Why use 'Rats' as guinea pigs in laboratories?

Scientists primarily use mice as guinea pigs during any research. But why? Why do researchers prefer mice over other animals? Let's find out the reasons!

1. Production of rats for testing

Did you know that mice are produced commercially just to be used in lab research? It acts as the first choice of scientists due to its easy availability.

2. Similar in physical structure

As the physical structure of rats and humans are similar and reactions are similar in many respects, before any drugs, vaccines etc. are used in human body, they are used on rats.

3. Life cycle of mice

Rats have a much faster lifespan than other animals. Therefore, it is possible to see various changes and effects of any one element in the rat body very quickly. As a result, scientists' time is saved a lot.

4. shape

Also many participants are needed to conduct multiple tests in a row. Due to the small size of the mice, it is possible to keep many mice together at the same time. It is also quite easy to observe. Rats are chosen in the laboratory for quick and hassle-free research.

5. adaptation to the environment

The ability to adapt to any environment is more common in mice than in other animals. As a result, a rat adapts very quickly to the new environment of the laboratory, new weather etc. As there is no pressure from the environment, its physical activity does not change much. Besides, mice are easier to control for the same reason. While many laboratory animals can't control their behavior due to stress, it works quite naturally for rats in the lab. Rats want to adapt to changing conditions. As a result, it does not behave violently even when conditions change. All these reasons make it relatively easier to use mice in research than other animals.

It is not that animals other than rats are not used in experiments. However, researchers still prefer mice for testing. And the above reasons work behind the selection of rats for testing in this case.

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