Anika why are you like this? - Romantic love story

Mom suddenly called and said that Anika's wedding is next week. You go home tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I said, who is Anika? - Your great uncle's daughter. - That little girl? - The little girl is no longer a little girl. He is older than you. - Is that enough? I saw him playing with dolls that day too. - Leaving aside all that, I told you to come home, come home. - Must come? - Your cousin's wedding. And you will not come? - Ok will meet me at home tomorrow evening. The sky fell on my head. What did mom say? What does Anika's marriage mean? What will happen to me when he gets married? Does Anika agree to this marriage? No, why would he agree? We have a relationship of five years. There is no question of him agreeing. And Anika did not tell me anything about this why? Or mom lied to me? no, My head doesn't work. I called Anika. Recently, if you call someone due to the corona virus, instead of directly entering the call, the office tells you about the corona warning and what to do. Then call. At the end of the conversation about Corona, I heard that it is not possible to connect to your desired number at this moment. Dial again later. It is eleven o'clock at night. 

I am walking on the balcony. Naeem Bhai invited me for dinner. I heard my brother's call. Not wanting to eat rice due to tension. So I did not go to the room. After a while Naeem Bhai came to the balcony and said, any problem? I said, no no brother. no problem - When did you start lying to me again? - Brother Anika's marriage is fixed. Mom just called and told. - Haha, This is happy news. - Bro, I'm dying of stress. And you are laughing? - Hey, don't laugh? Because the marriage is with you. - mean? - Call Anika. - I did. - His phone is off, right? - Yes. But how do you know? - Listening to old experiences. - Brother, I am having a lot of tension. What if this is not the case? - Hey, nothing will happen. Come on, come on in. eat it - Yes brother. - Hey, what's so upsetting? I said nothing will happen. I stir my fingers in the rice. Naeem Bhai said, when are you going home? I said, I will leave in the morning. - Good. Now eat and pack your bags and take a long sleep. And there is nothing to stress unnecessarily. - Yes brother. - Listen, marriage is a bond of relationship. And it is no child's play that When he can do whatever he wants. - Brother - Eat rice and sleep. And how is today's curry? - good - The new aunt has cooked. - Hmm. - The previous aunt said she can't come anymore. He is going back to the village. So he gave it to a new aunt. - That's enough! - Yes, now eat quickly. After eating and drinking, I put the essentials in the bag. Then I turned off the light and went to bed. Last talk with Anika yesterday. He didn't say anything to me. Or yesterday he did not know that today will decide the date of his wedding day! He was last seen when he was coming from home to Dhaka. The girl came to visit our house that day. I remember her chubby cheeks again and again. I used to kiss her top instead of kissing her lips. The girl laughed at this. used to say Everyone kisses his lover on the lips. And why do you kiss my tolling place? I smiled in reply. I didn't say anything. It's one o'clock in the night. I have no sleep. When will it be morning, when will I leave for home? I am thinking of calling my mother again to find out more about Anika's marriage. But if mom asks, why are you so worried about her marriage? What to do then? Thinking about this, I called my mother. ringing Not receiving. Maybe fell asleep. The village is no longer the city of Dhaka, where people stay awake until late at night. Suddenly, Naeem Bhai said, what's wrong Shravan? Not sleeping yet? i said yes yes brother I'm sleeping. - Yes, fall asleep. 

