A Brief History of Chemistry

Among the most ancient and mysterious sciences in the world, the name of chemistry has to be given its place a little higher. The foundation of science is gradually developed from the interest of knowing unknown things. 

Chemistry is the science of the structure, composition, properties, and changes in matter during chemical reactions. According to historians, pottery originated from heating clay in fire around 5,000 years before the birth of Christ. Again, in 2000 BC, when people mixed sand, limestone, and soda and heated it, it transformed into a transparent material that we now call glass. About 5000 years ago in our India, the use of colors started to make clothes attractive. In this way, the idea of ​​performing these actions comes to mind in various ways. Chemistry originated from this 'why'. But modern chemistry originated from alchemy. 

Yes, The alchemy with which they made the Philosopher's Stone. Yes, many claimed that they could have made gold or the Philosopher's Stone in the laboratory. For example, the Arab alchemist Jabir Ibn Hayyan (722-803). Jabir ibn Hayyan (722-803) early alchemy was based on Aristotle's ideas. He believed that at the root of all things there are some basic substances, which have four qualities - hot, cold, dry and wet. and wet), fire (hot and dry), air (hot and wet) and earth (cold and hot). He thought that everything wanted to be pure. 

Nature helps any substance to become pure like gold but with a long time. This lasting Alchemy was intended to speed up the process. Around 300 AD, the science of alchemy began to spread. Around 600 AD, the Arabs showed interest in this field. A shining example is Jabir Ibn Hayyan (722-803). In the 11th-13th century, alchemy spread strongly in Western Europe. At this time, the significant discovery was the acute solution of alcohol (Aqua vitae). 

In the 14th and 15th centuries, alchemists became obsessed with their work. Secretly, they all aimed to make amethysts that would turn ordinary objects into pure gold. Our present word 'Chemistry' originates from that alchemy. Although there are differences of opinion about its origin. The technologies used by ancient civilizations more than 1000 years before Christ later formed various basic branches of chemistry.

Extraction of metals from ores, manufacture of pottery, plating of metals, manufacture of alcohol, manufacture of dyes for cosmetics and colours, extraction of chemicals from plants and the manufacture of perfumes and medicines from them, manufacture of cheese, dyeing of cloth, preservation of leather, Production of soap from fat etc. various methods were adopted by the people of ancient civilization. Philosophical attempts at understanding the nature and transformation of matter fail. Besides, the scientific explanation of alchemy was also proved wrong. However, related experiments and results play a role in establishing the foundation of conservation science. 

Modern chemistry began to emerge when the research and research of Robert Boyle introduced a distinct distinction between alchemy and chemistry. Chemistry became a full-fledged branch of science when Antoine Lavoisier discovered the law of constancy of mass. This formula explains the precise measurement and quantitative observation of chemical phenomena. So while alchemy and chemistry only discussed the nature and transformation of matter, alchemists tried to discover the fundamentals of chemistry by applying the scientific method. History of Chemistry with History of Thermodynamics Bibliography, especially for the work of scientist William Gibbs. 

And still, in this long journey, holding the hands of numerous thinkers, philosophers, scientists, chemists, it is really shining with the brilliance of modernity just in contact with the paraspath. Even if the paraspath of that imagination is not realized, it is making this scripture more modern by constantly touching it. Comment:- I have saved it with great difficulty just for you. so friends (no news is absolutely good news) - I saved a lot of trouble just for you. so friends (no news is absolutely good news) - I saved a lot of trouble just for you. so friends (no news is absolutely good news)

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