A drop of faith in the rain - Romantic Love

Just as I was about to leave the class, it started raining. When I wake up in the morning, I see the sky is very black. Sometimes it is drizzling. It is stopping again. On such a day, Sajeev sir's class is at eight o'clock in the morning. A little late will not give percentages. So I forgot to bring the chest in a hurry. Two groups were formed among those of us who did not bring chests. Standing group and voluntary surrender group. In the next group, no one showed interest except two or three. Many are running away with bags on their heads. I slowly started walking in the rain. I am thinking whether to go directly to the hall or to the cafeteria. Finally I decided to have a cup of hot coffee from the cafeteria. There are not many people in the cafeteria. A couple in the back are probably watching something on a laptop. Another one is sitting next to the window and watching the rain, holding the last part of the trumpet in his hand. I am sitting by ordering coffee. 

out of pocket I took out my mobile and logged on to Facebook. No one gave a message. I checked two notifications. I saw a new love story on the home page. Alas love! Sometimes I feel the need of a hand but there is no one to extend that hand. I am completely frustrated about this. I was drinking coffee and reading a story so I became isolated from the surrounding environment. Suddenly I came back to the real world with a splash of water. Two boys and three girls were chatting very close to me. For some reason a girl hit a boy by throwing water from a glass and missed the target on me. When did they come? After splashing water on me, the whole group became silent. The girl who splashed the water, I could not see her properly for so long as I was sitting. The girl came in front of me and apologized very pleadingly. Seeing the girl, I became emotional. How are people so cute! Wearing red frame glasses. Curvy hair. Her hair is ruffling in the wind of the fan and falling on her face again and again. The girl wants to hear from me "Ok." OK. 

No problem” something like that. But I am not saying anything and staring. After staring for a while when they realized that I would not say anything, they themselves left the cafeteria in shame. Did I do something very strange? What would happen if you gave a small response of the minimum "it's ok" type! I like to walk alone a lot. Before there was no purpose. Now that curvy hair, I walk to see the girl with the red frame glasses. Genji was given from the hall on the varsity day. Rally came out from all the halls. The boys' cheers grew louder as Ralli joined us from the girls' hall. I'm looking for that curvy haired girl with red frame glasses. After searching for a while, I was disappointed. In the afternoon I went to the concert in the auditorium. Suddenly, four or five girls entered through the other side door together. That girl was among those five people. . The girl is wearing a sky blue saree. I feel more beautiful today. I kept looking at the girl throughout the concert. The girl looked around calmly and met my eyes. Since then, the girl sometimes looks to see if I see her. The girls' hall closes at eight o'clock. So the girls left the concert around eight o'clock. The girl glanced at me as she left the auditorium . Due to some invisible pull, I immediately got up from the seat and started following him. It has been raining continuously for some time. It has not rained all day today but now it is raining heavily. The girl has no umbrella. The most surprising thing is that the girl has no girlfriend. Now there is no rickshaw in front of the auditorium. I could not miss this opportunity. I quickly went in front of the girl - how are you? Can you recognize me?

- Hmm I know! You are the father! He was looking at me all the time today and I pretended not to hear - where are your girlfriends? - They didn't come - I saw that four or five people entered together? - I didn't come with them. - Which year are you? -First year. You? - Fourth year - very big brother! -Hmm! What department are you in? - IPE. you - I'm Triple E - Brother! Can you fix a rickshaw? My hall will be closed now - Oke wait I went down to find a rickshaw in the rain. I have never found so much joy in finding a rickshaw in my life. The girl thanked me while leaving in the rickshaw. I forgot to reply. I looked again like a true father. Sky blue saree, blue tip, red frame glasses, curved hair all made my head goblet. After the girl left I bit my tongue. Because the girl's name is not known. After that I started coming and going in front of their department regularly. Whenever I see a girl wearing red frame glasses, I stare. I saw the girl one day in the department store. I immediately went in thinking of buying something. - Uncle! A thousand rupees will be broken? - No, uncle! I see him standing alone with some Chanachur, biscuits, Buying chips. If I can't talk now, nothing will happen. He didn't notice me. He gave the money and left the department store. I also left immediately. As soon as we came to the front of our electrical department building, I went to her side and said, - I didn't know your name and was a little surprised. Immediately she managed herself and said, - Jinya - very beautiful name and said with a smile, Hmm! Do you have a Facebook ID? - No - Oh! A girl of this age does not have a Facebook ID? I was very surprised! - Brother! I don't like these - hmm! Facebook is not really good. I also want to leave. I will leave once and for all. But I need a good friend. Think real world friends. will you be my friend - What is my profit? - I will give you the gift of faith in the gift of friendship. And trust is a very important thing. Every man needs a faithful friend. I want to be that man - how can I trust you? - Believe in yourself? - Not all the time. - Then how to understand? 

-If you are not different from other boys, then I will trust you instead of trusting them? Hearing such words, I became silent. How to really explain to him that I am different from others. Who will never break faith. The fresh blood of the chest will make way for faith. What can be done suddenly so that he believes that I am the most trustworthy. I am the most unique. I am the most worthy for him. - You tell me what to do? - Why should I say? you are something Said so that I can believe you. But please! I don't want any violence. Don't send me a love letter like a movie or send me an emotional blackmail by taking sleeping pills. I hate these things. - Give me a chance to be friends first. Then you will understand how I am! - If I make you a friend, that's it. But don't tell me why I will make you a friend? - Because I think about you all the time since I saw you for the first time - What if I say that someone else thinks about me too? Can I make you a friend except someone else? I see the girl's head is very patchy like curved hair. I did not know what to say. I really felt very helpless. I remained silent. It seems that I am confessing the crime in front of him by committing a very big crime. I said, I never thought like that. I have to think. The girl said with a crooked smile on her lips. you keep thinking And the day you can prove that you are different from everyone, The most trusted of all. 