You have to get up early tomorrow morning. - Yes brother. The night is passing. I have no sleep in my eyes. Again and again Anika's face floats in front of my eyes. I can spend the rest of my life looking at that face. In the morning and night, the eyes felt sleepy. The whole body has given up. Two eyes are coming. Looking has become a big liability. I fell asleep. Around seven in the morning, Naeem woke up to his brother's call. I saw with sleepy eyes, it was morning. He said, did not sleep properly at night? - How did you understand brother? - Both of your eyes are red. I got out of bed and stood in front of the basin. Then I looked at the big mirror and saw that both eyes were really red. I freshened up and got ready. Naeem Bhai said, go later cooking Eat then go. It will make the journey better. There are three rooms in our mess. Naeem bhai and I live in the room on the east side. One of the remaining two rooms is lying empty. And two older brothers live in another room. Of course, Naeem Bhai and I did not rent the mess at first. So me and Naeem brother own the mess. Whoever gets into the mess, all of them are bound to follow our rules. Some to-lets have also been installed for the empty room. It is expected that the room will be filled within this month. Then the rent of the mess will also come down a lot. By the time the cooking was finished, it was eight o'clock. I ate quickly and told Naeem Bhai and went out. When he came, he said, go and listen. And tell me what happens there. A six-hour drive. There is no jam on the road. However, it seems to me that this path does not end. I called my mom. Ammu received the call and said, have you left? i said Yes mom has left. Mom had something to say. - Tell me. - What does the boy do? - Which boy? - With whom Anika is getting married! - By studying. - Then why is the uncle marrying his daughter with an unemployed son? - Where is your problem? And besides, the boy is quite a gentle, gentle boy. Family is also very good. - Ash is good. Find out if there is a problem in their family. - What? - No, no, nothing. - Hmm. come you I kept the call. Mom hung up the call. The boy is humble, gentle, family is good, does that really mean that Anika is becoming someone else? No, this cannot be. If necessary, I will go to uncle and tell about our relationship. If uncle does not agree, we will run away. Still I can't lose Anika. . Anika's phone is switched off as before. He does not remember me once? Or is he not getting any chance to call me? no, This is not supposed to happen. At least he keeps his phone on no matter what. But why close today? Since then the bus has been running. However, the road does not run out. A storm is flowing in my mind. I can't even call anyone except my mom. Because I will call and ask about Anika. That can be reversed. I reached home in the afternoon. Hang a big lock on the gate of the house. When I called my mother, my mother said, have you come home? I said yes. - Go to your great uncle's house. - But mom, I have to be fresh. - Come here and freshen up. - I can't. 

You send the key to someone. Mom hung up without saying anything. Walking in front of the gate. Ten minutes pass, twenty minutes pass. There is no smell of anyone coming. I am thinking of going to my uncle's place. Thinking again, no! I don't see any more Does anyone come? When the clock passed thirty five minutes, I saw Ayan. Ayan is Anika's younger brother. This time it is nine or ten. Heldule is coming to sing. He stopped singing when he saw me. Then he came near and said, brother, your key. - It took you so long? - I was busy bro, so I was late. - What are you busy with? - You don't know? - No. - Your wedding is on Friday. A big smile appeared on the boy's face. Smiling is normal. Sister's wedding means fun. Does he understand love and love? He will go and ask his sister, you can tell me if you like someone. I will make an arrangement. I said, really married? - Yes. - Where is your sister now? - Sitting in the room and talking. - What? - Yes. - The wedding is after five more days. But why Sajuguzu now? - Who will come from the son's house this evening! - And. - Brother, I go now. - no no where to go come in come in I'm not fresh. Then the two go together. Two people are sitting in the car. I said to Ayan, why is brother uncle marrying your sister now? He has not finished his studies. - What do I know? - Your sister is a little girl. Does he understand anything about marriage? - So! - Why is your sister's phone turned off? - Where? Even when I came, I saw with whom he was smiling and talking. - And. Well, the boy with whom your sister is getting married, have you seen the boy? - No brother. But you saw it. Father brought a photo of that boy. - Did your sister like it? - Will not drop? The boy looks very beautiful! - Well, how do I look? Ayan looked at me for a while and said, Ummm, you are beautiful too. - More or less than that boy? - How can I say that? Did I see that boy or not? The house is decorated with different kinds of colorful lights. Looks like the wedding today. As I entered the house, my mother said to me, Is it time for you to come? I said, the wedding is on Friday. But why did you come today? - Ba're, Anika is not my daughter? And mothers do not have to stay at the daughter's wedding? - The girl is still a child. Why is he getting married now? - Who told you Anika Picchi? Go see how beautiful it looks! - Is the little girl grown up by being beautiful? Mom didn't say anything else. He showed me a room and said, you will stay in it for the time being. When there are too many people, you have to leave. - Why? Is my price lower than people? - You are your own person. And people say Anika's girlfriends when they will be where? Mom showed me the room and stepped forward, I said, Mom. Mom turned back and said, yes Say something? - Who will come from the son's house today? - Yes came. You left before you arrived. - And. I entered the room and left the bag and lay on the bed. It was in this room that I first told Anika that I liked her. That day he was afraid to hold her hand. He said with a trembling voice, brother, let me go. Since then I gradually developed a relationship with him. Anika is now an honors 3rd year student. And my honors final exam is over. A lot of sleep in the eyes. Need some sleep. Didn't sleep last night. I could not sleep in the bus. But before that he needs to meet Anika once. As I sat up from the bed, the eye called me, Brother, take some sleep now. See you Anika later. I had to sleep. Is it nine thirty at night? Someone knocked on the door of the room. I got up and opened the door and saw mom standing there. - Why sleep so much? Do not eat? - hmm go. I'm coming - Come quickly. Attached bathroom to the room. I freshened up and went to eat. There are not many people at home. Some people from uncle's house, some people from my house. And aunt and roomie came from aunt's house. Rumki falls with Ayan. Everyone is eating together at the dining table. As the space is very large, there is no problem for many people to eat together. Everyone has arrived. But I don't see Anika. I am sitting next to my mother. I said to my mother, where is Anika? Ammu said, she cannot sit and eat here among so many people. Food has been delivered to his room. - Mom. - Huh. - There is something to talk about after eating. Come to the balcony. After eating, I and my mother went to the balcony and stood. I told my mother, The Anika you are marrying. Does Anika like it? - If you don't like it, do you already give it? - What? - Yes. - Do you have a picture of your son? - No. Your uncle has it. - Phone number? - No. - Mom, one thing. 

