Zoom Apps Why Used?

Due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) most of the companies have introduced 'home office or work from home'. Because of this, all the important work has to be done from home. Even meetings have to be done online. In this regard, the app called Zoom has become popular in the last few days. According to a report by Indian technology media Gazettenow, Zoom app is equally effective for Windows, iOS and Android operating systems. With the help of this meeting can be done without any additional hassle. 

To start a meeting on the Zoom app, you first need to download the app called 'Zoom Cloud Meetings'. Be careful while downloading apps. because, There are many apps called Zoom. Many types of work can be done with them. Download the app you want for the meeting. After downloading the Zoom app, an account needs to be opened after the installation process is complete. You can open a Zoom account with the help of Google or Facebook account.

After opening the account in Zoom app, follow the steps below and hit the sign in button with the required information; After login, four options are available, they are New Meeting, Join, Schedule and Share Screen; From the New Meeting option you can start a meeting, from this option anyone can be invited using Zoom ID, email address or meeting name; A meeting can be joined by someone else's invitation through the join option, in which case the meeting ID and password must be used; Schedule option should be used for meeting schedule, share screen option should be used for presentation; When the meeting is over, click on the 'End Meeting' option in the lower right corner. Please let me know if there is any mistake or what type of writing you want. I will remember them.

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