Feeling Tired - Best Touch Story

Bithi is looking at the ceiling, tears are rolling down her eyes. Satisfiedly smoking a cigarette, -get dressed bithi, we have to grow up. - I won't stay for a while. Bithi's voice is rising in request. He knows that he will not be able to claim any rights to me now. Today it is all going to end here. -No, I have work, I have to leave immediately. - I will never bother you again, please don't stay for a while. -Ah, stop your childish behavior. I said it in a tone of disdain. Bithy said nothing more. Went to the washroom to get ready. Bithi's emotions, feelings, love, longing, begging I have gone above everything. Now it will not touch me. But I was once crazy about Bithi. Today it is over for me. It began one winter night, Rattan's yellow touch. Ratan is my colleague. A wedding is arranged in a village house. When everyone was applying turmeric on Ratan's cheeks and forehead, I was sitting on their pond side apart from everyone else. Hindi song noise pollution of the sound system, so many photo shoots, everything seemed unbearable. I was sitting and reading online newspaper. - Why are you alone here? I suddenly heard a woman's voice from the side and looked in surprise. Wearing a yellow saree, garland of flowers on her head, tip on her forehead, red lipstick on her lips. A beautiful lady. I managed myself and said, - I didn't like the noise, so I'm sitting here for a while. - Well, can I sit here? - Yes, sit down, did you give yellow? - Yes, I just came. I don't like noise. -What is your name? -I am Bithi, and I know your name. You are Sohan, Ratan Bhai's colleague. - Well, do you live here? - no, I came from Dhaka. Talked with Bithi for almost an hour. He removed the loneliness. I was very bored alone. The girl liked everything. A lover of literature, he also read two poems written by him. He was keeping me company as long as I was in the marriage house. Except for Ratan, there was no one I knew there. Ratan will not be able to give me time anymore, he is said to be the groom. Bithi was taking care of me. He used to call me during meals, made good arrangements for sleeping, and even sat by my side during wedding processions. I was busy chatting with him. It didn't seem like we had only known each other for two days. After returning to Dhaka, we used to talk regularly. He was showing me love. I had no reason not to. I proposed and hugged him. I felt like the happiest person in the world. There was not a single point of distrust towards Bithi. I believed what he said. Until the cloud of shravan became thick. I was stuck in the office one rainy evening. During heavy rains, the roads are waist-deep in water, unfit for vehicular movement. Ratan and I were chatting in the office. Ratan still didn't know about my relationship with Bithi. Bithi forbade it, thinking it might cause family trouble. I didn't say anything to anyone either. On that day I first mentioned Bithi, I met a girl named Bithi at your wedding. - Well, did you have a crush or what? I smiled, but didn't reply. Ratan started talking. - There is no use in playing crush. Her husband is a Navy officer. Immerse yourself in the sea. Ratan kept laughing because of this. I stopped. The sound of thunder comes to mind. My whole world turned upside down. I came home in the rain. I don't even know how I came. The cellphone is wet and down. I dialed Bithi's home phone on the landline. He forbade me to call my home number. I won't listen to any bans today. As soon as I received the call, I said hello, a male voice came from the other side. - Hello, who is speaking? - Can be given to Bithy? -Oto kitchen, who are you talking about? - I am Bithi's friend, who are you? - I'm her husband, stay on the line, I'm calling her. Belief was completely shattered. He began to hate Bithi. He could play with me like this? 

Shit. I accept the alienation that I have been hating. Shit. I smoked cigarettes from that day. But does it remove the sadness or not! I also started taking different drugs. I don't even go to the office properly. Life seems toxic. Bithi continued acting on the phone for a few days. Wanted to explain again and again, he is not married, he loves me very much. But all his efforts were in vain. Gradually I was sinking into the abyss of darkness. I started hating Bithi a lot. He broke my heart like this but I will not punish him? Sometimes I thought about taking revenge. I thought again, no, he has cheated, I really love him. I will not harm the people I love. Be well and like Or. One day I opened the door after hearing the bell. Bithi on the other side of the door. I wanted to slap him twice. But I myself was bad at consuming heavy alcohol. Bithi entered my house. The situation at home is similar to Dasbin's. There are cigarette packs and liquor bottles around. I went straight to bed. I fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night. I sat up on the bed. I saw my room in surprise. All the things are nicely arranged. Bithi is sitting on the sofa watching TV. - What's the matter? What are you doing here at night? Why didn't you go home? - I will not go home today. Come fresh, I have prepared food for you. Get out of my house immediately. I don't want to see your face. Go witch. - please, Don't be angry. calm down -********************************.(Many very bad swear words) -Yes I lied to you. I lied about myself. But my love is not a lie. i really love you - I squeeze your love. It's not love, it's alienation. (I cursed some more.) - Please listen to me. Tell me to say as much abuse as you can, But don't insult my love. -You talk about love again? This does not suit your face. you are a problem - Calm down Sohan. listen to me please Bithi is crying profusely and Or is talking. Her husband does not love her. Did you marry him for money? Her husband leaves her and goes to brothels regularly. She got no love from her husband. I don't believe anything he says anymore. I caught his play. - You grow up Bithi. You have done well. I don't want to tell you anything more. I don't blame you, I forgive you. go you Let me be me. - You are killing yourself Sohan. You will not be able to live like this. -If I had been so careful, I wouldn't have been able to play with my mind. Now stop showing this loose spirit. -Sohan, I know I'm bad. I still love you. Please don't do that. Let me punish you. Don't hurt yourself. I couldn't bear it and forced him out of the house. Still he used to come to me. used to call Tried to explain in different ways. Said to make life beautiful. I hate him so much. I used to abuse him a lot. He just told me to be good. One day I accepted his words. Why burn innocently? I will not waste my life for such a bad girl. I will turn around. I want the strength to turn around, I'll gain the strength to take revenge on Orr. One day he came to my house. I didn't let it go like before. I treated him well today. I said nicely, - You want me to walk well, so that I don't touch these drugs anymore. To work properly. right? - Yes. - Well, I'll leave it at that. I want your body in return. If you give it, I promise. I don't take drugs anymore. After that you will not have any contact with me. I will live a healthy life. Tears came to Bithi's eyes. He cried for a while and said, - It's okay. It will be what you want. I avenged my love on her body. Bithy left. Then I continued to walk properly. Bithi also doesn't call me anymore, doesn't even come home. Communication completely stopped. The week went well. I was doing office work, Ratan was also next to me. Ratan said about the conversation, - You didn't talk about a girl that day? That bithi name. - Yes. He also committed suicide. - means? -Hmm, about a week ago. Tears poured down my eyes. Somehow I avoided Ratan's eyes and went to the washroom. A bad person died, why is the eye burning so much? Why is the chest burning? Liters upon liters of alcohol still can't reduce that burning sensation Why is the eye burning so much? Why is the chest burning? Liters upon liters of alcohol still can't reduce that burning sensation

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