What is Delusion?

A delusion is a deep belief in something that has no basis in fact. It is also called blind faith.

How many types of delusions are there?

1. Persecutory delusion: suspects everyone. If mother gives food, she thinks that there is poison in the food. Everyone wants to kill him. Even if you buy new clothes and put them on, the insects will get under the skin because the clothes have insects.

2.Hypochondriacal: The patient thinks he has cancer or some serious illness.

3. Grandiose: The patient thinks he has some special power that no one else in the world has. Moreover, he always thinks himself special. Even if he has no money in his pocket, he thinks he is the only rich man in the world.

4.Nihilistic: Assumes someone is sleeping. Suddenly he woke up and started screaming. He started telling everyone that he has no head. You bring a mirror and show that he has a head. Still he didn't believe it. Moreover, the patient thinks he is dead. He has no body parts. For example - hands, feet, kidneys, heart.

5. Delusion of reference: Assume the patient is sitting in the office. Saw two colleagues laughing in the distance. He will think that everyone is laughing at him. making fun of him. walking on the street If you see someone smiling, you will think that he is smiling.

6. Delusion of guilt: Even without committing a crime, a kind of guilt will always work for him. Suppose a news was shown on TV. Two were murdered. He will think that this news is about him. He actually committed the murder himself.. He will turn off the TV. Alone in a dark room. He will not let anyone understand that he has killed. And will feel a kind of guilt.

7. Delusion of worthlessness: They think themselves worthless. He really doesn't deserve anything. He should die.

8. Delusion of jealousy: His lover / lover, husband will always doubt his wife. He will think that he himself is not worthy to get such a beautiful wife or such a good groom. If the suspicion is excessive, they can commit any crime.

9.Religious Delusions: These patients consider themselves important. Thinks that God has sent him as a representative. To be clear, the Prophet who sent the Messenger for a great purpose also thinks of himself in this way.

10.Erotomanic: They can be very cheerful all the time. They think very popular celebrity is in love with her. wants to marry him. I see him in my dreams. So many things.

What diseases are delusions?

1. Schizophrenia
2. Manic depressive disorder
3. Alcohol and drug abusers
4. Dementia
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