- Say it quickly. i have work In the meantime, great aunt called mom. Mom left without listening to me. . Mom said marriage next week. But I see that the wedding is on Friday of this week. Everyone is going to sleep. I called Ayan in front of him. When he came to me, I said, Little brother, when did you come here? But your sister was not seen. - Look in the room. - fell asleep? - No. Who are you talking to on the phone? - And. ok You go to sleep. - Well. As soon as Ayan left, I knocked on Anika's room. After a while he opened the door and I entered and closed the door. Anika is shocked to see me like a ghost. I held him with both hands and said, What is happening Anika? What does your marriage mean? Anika is silent. I said again, Anika is our relationship of five years. Did you forget that? And why off your phone? - Shravan leave me. I let him go. As soon as he left, he said, Look, I can't marry you without father's permission. - Did you tell your father about me? - Speak slowly. You are heard from outside. - Did you tell your father about our relationship? - No. - I could say once. - You know about father's anger. Can't say when and how. - I will tell uncle. - No. - Why? - Father's heart problem. Doctor told to rest. - Anika, This is Anika. Can you be with someone else but me? - Someday everything will pass. - What will happen to me then? - You also marry someone else. - Anika. - Go now. It's late at night. If someone sees it, it will be a problem. - Have son's phone number? - there is - Pictures? - Yes. - Let's see. Anika took out the picture of the boy and showed me. Looks pretty good. After asking Anika for the boy's phone number, she said, "Look, Shravan, I don't want you to make a mess in this." - Mess? Anika you understand, this marriage means you become someone else. - Yes, I understand. Tears are rolling down my eyes. I hugged Anika tightly. He made no attempt to extricate himself. After a while I left her and came out of her room wiping my eyes. This marriage means you become someone else. - Yes, I understand. Tears are rolling down my eyes. I hugged Anika tightly. He made no attempt to extricate himself. After a while I left her and came out of her room wiping my eyes. This marriage means you become someone else. - Yes, I understand. Tears are rolling down my eyes. I hugged Anika tightly. He made no attempt to extricate himself. After a while I left her and came out of her room wiping my eyes. 

