Time Travel Explain in Science

We all know about 3 dimensions

1) Length 2) Width 3) Height

We can travel through these 3 dimensions.....but another one

The minimum dimension to consider is time....we can travel along 3 dimensions length, width, height....but what time can we travel through?

The famous scientist of twenties Einstein said this whole universe time is an illusion which can be different for each one...it depends on its speed in space......time & space are intertwined.. .which we call spacetime….and the speed of light in space is constant for every observer…you either calm down or trouble equals the speed of light….for every observant the speed of light will be 300,000 km/s and Time also depends on mass, time slows down due to massive celestial bodies.

Some scientific methods of time travel:

1) When you travel at the speed of light relative to something in space, something strange happens to you: your time slows down compared to the people you left behind. Come back to the observer or the audience...... Let's give an example:... Suppose you are traveling in space at the speed of light. Suppose you are 15 years old. After 5 years when you are 20 years old, if you are back on Earth. When you come back, your friends who were your same age will be 63-64 years old, the main reason is that time has slowed down for you due to traveling at the same speed as the speed of light.....

2) BLACK HOLE: Which slows down time....there is a kind of black hole in space the closer we are to that black hole the time will slow down for us.....so we can say people in space station are time travelers

3) WARM HOLE: According to many scientists, there is something called warm hole, which is still being researched, but no reasonable evidence has been found. According to them, the work of warm hole is similar to black hole, but there is a difference of opinion.

So we understand that time travel is possible

We were told about time travel in the future

Now let's talk about the past.........Scientists say "past time travel violates the basic facts of the universe"

"...which creates various paradoxes" so time travel may never be possible.

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