A Open Love Story

My wife stands at the main gate with her daughter every day. When he saw me coming, he smiled shyly and said, "The girl was disturbing so much, so I brought her to show her papa." "Hmm, well done," I say. And take the girl in my arms. I know that not the girl, but the girl's mother did not tolerate you. Otherwise, the excuse of a girl every day! Sometimes the girl sleeps on his lap. Then the excuse is ready, "Sleep now!" Even before becoming a girl, she used to stand. And he used to say, "I felt alone in the house. That's why I'm standing to see cars and people." I still said, "Hmm." She didn't want to shyly admit that she was waiting for me. I am ashamed of how! Although blushing makes her look just like a foreign doll's face. Lajjaranga red two cheeks! So sometimes I want to shame. I am not less happy to see them. Wife and daughter waiting to get off the car, who doesn't like it! However, I don't say that either. Why didn't he say it? I am ashamed. He can say, "Standing for you." I used to say, "You will stand every day, but when you see the faces of your mother and daughter, the tiredness of the whole day disappears." When entering the house, hot tea is served with pakora, sometimes scrambled eggs, whatever else is needed. The mind fills the stomach. Wife is gone for 10 days. What can you leave your wife and daughter for so long! But so far, almost a year has passed. All the food in the world is prepared and left in the fridge before going. Separate bowls are kept in such a way that one bowl is finished once it is taken down! After he left, I opened the fridge and my eyes were full of ice, the whole fridge was full of bowls! I am such a monster! Called to say, "Ten days often, the bowl is only twenty! "The wife called at two o'clock at mealtime, "What are you doing?" "I'm eating." "Okay, I'll talk to you later." "Now, what's the problem?" Saying, "Keep talking, it will seem like you are sitting next to me." It's been two and a half years of marriage, we share many things, but there is so much secret love in the heart of both of us! It's a shame to tell it, it's an excuse to hide it! Don't say it. Is love decreasing? No, increasing. 

We are secretly living well together. Coming from father's house, she opens the fridge and shouts, "So much bazaar! How many months will I eat? Everything will be stale!" "Where did you see so much?" "Not so much!" "I only brought your favorite curry and fruits!" "So?" In fact, no time was spent at home. Wife, He was very angry because he did not want to market. He missed his favorite vegetables. So I only marketed when I got the chance. What else can I say to my wife, I missed you, I bought everything thinking about you. My wife must have washed and arranged the clothes she left behind in the sparkling bathroom, kitchen, shelves, you can guess how much I love her, how much I miss her. He is less! All my favorite dry foods are home made coconut barfi, mold pita. Dry pickled mangoes, which I like to eat with rice after soaking them with salt, garlic and dry chilies, have come in abundance. It seems like we express our love with each other's favorite foods. After a long time, I found my wife next to me at night. It seems that after ten days, not a year, I see him, my daughter too. The wife says, "It's light outside today, will you go to the roof?" I said to myself, "I mean, I'll run. I'll see you in a few days!" I say, "Now!

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