After a while I left her and wiped my eyes and came out of her room. I saw Rumki standing outside. He saw me and said, Where is brother Ayan? I pointed at him with my fingers and went to my room. I never imagined losing Anika. Just thought she was my cousin. Mom or uncle can be managed in any way. But today everything seems faded to me. I can't tell mom about our relationship even if I want to. How happy they are. In this if I talk about Anika and my relationship. But they will definitely be upset. It can become a great scandal. There is no balcony with the room. It would not be right to go out at night. Swadhin Bhai said that smoking reduces pain. The independent brother is the elder brother in the room next to the mess. Currently, Anwar is in Ispat. Married for six months. love marriage facebook love What a strange love story! One day he told me his love stories. I never saw him smoke a cigarette. But I saw that day. He was coughing a lot on the first pull. Even if there is a thousand storms, I have no desire to smoke cigarettes. Reluctantly, I went to school. I talked to him in the darkness of the night for quite some time. There is no astrology in the sky. They have also hidden themselves. Or they did not get up today? The call of the rattlesnake is heard. Anika once heard the call of this rattlesnake and told me, aren't these calls of the rattlesnake great? In reply, I would say, no more than this jingle 'word' of mine. The girl blushed red. I used to look at him with unseemly eyes. But today! Today I am standing alone on the terrace. I am listening to the jingle alone. It seems that my Anika will come to Chand. come and say Aren't the sounds of chirping insects beautiful? But he didn't come. When the night was deep, I came down. I was about to enter the room when someone called me from behind. I looked back and saw my mother. - What were you doing so late at night? - This night atmosphere of the village is not discussed for a long time. - So say so late? - Hmm. - Come on, go to sleep. - Hmm. All mothers understand the mind of their children. So why my mom does not understand my thoughts? Or pretend not to understand? I came to the room and kept thinking about the moments spent with Anika. The more I think about it, the more my eyes are watering. Well, what is the relationship of tears with this thought? 

Or can they not live without each other? Maybe! At this moment, I really want to talk to Anika. His phone number has also changed. I can't call whenever I want. He is in the front room. But it seems that he is a thousand years away from me. It's morning. Didn't sleep all night. I did not sleep in the morning. I'm awake I got up and freshened up. Both eyes are still red like yesterday. I am sitting in the room. Suddenly mom knocked on the door of the room and said, are you quiet? Mom calls me quiet. Everyone in the house called quietly. Great uncle, great aunt, everyone calls. Only Anika calls Shravan. He likes the name Shravan. I got up and opened the door and said, hmm. Say something? - The boy said that a disease has come out. That is why they will come in small numbers. - Why are you telling me?

And marriage is not today. - I'm telling you because, You have to do all the wedding work. Everything from entertaining them. - I can't. And you can feed the little people. - Did you sleep at night? - Why? - Are the eyes red? - I slept. In the morning suddenly what fell in the eyes! - fell in both eyes? - Hmm. - You can't even tell a lie. And when can you say? Not just a lie mom. I can't even say my favorite words to you. But look, I am more free with you than with my father. - Kire, what do you think? - No, nothing. - Go shopping for Anika. - Go on. - You go too. - Why me? - If you like something, take it. - I don't need anything. - You have to go even if you don't like it. City market girls go alone or not? It would be better if you were with me. - Take Ayan. - He is a small man. He can't go. - I can't. - Get ready. I have to go out in a while. I am sitting next to the driver. Ammu, Anika, Mami inside, Ayan and Rumki. While getting into the car, Anika's eyes could not be turned away. Wearing a sari, no kajal in the eyes. Still, it's like a twisted look. Despite the desire, I could not look at the market and everyone took everything. Anika got into trouble while buying a saree. At the end, my mother said to me, see which saree can be taken? I'm clumsy again. But sometimes when I came to the market with Anika. I used to like his things then. But never bought a saree before. There was a red saree in front. I said, take it. Ammu asked the shopkeeper to pack the saree. While paying the bill, mom said, pay the bill. I said, why should I pay the bill? 

