but from the whole world. Me and Akifah's second marriage ended. Today is my second night. A pakistani girl is sitting waiting for me as a wife, I went next to her and removed her veil and asked "Dar Lagraha Hey" she replied with a smile "Thora thora". I smiled cheekily and hugged her forehead with a kiss. I went to the side and removed her veil and asked "Dar Lagraha Hey" she replied with a smile "Thora thora". I smiled cheekily and hugged her forehead with a kiss.

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