That day we will be friends. how stay well i have to go After saying these words, the girl left. I stood there. I came to the room and fell under great tension. I can't think of anything to do. Small campus. It doesn't take long to get to know a girl after a few days. Prestige Pura Panta will become rice. The next day, after class, I quietly went to their department and stood in front of them. I don't know when his class will end or if it's over. It became my bad habit to stand in front of their department during class time and in front of the lotus pond a little away from their hall in the afternoon. But while standing like this, within a few days I got an approximate idea of ​​his class schedule. Sunday lab is in the afternoon. Monday and Tuesday classes end at ten thirty in the morning ……. Not only the class but also got an approximate idea of ​​when to go out for a walk or tour in the afternoon. two At least once a week goes to Khulna with girlfriends. But of course on Thursday. 

Favorite restaurant Country Lounge. If you go around the campus, you will come out in the evening. clever girl There are two bodyguard girlfriends with him. And I got some difficult information. Many boys in the department have crushes on her. The relief is that he has no interest in anyone. Today we have only one class. I am standing in front of their department after class. The sky is still very dark. It can rain anytime. Sometimes lightning flashes far away. When he finished the class and left the department building, the level of rain increased a lot. He looked down at me and started walking towards their hall with a light smile. 

I also kept a certain distance and started walking behind him. A very beautiful colorful umbrella in his hand. Sometimes he lowers the umbrella and looks back at me. My rain water shirt pant wet condition alone. Water is running down my cheeks from my hair. Sometimes the forward vision is getting blurred due to the strong speed of the water. I stood some distance from his hall. He saw me once when he entered through the gate of the hall. He has looked many times today. Is it indulgence? Or I'll see you later type look? The girl is sitting in the third row of the bus today. A lot of fear in the bus. There is no place to breathe. And I'm hanging like a monkey at the back gate. The habit of hanging at the gate of the bus is from Dhaka College. The bus is running, I am standing at the gate and taking air. The girl got down at Khulna New Market. With two girlfriends. (And those two boys. I also got down. They entered a fast food shop. I stood outside a little distance away. Suddenly the girl came out of the fast food shop with the speed of lightning. Behind another girl is calling her, Zinya! This Zinya! I tried to understand what happened. Now they all came out. I started walking very close to them. A girl was saying to a boy among them, why did you go so fast to props? 

Hearing this, my chest hurt. I stopped following them and stood up. I feel so bad, I don't know what to do. I started walking alone along the highway road. The roads of Khulna are empty. Today, the level of my suffering has increased and there is no traffic at all. I entered a small street with a little trepidation. I saw a blind man singing love songs out of his throat "How many days will the union be?" My mind and people? "I have never heard such a beautiful voice on TV or radio. This is the voice given by nature. I could leave everything and learn music from him! And in this way I could sing on the street! I am listening to music and I feel a lot of weight in my head. The body is getting hot and I feel very cold. I want to fall asleep here. How to go so far? How did I come to the campus in an auto rickshaw even though I had a high fever? At night, the smoke fever rose. However, in the head of that man's song, "How many days will the union be?" My mind and people? " is playing. I was lost in deep unconsciousness. I saw a very beautiful dream at night. I saw I was walking beside the river with Zinya. Beside the big white flower garden. Little by little, those flowers are bowing their heads to the rhythm of the wind to greet us. Jinya is getting angry and moving away from me. 

I walk behind her to catch her. Sometimes I feel like I'm walking around the campus following her. But I still listen to that song. It seems to be coming from far away. I was completely unconscious with a fever for a week. Two class tests, I missed three practical classes. I was so weak that my friends took me in a rickshaw (only two minutes from my hall) to the medical center and brought me to the doctor. Doctor said viral fever. I do not understand! What does my virus fever have to do with that boy's props to Zinya? After a week, the fever subsided, but the body was very weak. Jinya has not seen how long! Oh! I am standing like this for the last time today. I will say to Jinya, “I have actually failed to prove myself a believer in you. Forgive me for what I have done so far." Today is so sunny! A dull ache has started in the head. I can hear a ticking sound on both sides of the head. Will I have a fever again? After Jinya came out of their building, I followed her. Zinya, of course, did not see me. But while walking, I felt that I was very weak. My legs were not growing anymore. I was stumbling like a drunk. Whoops! Is everything getting dark? Jinya must be called now. She is a little ahead. I shouted with all my might, Jinya. I don't know if the girl heard or not after that I don't remember anything. I opened my eyes and saw that I was lying in the medical center. Saline applied to my hand. I can understand without seeing the fear of many eager people around me. The doctor asked "How do you feel now?" "-This is good! -Complete walking in the sun is prohibited. Will walk with an umbrella. Will you remember? - Hmm. After leaving the doctor's room, I saw Jinya standing outside. - Are you here? 

- What should I do if I faint? A shy smile on Jinya's face. This is the first time I am walking alongside Jinya on campus. Sometimes I want to touch the finger of his right hand, but he moves his finger away and smiles. As soon as Padma came to the bank, it started raining again. Zinya took out the tip of the umbrella from her huge hand bag and held it over their heads. But with my head I feel like home after a while with an umbrella. "Give it!" I hold the umbrella" - No, I will hold it - I eat the house after a while. - How tall are you? -People are crazy about tall bf. And what do girls say? - Hmm tell you? Well, let's hold it together. I do not know what he feels now!

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