- I did not bring money when I arrived. - Why did you come to the market? - Without saying so much, give the bill. - I don't have money. - Is it on the cards? - Hmm. - Give it up. I had to pay the bill reluctantly. After returning home I found Anika a little alone and approached her. i said So you are really married? Anika casually said, hmm. - Anika, I can't live without you. - Must be. - Did you love me at all? Or... - Shravan, leave these emotional talks. I don't like these at all. - And. - And don't hang around me too much. If someone sees it, it will be a problem. - Give me your phone number. - Take it. - Well, Anika, you didn't say that we are a colorful boat in the middle of the deep Indus? - Huh. - You said I was iron. And you are wood. The combination of the two forms the boat and the Indus floats in between. - Leave these words now. People say many things during love. The opposite of reality. - But why did you love? - I didn't want to live. Rather you forced to live. - Why did you agree to my proposal? - I liked it then. - Do not think now? - Hearing is giving me a headache. let me rest you come now - I've been bothered by this for a few days. Then I won't do it again. And will come to this house. - Why are you crying? I wiped my eyes and said, What if you cry? - Don't cry in front of me. Go to your room and cry. I can't stand this. - Love me? Anika went to her room without replying. I'm bursting inside. I want to hug Anika and shout, I love Anika. I will not last a moment without you. In between, Ayan came and said, have you seen Biya Rumki? These two seem to love each other. No no, it would be wrong to say love. likes They also seem to like each other. I said, look, it's gone. He ran to the terrace. . wedding tomorrow Anika's three girlfriends have just arrived. I know two people. I don't know the other one. Chand is now in their possession. Of course, I don't go that far. Even if I go, I stay for a while. But now that won't happen either. I was going out of the room to my mother. Meanwhile Arpa and Jannat faced each other and they laughed and said, How are you brother? I said "good". They didn't say anything else. The unknown friend said, "Brother is coming tonight." Can chat together. The girl looks beautiful. Speaks beautifully. Nah, if you look at his words, you will remember Anika's words. Then the mind will be racing to talk to Anika. Before going to Chand at night, Arpa, Jannat and that unknown girl said, Brother, I am going to Chand. can come I said, you go. They left. Peeking towards Anika's room, the elder aunt called and said, Nirab Baba, come here for a while! As I approached he said, Father I have only one daughter. You will help a little during the wedding tomorrow. You see, there is no one to call the eldest son in the house except you. Your uncle was very worried about the girl's marriage. A good marriage should be done. You take care of everything. - Yes mommy. - Have you eaten? - Yes. I came to the room and closed the door. I took out the phone and called Anika. Ringing not receiving. If he had his opinion in this marriage. Still we could not escape. Mami is right, there is no other son except me for all the work in the house. I called several times. He did not receive. His marriage is after the night. Tomorrow he will become someone else. No, I can't stay during his wedding. If so, I cannot accept his marriage. I will not tolerate. I will choke. i will die And love, love, why are you so love? Why are you so passionate about love? If I had known earlier, But I wouldn't mix with you, love. You float in the stream of happiness and take it to the shore of sorrow. You are very clever love, very clever. From morning I have to do all the work from decorating the inside of the house. I am quietly doing everything by suppressing all the pain and suffering. If someone says something, I only answer yes. Met Anika twice. I saw him to say I saw him. He didn't see me. He also looked sad. Maybe he doesn't like this marriage either. But thinking about uncle and aunt, he can't go against their opinion. 

