Who is Stephen Hawking's God?

– This is the field you are looking at, on average it is 120 meters by 90 meters. The field must be green, understand? Draw two white boxes 6 yards and 18 yards away from those two white boxes that you see are called goal posts. Look in the middle of the field, draw a ball. The game lasts 90 minutes, with a break after 45 minutes. Each team consists of 11 players, including 1 goalkeeper. The task of the players is to hook the ball into the net of the other goal post. Then celebrate the goal by clapping. This is football. But be careful, no foul or offside. Then you have to pay the fee, understand.

- Hmm, I understand. So who made this game?

- No one made!

– I mean!! Are you kidding?!

- No! Why should I make a mistake? Listen, since there are rules or formulas for the game of football, the game of football can create itself out of nothing.

- Is the head okay?

Listening to the 1st person's interpretation of the story, the I-your expression will not be very different even if it doesn't exactly match the 2nd person's. You might say, what, the head-tatha is not bad?

So why such an expression?

The reason is simple, we all know that formula is not a self-contained entity. These are some patterns, common sense that point to some intelligence. In The Divine Lawmaker: Lectures on Induction, Laws of Nature and the Existence of God, Oxford philosopher John Foster argues that the best explanation for these various laws of nature is divine intelligence. No sane person will accept the narcissistic explanation that something came out of thin air because there are sources. But yes, if a famous scientist says? So what do you accept?

So tell me why I suddenly added such a thing. By looking at the title of the article, you have already understood that the late theoretical physicist atheist Stephen Hawking has some connection with the article. So what is the connection? Tell me how to open a little? Stephen Hawking once came into the limelight after writing his book A Brief History of Time. In spite of being an atheist, he makes some statements in this book which are quite indicative of theism. As he observed the phenomenal design and coordination of the universe:

"If you want to explain why the universe began (measured) the way it did - it's very difficult to address this consistency other than by explaining that it was the work of a creator who wanted to create beings like us." [1]

Before he died, he wrote another book titled The Grand Design. He took a 180 degree turn when he came to this book. The first character of our football story said strange things! In his old age, what did he notice? So, what did he say? He said:

"Since there are laws of physics like the law of gravity, (so) the universe can and will create itself from nothing." [2]

By the way, in Kellaft. Atheist-liberal community is very happy. The Prophet (!) said the universe could be created from nothing! What else does it take! But they didn't think once - where did the formulas that Mr. Hawking made self-evident come from? Sutras are some rules, some patterns, that some other intelligent being determines. Since a company is running smoothly, it can create itself out of nothing – what would a lunatic say? Hawking's words mean that such a measurable beginning in the universe has been determined by physicists' formulas. wow wow! Hey, wait a minute? That means there were sources before the Big Bang!! But before the Big Bang, there was no time-space-energy law. So where did the source come from? The laws of physics were born after the Big Bang! This is cured! I see Mr. Hawking put the formula in the place of God! Secular theoretical physicist Paul Davies said of Hawking's outlandish claims:

"Hawking's claimed formula is essentially the equivalent of an inexplicable and transcendent creator!" [3]

Science begins its research with the philosophy of systematic naturalism. So what is beyond the material world is beyond the reach of science. Looking at the rules of football, we can easily understand that this game has a designer, a creator. Because our experience tells us, rules or formulas don't come out of thin air, they take makers. So who is the creator of the formula of the universe? Common sense says, a cosmic designer, the creator of the universe.

But naturalistic science cannot say that, because that creator is outside the material world. Professor Alexey Filippenko, one of the team that received the Nobel Prize in 2011 for proposing the unproven concept of dark energy, said in an interview:

“… I want to discuss the universe from a scientist's point of view … I will not say anything about whether there is a supernatural or personal creator or whether the universe has a purpose – these questions cannot be answered by scientists….” [4]

So why did Hawking and his fans twist the goblet? Hear the reason from the words of a famous scientist:

“I know Stephen Hawking very well. His knowledge of philosophy is very little, and he knows almost nothing about religion. So 'There is no need for God because there is a source' - it is not right to listen to his words."


In fact, the free-spirited community has become a victim of media manipulation. Immersed in celebrity culture, they are easily fooled. If you ask common people the name of a famous physicist, almost everyone will say the name of Hawking. Hawking is the greatest scientist after Einstein! As Anandabazar gloats, "True, he is the greatest celebrity or icon of science after Albert Einstein." The situation is so bad that a physics professor has made him the god of science!!

But when Hawking himself was asked — people say you are the most gifted scientist after Einstein? “Rubbish, It’s mere media hype,” Hawking told Time magazine in disgust. That is, Ravish! They are just media fraud! His colleagues also agree with Hawking's words. 130 leading physicists were asked in 1999 — vote for who you think has made the most important contribution to physics. Poor Hawking got only 1 vote!!!

As a believer in atheism, Mr. Hawking replaces the Creator with sources, and the free-spirited community is happy to listen to him without judgment. How will compassion for them friends?

The text is adapted and adapted from the best-selling book 'Aviswashi Kathgaraya'.

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