I am trying to put a smile on my face when I meet my mother. But mother's mind! He understands everything. In the afternoon, when I met my mother, my mother said, "There is no trace of you." where do you live I said, where will I stay? My only sister is married. I am responsible for all his wedding work, right? - Are you upset? - Why would you be upset? - That's why Anika is getting married! - He is getting married, it is more happy news. What's wrong with it? - It will be evening when the boys arrive. - Hmm. - Your job is to drop Anika in the car. Then you are free. Afternoon turned into afternoon. Marriage arrangements at home continued to increase. Everyone is busy with their own work. I knocked on the door of Anika's room avoiding everyone's eyes. A voice came from inside, the door was open. come inside She thought her girlfriends must have knocked on the door. I entered the room and closed the door. Anika saw me and said, you? - Shut up, shut up. - What are you doing here? Get out Shravana. If someone comes, it will become a scandal. - No one will come. - You go please. I moved towards him. He seems to be afraid of me. His eyes are saying that. He said, don't do anything to me. please listen I smiled and said, You don't have faith in me Anika? Whose lips I have never touched without your toll. How do you think that I am with you today! Anika is silent. I said, I love you Anika. And I don't want my love to ever suffer. I have one last request for you. Tell me, tell me! - What? - Will you stand in front of me dressed as a wife? I really wanted to see you as a wife. Please! - But..... - I will never say it again. please anika She hastily put on that red saree of that day. Then he stood in front of me. What a beautiful face of my Anika! If someone sees him, love will awaken in his dormant mind. I stared blankly at him. In a hurry, he could not even give the saree properly. I really wanted to fix the problem. But I don't have that right. i said Anika. He said 'huh'. - Will you hug Anika once? - No. - Once. He remained silent. Silence is a sign of consent. But not in all cases. I said, come Anika. I wanted to see you as a wife. met come now "Hold on," he said as I stepped toward the door. I ran and hugged him. I hugged tightly. Tears are pouring down my eyes. Anika did not hug me. Only I caught it. It seems that if you let him go, he will disappear. I let him go. My eyes are watering. It did not escape his eyes. He stood still. I opened the door and went out and fell in front of my mother. I'm not afraid at all now. I wiped my eyes and went straight out of the house past my mother. . It's evening. The light of the sun has departed from the chest of the earth. I am walking aimlessly along the half-broken winding road. Two boys followed me. Looks like a mugger. Age approximately seventeen or eighteen. I called them. They came forward. I said, brother, I don't have much. A mobile, a watch, some change. There is nothing else. You can take it if you want. I took the watch off my hand and handed it to them. Both boys were surprised. They asked me, Brother, why are you crying? - Today my most precious thing is being robbed. All this is nothing to him. The two boys left without taking anything from me. It is seven thirty in the evening. My phone rang. I took the phone out of my pocket and saw that mom had called. I received - Where are you? - I don't know. - Your uncle come here quickly. - Married. - Yes. I hung up. I slowly started walking towards my uncle's house. Both legs are getting paralyzed. It is difficult to walk. Both eyes are getting blurry. I reached uncle's house around 9 pm. In between, the phone rang many times. But I did not receive. I did not find out who called. When I reached home, I saw everyone standing. Anika is also standing. Anika's eyes are twinkling. His tears are glistening in the light of the tiptop lights. Seeing me, the girl ran and hugged me in front of everyone. He is tougher if I want to get rid of myself Hug it. Grand aunt handed a sherwani to mother and said, tell Nirv to come. Ammu gave me the sherwani and said, now read it quickly. These few days have caused you a lot of trouble. Hey stupid marriage was happening with you. Your uncle, aunt, I and Anika reasoned and did this act with you these few days. Didn't you see that I went to the market and bought with your money? Everything looks new before my eyes. Tears are rolling down the eyes. This water is the water of happiness. I looked at Anika and saw her smiling. I quickly took the sherwani and came to the room. Anika has news at night. I will make up for the pain. That night I returned to my house with Anika. When we came home, we saw that our house was also decorated. Sohan, Shakib, Ruhan are all standing at the gate of the house. They all welcomed me to my own home. And said, Did you not invite us to your wedding? However, look how I came without asking! It's one o'clock in the night. Anika and I are sitting in the living room. she is smiling His smile does not stop. I said, why are you laughing? He said, I am sorry. Look, believe me I didn't mean to hurt you. But tell me what to do? Fufu asked me to do this act. - I'm sorry. you smile again What kind of sorry is it? He laughed and said, I don't know. But I'm having a big laugh. - Why? - I don't know. - So what do you know? - I don't know either. 

- Whose picture was it? - I don't know. Fufu handed over the photo and said if you ever want to see your son's photo. But let me show you that picture. i am silent A flood of happiness is flowing inside me. The joy of regaining lost things. Seeing me silent, Anika said, now look at me. Watch as much as you like. And look at this saree cut like this on purpose. take, fix it - It doesn't have to be fixed anymore. - Why? - Well, Anika, why do you say that? - How? - This is so beautiful! He laughed and said, will you kiss my toll reading place today? Or lips? - Wait, wait a minute. Naeem did not call his brother. - Who is Naeem brother? - My roommate. He said, Shravan you don't worry at all. The marriage will be with you.
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